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What is Hit Dice (HD) in DnD 5E?

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We were fighting for hours… You could call it day in feywild. The displacer beasts were first, followed by the coven of hags and then phase spiders. Finally, there was the shambling mounds. Although we had exhausted all of our magic and used every healing potion we could save, we managed to recover after a short break.

Brandial, The Tough, tells the story of his escape from the Feywild

You will notice Hit Dice when you play Dungeons & Dragons 5. Hit Dice can be described as a natural source of healing for all creatures.

How to Use Hit Dice

You must take a short rest in order to spend Hit Dice. You can then roll as much Hit Dice you wish from your pool. To heal, you will need to add your Constitution Modifier. Your character level determines the size of your pool. For example, a 5th-level Fighter can have five Hit Dice (in this instance, D10s).

You can also roll Hit Dice when you level up. This means that you can either use the average result of your Hit Die (e.g., if you have a D8 you could use an average of 5) or you can roll. This allows you to roll any Hit Die that you have gained from your class level (which will determine its size), once you’ve added your Constitution Modifier and increased your maximum by the same amount. You don’t need to use a Hit Die this way. You always get at least 1 HitPoint for every level, no matter how low your Constitution modifier.

These are just two ways you can use your Hit Dice. However, there are other uses for Hit Dice. The feat Dwarven Fortitude, which is exclusive to Dwarfs, allows you, among other things. You can roll one Hit Die whenever you take the Dodge action. This will allow you to regain Hit Points just like if it had been rolled during a brief rest.

How do i get My Hit Dice back?

Hit Dice can be spent on a short rest while you rest. You then regain them after a long break… or at least some of them.

You can regain up to half your maximum Hit Dice when you end a long rest. You can get up to 3 Hit Dice back if you are a 6th-level character. If you spend more than half your Hit Dice each day, it is possible to run out of Hit Dice while adventuring.

Tip If you need to divide any number round up unless instructed to by the feature/rule. Hit Dice: If you are a 5th-level character, you can recover 2 Hit Dice with a long rest. 2.5 would round to 2.

Which size Hit Die should I use?

Each class gets a specific Hit Die, regardless of its size. For example, Barbarians get a 12 and Fighters a 10, Rogues a 8 and Wizards a 6. There are no classes that have a d4 hit die. This is because it’s very low and should only be used for homebrew classes that can take hits. You can multiclass but you cannot pick either one. However, you will get another Hit Die from the other class. A level 2 Barbarian would have 2d12 for Hit Dice and 3d8 to go with Rogue. You can choose which die you want to spend whenever you need it, as long as they are still available.

What about Monsters?

Monsters can get Hit Dice. These are useful for rolling for HP (only for single/long-running foes or if it’s really fast) or setting HP that affects CR. These Hit Dice are sized according to the creature’s size, as shown on the table at pg. 276 of the DMG might be helpful for some homebrews you have made.

I hope you found this helpful. Please comment below to let me know what you think. May the dice continue to roll in your favor

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