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Who Is Cookie On Rush Limbaugh Show?

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The history of Rush Limbaugh’s radio talk show spans nearly four decades. Rush Limbaugh was the American far-right’s most unapologetic, uncompromising and outspoken voice. He saw it as a vicious, zero-sum dogfight for the future.

He was loved by millions, and detested by millions. However, his show had one of the greatest fan bases in talk radio history. This made it possible for many to make careers and even be directly associated with Rush Limbaugh.

Cookie Gleason is one such person. She continues to be a curiosity-inducing celebrity. Who is cookie Gleason, the Rush Limbaugh host?

Who is Cookie on Rush Limbaugh Show

Cookie Gleason is Katherine Gleason Prayias’ pseudonym for Rush Limbaugh executive producer Katherine Gleason Prayias, who adopted it to play the fictional character of that name.

Cookie Gleason is in fact a parody on American journalist Cokie Roberts. He was a long-time ABC News and NPR political correspondent. Gleason, who has been on the Rush Limbaugh Show since 1992, is still one of the most enduring Limbaugh staff members.

Prayias is also the wife of George Prayias (nicknamed “Koko”), who is the current webmaster at

Cookie Gleason is not much more than her connection with Rush Limbaugh. She doesn’t use social media and has never been to any of the major media names she was a part of.

Her media role has been limited to sound production and occasional roles as correspondent Gleason. Cookie fans will have to be content with her appearances in the Rush Limbaugh show’s title role, now that its future is uncertain.

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