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Sacred Flame 5E Spell

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We’ve played with sacred flame 5e spell many times and had more fun than ever. These attributes are very useful and mandatory.

This article contains more information on the dnd spell. So check out now.

Overview of D&D 5E: Sacred Flame Spell

The radiance of a flame descends upon a specific creature that you can see within a certain range. The target must make a successful dexterity saving throw, or it should take 1d8 radiation damage. The target would not benefit from cover if it made this saving throw.

The damage done by the d&d 5e holy flame spell increases by 1d8 when you reach 5th, 11th and 17th levels (2d8).

Attributes of the Sacred Flame

You can now review the table that we have provided about the attributes of sacred fire.

Casting Time 1 action
Classes Cleric
Components V
Injuries 1d8
Types of damage Radiant
Time Instantaneous
Niveau 0
Name Sacred Flame
Range 60 feet
Save Dexterity
School Evocation
Target You can see a creature within your range
Type Cantrip
A Review by an Expert on the Sacred Flame DnD Spell
  • The sacred flame dnd spell, which is similar to the lance for faith, is a similar prayer. It is cast primarily by dedicated clerics.
  • The cleric invokes the divine power of this sacred flame when it is cast.
  • It also cast a beam light from the heavens onto the flesh of any creature that was within 25 feet of it.
  • Injuring them to a certain extent is also dependent upon how focused and also oriented the clerics are when praying.
  • The cleric will then be able to grant a boost in courage and health through the resultant blast. This is partly dependent on charisma and partly dependent on how experienced the cleric is.
  • The sacred flame, which is also one of the most fundamental sacred prayers, can be thrown at will.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is sacred Flame a Cantrip?

A: The holy flame 5e spell, which can be used to invoke the sacred flame 5, is an evocation trip that is available to clerics.

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