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‘To Grow Old In’ in WandaVision: What is it and Why it leaves us sad!

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The Vision and Wanda Maximoff, two of the most powerful Avengers, are enacting in a sitcom set in the 60s, 70s and 80s. The premise of WandaVision can be difficult to digest. You’ll be surprised at how much there is to the episodes.

The show, which begins as a funny, unusual sitcom featuring two Avengers: Infinity Wars actors, gradually delves into magic, madness and heartbreak. We watch Wanda, a.k.a Scarlett Witch, deal with the loss her soulmate Vision. This eventually leads to the creation and maintenance of the Westview, as shown on the show.

WandaVision, as you might have guessed, isn’t afraid to plunge a dagger into your heart. The show recently delivered one of its most devastating moments. Today, we will discuss its context and explain why it was so important.

P.S. : Beware of the spoilery content. It’s better to skip this episode if you haven’t seen all of the episodes.

WandaVision: What does it mean to “To grow old”?

Vision left Wanda a property deed. The former used a creative approach in order to show Wanda where he wanted to build a house to live in. He drew a simple heart right before lot ‘B’, and wrote “To Grow Old In” in it. He also added his initials, “V.” to the note.

It is clear that Wanda Maximoff was the co-owner of this property along with The Vision. Address of the plot: “2800 Sherwood Drive Westview, New Jersey 08801”

Why is this note so heartbreaking?

You may have already known that Wanda Maximoff was a particularly close friend to The Vision during “Captain America”: Civil War. In “Infinity War,” the two became romantically involved, and decided to share their lives. The plans of Thanos’ minions ended up being canceled when they stormed Earth.

Thanos took the Mind Stone from Vision’s forehead at the end of “Infinity War”, killing Vision and completing his Infinity Gauntlet. Wanda failed to protect Vision despite her best efforts and her lover fell lifeless before her eyes. Thanos used the Time Stone as a way to undo Wanda’s efforts.

Wanda and Vision had already made it their goal to build a new life before Thanos arrived. Vision, as thoughtful as he was picked out a great plot in Westview, New Jersey.

Wanda was not expecting the piece of land. Vision therefore left the lovely (and heartbreaking in this context) note for his better half. It is most likely that the two Marvel Cinematic Universe villains didn’t live the life they deserved. This has the potential of scaring you.

Which episode has the scene?

WandaVision has been throwing curveballs at our every turn since the first episode. The first two episodes left us wondering what the plot was, but episodes 3-7 gave us plenty of clues and teases about what the series might bring.

Agatha Harkness was the main antagonist. However, Wanda was shown as an unbalanced superhero with questionable reasoning skills that kept the whole town captive. In episode 8, we finally got to see the heartbreaking Vision’s note.

If you’ve never seen the drama, or want to feel the heart-wrenching emotions firsthand, watch WandaVision’s eighth episode. You can catch the scenes leading to the shocking reveal by keeping your eyes open after the 30 minute mark.

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