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Shield spell in DnD 5E explained

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As the ghoul swung its long claws at the Wizard, it became blood-stained blurs. The slippery floor had made him fall on his rump and made him a prime target. The two combatants formed a barrier of brilliantly blue force between themselves with a juried warding gesture, and some muttered words in a dead tongue. With a hollow thud as the claws bounced off the hard surface, the Wizard stood up and settled himself. The Wizard raked the magical defense with his claws, unable to find any purchase. This time, he made other gestures and, with the glow of a fiery fire in his eyes, he immolated his foe.

What is Shield?

Shield, a 1st -level abjuration spell, is only available to Sorcerers or Wizards. However there are many other ways to access this spell. You can use it to react to an attack to increase your AC and possibly cause the attack to fail. You can also use it to stop the Magic Missile spell from hitting you. This is one of the few ways to completely block the spell.

The spell casts a magical barrier that protects you until your next turn. It also increases your AC by +5 while you wait.

Is Shield a good spell or not?

Shield is an outstanding spell that I can say without reservation. This spell is a must-have by Wizards and Sorcerers to offset their lower AC. It’s also highly sought after by other classes due to its low cost but high effectiveness defense boost.

This spell has some downsides. You need to make sure you have either the free hand or a feature that allows it to be cast regardless. Also, you need to ensure it is the right use for you reaction. If you are fighting a dragon with its kobold guards, is your reaction best used for blocking a crossbow bullet, or to hold it in case you need Absorb Elements to protect yourself against the dragon’s breath weapon. You can also use Counter Spell to fight enemy spell casters.

However, Shield triggers on hits so even if it’s not the best choice, it won’t go to waste when cast.

How do you get Shield?

Lucky for you, even if your DM is not listed, Shield can be obtained in a variety of ways, even if only two spells are used.

  • Wizard and Sorcerer – They both have normal access to Shield through their spell lists.
  • Arcane Trickster ( Rogue Subclass – While this subclass has limited access to the Wizard spelllist, Shield is available with one of the few unlimited spell options that this subclass has.
  • Eldritch Knight ( fighter Subclass – This subclass allows access to the Wizard spells, but Eldritch Knights have the option to choose Shield, which is the Abjuration school. This means that the Eldritch Knight will pay less than the Arcane Trickster.
  • Hexblade (Warlock Patron). – Shield is available through these Warlocks’ expanded spell lists. However, they must still spend an existing spell on it. Shield, due to the Warlock’s limited spell slots and high-level spellcaster status, is more costly than other spellcasters. This means it should be used to save your life, not just prevent you from doing some damage.
  • Artillerist ( Battle Smith Subclasses ) – These subclasses have access to Shield regardless of what they prepare. The typically high AC of Artificers makes Shield extremely potent for these subclasses.
  • Magical Secrets (Bard Feature). This feature allows you choose any spell from any spell list and make it a Bard spell. This feature will not work for Shield. You’ll need to wait until Tier 3 to get a higher-level spell to steal. This makes it more affordable for College of Lore Bards who get Magical Secrets at 6th Level. You can use it sooner and you don’t have to choose between many other, higher-level spells.
  • Magic Initiative ( FEAT) – This feat allows you to cast Shield twice per day and gain two cantrips by choosing the Sorcerer spell list or the Wizard spell list. This feat would allow you to cast Shield twice per day if you are a Wizard or Sorcerer.
  • Githzerai (Subrace), – This Gith can cast Shield once per long sleep, and it doesn’t require any components.
  • Mark of Sentinel Man (Variant race) – This dragonmarked human can cast Shield one per day.

We hope this article has helped you to avoid some damage. If you need more spells, check out our website. spells section If you’re looking to play a Hexblade, then visit our Guide for Warlocks . Good luck in the heat! soldier Caster and remember, meets it beats it!

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