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WandaVision: Who is the green lady in Episode 9?

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Marvel’s cliffhangers are meticulously executed, and we must recognize that. Marvel has done it again..and more. WandaVision was, in fact, a major cliffhanger from the beginning.

We could only speculate and wonder about the future since episode 1. Now that the season is over, we continue doing the same thing except there won’t ever be another episode.

Episode 9 featured two scenes after the credits. They were important not only in terms of the content of the scene, but also because of the expectations it sets for MCU’s future. Let’s take a look at the first scene after credit and the green woman in it.

Who is the green woman in WandaVision Episode 9’s post-credit scenes?

After few emotional breakdowns, and satisfying endings, Captain Monica Rambeau was called into the theatre by some ‘they’. Lo and behold, the officer asking her to go to theatre tells her that she was sent there by Monica’s mother. She transforms into a green creature. This lady is actually a Skrull disguised and basically acts as a middleman for an undisclosed “him”. Monica is told by her that the man (he) would like to meet Monica.

Who are the Skrulls and what do they do?

The Skrulls is a shapeshifting alien race which fans will recall from Captain Marvel. Skrulls have a long history in MCU history. They are known for their ability to transform into humans and other superheroes to protect them.

Although there was a negative perception of the Skrulls over a long period, that perception changed with Captain Marvel’s oppression by Kree. They are now seen as human allies and have made various contributions to the world.

An entirely new plotline has been opened thanks to the revelation of the Skrull. If and when there is a Season 2, fans certainly will have a lot to look forward to.

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