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Snapchat to add Reactions to chat messages soon

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Snapchat is the outlier, whether it’s keeping up with other social media platforms or adding features that aren’t available on them. Although Snapchat has been able to differentiate itself from other platforms in this way, many users have been disappointed by the lack of basic features on Snapchat, such as the ability respond to chat messages.

But, this is all set to change. Snapchat is rumored to have finally caved and is working on the Reaction feature for chat messages.

A Twitter user Alessandro Paluzzi shared a leaked Snapchat video that showed how Snapchat users might be able to react to chat messages using their own bubbly, colorful reactions.

Snapchat’s default setting of disappearing messages means that many Snapchat users don’t pay much attention to chats after they are viewed.

If Snapchat believes the rumors, and decides to add reactions in a future update it could just revive chat messages on Snapchat. Chat messages reactions are crucial in keeping conversations healthy and engaged. Chat messages are essential to keep chats lively and healthy. However, if they aren’t available, users will stop using chats.

It can be difficult to respond to a selfie or text message in a way that isn’t confusing. There are no chat obligations per se, but basic etiquettes require that the receiver responds in a manner that doesn’t make them seem callous or nonchalant. This is especially true if the interface or its options don’t invite any interest. We end up replying with a simple ” cool” and ” okay“.

Users who want to respond to messages quickly and easily should use reactions.

Snapchat is one of the few social media platforms without the reaction feature. All major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, allow users to respond to chat messages in some way or another.

Many Snapchat users and designers have created their own versions of how Snapchat reactions might look and how they can be implemented over the years. We don’t know what these are but desperate pleas for change. Their cries are being heard, and Snapchat may make the necessary changes to bring Snap messaging back in fashion. It’s better late than never.

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