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Primal Savagery 5E Spell In DnD

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Hello everyone! Welcome to dndtopics. We appreciate your support for our cantrip series spells. Today, we will be looking at dnd5e spell primal Savagery. This is a druid favorite cantrip. It is only available to the druid. Before we dive into the flavor, let’s look at the mechanics. If you’d like to view all official spells on our website, then go to this page.


Transmutation cantrip

  • Level: Trip
  • Casting Time: Action
  • Area: Self
  • Components: S
  • Duration Instantaneous
  • School: Transmutation
  • Attack/Save: Melee
  • Acid Damage/Effect


Channel primal magic is used to cause your teeth to become whiter or for sharpening your fingernails. It can also be used to unleash a corrosive attack. This dnd 5e spell requires you to use a melee spell against any creature that is within 5 feet of your location. The target can take 1d10 damage from a Hit. Even your fingernails and teeth will return to normal after you have made an attack.

Higher Levels: When you reach 5th, 11th, or 17th levels (3d10), your spell’s damage will increase by 1d10.

Spells: Druid

Other uses

This cannot be used to target inanimate objects, but you can make use of the fact that it alters your appearance to increase intimidation checks. It would be a very common practice for most people to allow this, and it is also thematically valid. This spell can also be used for theater of mind purposes.

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