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Tavern Brawler DnD 5E Feat

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All adventurers, of all sizes and shapes! Thank you for visiting my spellbook. This is the 56th episode in our feats series. Are you the type of person who is a bit of a rebel and loves to do whatever it takes, no matter what the circumstances. This feat may be worth a try if that’s your character. Today, we’ll be looking at dnd5e tavern robber feat. This classic among classics was found in the player’s handbook. I think it’s pretty damn good. Let’s now take a look at this description.


This is possible without any prerequisites. This means that anyone can do it, regardless of their ability or race. It’s possible! Let’s move on to the detailed description.


You can also gain the following benefits as a Tavern Brawler DnD5E Feat an Accustomed to the rough-and–tumble fighting using whatever weapon is at your disposal:

  • You can increase your strength and constitution score by 1 to maximum 20.
  • Also, you can use improvised weapons to your advantage.
  • Your unarmed strike may actually be used a d4 to inflict damage.
  • You can use the bonus action to attempt to grapple the target if you hit a creature with an unarmed strike or an improvised weapon during your turn.

It’s amazing! Let’s have a look at the walkthrough, and then let’s break it down a bit more.


First and foremost that +1 strength/constitution up to you is pretty self-explanatory ultimately just pick whichever one your is closest to your ability score improvement and outside of that just pick whatever was more useful to you. You can add proficiency with improvised guns to your proficiency. This gives you the ability to attack with an improvised gun. You may be wondering what an improvised weapon is. You can imagine a beer bottle, a rock or a spoon.

A 1d4 is also available for unarmed strikes. This is great and gives you a bonus action every time you make an unarmed strike or improvised weapons attack. You can also attempt to grapple. This is really cool stuff. This is something i love. Let me now share my thoughts about it.


Although i don’t know where the thread is, i read it somewhere. This feat can be used to build a spoon monkey. This is basically how proficiency and improvised weapon make your improvised guns. Your game must rule in favor of that. This build is really cool if they do.

It’s basically that you use a spoon to make your kensi weapons. If you know how monks play, it’s quite funny. It really depends on your play style. This is the best way to find out who gets the most benefit. Anyone with natural armor would be a great candidate, so monks and lizard folk, barbarians and warforged all of them would reap the benefits.

Because you would have access to improvised weaponry in this setting. It wouldn’t be a good idea to wear armor simultaneously. These are my thoughts. This feat is actually quite mechanical. It’s a plus one strength or con. It’s easy to grab and it will make sense for your character.


If you have any ideas, combinations or thoughts about Tavern Brawler 5e, please let us know in the comments below. It’s a great thing that you do, and I know others who are reading this article appreciate it as well. I wish you guys a wonderful day and happy adventuring.

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