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How to set up a reaction role menu using YAGPDB

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Reaction role menus allow users to assign roles to their server. They are most often found on game servers where they allow users to select their region and platform. Reaction roles can sometimes grant access to news feeds or channels that are not available.

Role menus: Why are they important?

Here are some reasons to do so:

  1. These devices are easy to set-up and use
  2. Users don’t have to understand or look up commands.
  3. These allow your members adjust the experience in your server.
  4. People will respond better to being pinged if they opt in, rather than if you use @everyone and @here.

How do I create role menus?

There are a number of bots that provide this functionality, but I’ve been using YAGPDB (Yet Another General Discordbot) so far.

1. Add YAGPDB on your server

This link will allow you to invite the bot: Click

You can still add the bot to the official website

2. Log in to the YAGPDB Website

To access the control panel, click on “Dashboard”, then log in with your Discord account.


3. Open the section on role commands

Select the server that you wish to edit at the top of the window. Next, expand “Tools & Utilities”, and then select the Role Commands option.

[thrive_leads id=’97’]

4. Make a role group with role commands

Create a role group. This is the name for the reaction role menu. Once you’ve done this, select the role group that you just created and add role commands. Each command will give the user a role. There will only be one response for each command.

If you need help with this step consult the extensive Documentation, it should have all the answers you need:

5. Add the Discord menu to your Discord

You can add the menu to your Discord server as the last step. It is best to add the menu to an information channel, where it will remain visible.

This can be done in one of two ways: either YAGPDB will create a menu or you can use your custom message and add the reaction list to it.

Both ways are covered in the official YAGPDB documentation. We’ll link them here. If you wish to use one, simply follow the steps. Although we do not provide support for bots, you can join the Bot Support Server if there are any questions.

That’s it!

Congratulations! You have created your first role menu. You should take the time to consider all of the possibilities that this function offers to your server in order to get the best out of it.

My Guide to Role Categories is a great way to expand on what you’ve just learned.

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