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Spiritual Weapon spell in DnD 5E explained

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The troll’s long claws ripped through the party, opening horrific wounds in their flesh and ripping their armor. The battle was raging around them, with panicked shouts and the frantic swinging weapons. However, the Cleric remained calm amid the chaos. The sight of the Cleric holding his hands together and his prayer beads hanging from his wrist was quite jarring. Thanks to Tempus, the god of war.

What is a Spiritual Weapon?

Spiritual Weapon can be used to cast a 2nd spell from the Cleric spells list. This spell takes one minute to cast and requires a bonus action. The spell creates a spectral weapon that can be used to attack any creature within 60 feet. The weapon deals 1d8 + your spellcasting modifier for force damage on a hit. You can use a bonus action on subsequent turns to move your weapon up to 20ft and then repeat the attack. If you are still within range of your target, you don’t need to move it to attack.

Casting with a higher-level slot increases the damage by 1d8 for each two levels above 2.

It is not a creature nor an object, but a spectral weapons. It doesn’t occupy its space so that creatures can freely move within it) and moving outside of its reach doesn’t provoke an attack or opportunity.

Is Spiritual Weapon a good spell?

It’s overwhelming! Spiritual Weapon is a powerful spell that can be cast and used with a bonus action. This allows you to cast other spells of longer duration simultaneously, and you can keep your action. This is often done by combining Spiritual Weapon and Spirit Guardians. For example, a Cleric might cast Sacred Flame on the that you cast Spiritual Weapon.

You can still contribute to combat damage on later rounds if you cast a healing spell, or perform an action that isn’t directly controlling, offensive, or controlling, like Dodge or Dash.

These spells have two final feathers. They are their level and damage type. A 2nd-level spell slot becomes relatively inexpensive for a full-caster like Clerics, and can be used often throughout an adventuring day. Force is also the best damage type, as it is the least resistant damage type in the game. Only a few creatures are resistant to it.

What other way can you obtain a spiritual weapon?

The Cleric’s iconic spell, Spiritual Weapon, is only available to them. However, there are other ways you can grab it.

  • College of Lore – All Bards can eventually acquire Spiritual Weapon with Magical Secrets. However, the Lore Bard has more options at 6th level making it an attractive option instead of waiting until later levels.
  • Divinity (Sorcerer Subclass). – This subclass lets you choose from the Sorcerer or Cleric spell list, making it possible to acquire Spiritual Weapon as soon as a Cleric can: Level 3.
  • Oath to Conquest (Paladin Subclass) – A Cleric will have to wait two levels longer, but the Paladin class will give you a Spiritual Weapon at 5th level.

Tip: It’s worth noting that Spiritual Weapon can be used to create domain spells for both the War and Life Cleric Domains. It is therefore always available for Clerics, and does not count against their limited spell repertoire.

This article should have shown you that you don’t always have to use the prayer beads to make evil smack right in your lips. The best Cleric spells if you enjoyed this spell. Keep those holy symbols handy!

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