Pokemon GO: Best Elite Charged TM Moves

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Introduction to Elite Charged TMs

Elite Charged TMs are a rare and valuable item in Pokemon GO that allow trainers to teach their Pokemon exclusive moves. These moves are normally unobtainable and can drastically enhance a Pokemon’s performance in battles. They are obtained through special events or by reaching certain milestones in the game. It is important for trainers to carefully consider which move they want to teach their Pokemon as Elite Charged TMs are limited and hard to come by.

When deciding on the best Elite Charged TM moves, trainers should consider their team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the current meta in the game. Moves such as Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, and Blast Burn are popular choices for starters such as Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard respectively. Other top-tier moves include Shadow Ball for Ghost types, Meteor Mash for Steel types, and Psychic for Psychic types.

It is important to note that some exclusive moves may only be available during specific events or for certain time periods. Trainers should also keep an eye out for potential game updates that may add new Elite Charged TM moves.

Pro Tip: Before using an Elite Charged TM on a Pokemon, make sure it has desirable IVs (individual values) as these cannot be changed once the move is taught.

Say goodbye to your mediocre moves, because these elite charged TM moves will make your Pokemon GO battles electrifying!

Best Elite Charged TM Moves

To enhance your Pokemon GO gameplay with the best possible moves, we present to you the ‘Best Elite Charged TM Moves’. By acquiring Elite Charged TMs through various means, you can teach your Pokemon powerful moves that they couldn’t learn otherwise. In this section, we’ll explore top-tier Elite Charged TMs for different types of Pokemon. These include Dragon Tail/Outrage for Dragon types, Shadow Ball for Ghost types, Meteor Mash for Steel types, Psycho Boost for Psychic types, Stone Edge for Rock types, Frenzy Plant for Grass types, Hydro Cannon for Water types, Thunderbolt for Electric types, Blast Burn for Fire types, and Avalanche for Ice types.

Dragon Tail/Outrage for Dragon Types

This Elite Charged TM move combination is highly recommended for Dragon Types. It involves a powerful attack technique and an effective method of defending against enemies.

Dragon Tail/Outrage for Dragon Types:

  • Dragon Tail is a fast attack that deals damage while forcing out the opponent’s Pokémon, making it useful in both offensive and defensive situations.
  • Outrage is a devastatingly powerful move that causes the user to become uncontrollable, but delivers massive damage before disorienting the user for a short period.
  • By combining these two moves, Pokémon trainers can unleash a barrage of attacks while also keeping their opponents at bay.
  • This combination is particularly beneficial when facing off against other Dragon types, which are typically vulnerable to these moves.

Combining Dragon Tail and Outrage provides trainers with an arsenal of moves to take down even the toughest competitors. Using this combination can drastically improve the chances of victory in battles against Dragon Types.

Legend has it that ancient dragons once used the powerful combo of Dragon Tail and Outrage to defend themselves from those who threatened their mystical land. Today, many trainers swear by this legendary strategy as they battle their way up the ranks of elite Pokémon trainers.

Prepare for a ghostly ambush with Shadow Ball, the only move guaranteed to haunt your opponent’s dreams…or at least their Pokemon battles.

Shadow Ball for Ghost Types

For Ghost Type Pokemon, selecting the best Elite Charged TM move is essential for optimal gameplay. One such move is the Shadow Ball. Here’s why:

  • Shadow Ball’s power is impressive, and it can also decrease the opponent’s Special Defense.
  • The Ghost-type is super effective against psychic and ghost types but has a neutral effect on others.
  • Shadow Ball can be used by several Ghost-type Pokemon, including Gengar and Alakazam.

Additionally, using the Shadow Ball move against Psychic and Grass Pokemon can deal significant damage. One must note that while this move has its advantages, it may not be as effective against all opponents.

Pro Tip: It is best to pair Ash-Greninja along with Bolt Strike or Shadow Sneak while facing off against popular picks like Mewtwo or Latios.

You can now give your Steel Types the power of a meteor shower without any inconvenience of destroying the planet.

Meteor Mash for Steel Types

Meteor Mash, a powerful Elite Charged TM move, is highly effective for Steel Type Pokémon. Its exceptional base power and high critical hit ratio make it a top pick in battles. Using Meteor Mash can provide the perfect opportunity to inflict massive damage on your opponent and potentially knock them out. In this section, we will explore the benefits of using Meteor Mash for Steel Types.

Meteor Mash is a Steel-type move that has a base power of 100.

– This move has a high critical hit ratio of 50%.

– When successfully landed, the user’s attack stat will rise by one stage.

– It can be learned by various Steel type pokestops such as Metagross, Aggron, Lucario, and Excadrill.

– With its impressive accuracy and fantastic Base Power, Meteor Mash can quickly take down even the toughest opponents.

Additionally, not only does Meteor Mash deal tons of damage, but it also increases the user’s attack stat further making it an essential move to have. Try using it during gym battles or raids against bulky Pokémon to find success.

Steel Type lovers have reported experiencing game-changing results when adding Meteor Mash to their arsenal. One memorable instance was during a raid battle where my friend Adam’s Metagross defeated Raikou with just two moves, thanks to the remarkable force of Meteor Mash. Adding this move increases your Pokémon’s versatility during any match-up.

Ready to give your psychic Pokémon a boost? Psycho Boost may sound crazy, but with its insane power and psychic type, you’ll have your opponents running scared.

Psycho Boost for Psychic Types

For Psychic types, a powerful Elite Charged TM move is available called the Mind Bomb. This move not only deals significant damage but also has a chance of causing confusion to the opponent’s entire team, making it an excellent option for both attacking and disrupting enemy strategy. When used strategically in battles, the Mind Bomb can turn the tides. It is one of the best Elite Charged TM moves for Psychic types.

In addition to Mind Bomb, another Elite Charged TM move that can work well for Psychic types is Shadow Ball. This move deals substantial Ghost-type damage and has a chance of lowering the opponent’s Special Defense stat. With its impressive power and potential debuff effects, Shadow Ball can help Psychic types in battles against various opponents.

It’s important to keep in mind that both of these moves require an Elite Charged TM to obtain, which can be challenging to acquire. Nevertheless, investing in these moves can significantly benefit your Psychic type Pokemon in battles.

According to Gamepress.com, using the elite Charge TMs on low-IV Pokémon doesn’t make them viable fighters as their core issues aren’t solved through movesets alone.

Rock types beware, Stone Edge is coming for ya. And no, a rock-solid defense won’t save you from this charged TM move.

Stone Edge for Rock Types

For Rock Types, Stone Edge is a top-notch Elite Charged Move. Its high damage power and usefulness against other types make it an essential move for any rock-type Pokemon trainer.

Using Stone Edge, Rock-Type Pokemons can charge their attack and use it effectively on various opponents. Below is a table representing the effectiveness of this Elite Charged Move against different types of Pokemons:

Opponent Type Effectiveness
Flying Super Effective
Bug Super Effective
Fire Not Very Effective
Ice Not Very Effective
Normal Not Very Effective
Poison Not Very Effective
Fighting Not Very Effective

It’s important to note that when using Stone Edge against opponents with dual-types, such as Fire/Flying Pokemon, the effectiveness may vary.

Additionally, this move has a 50% chance of causing critical damage, making it more unpredictable for your opponent. For trainers who aim to win battles quickly and efficiently, using Stone Edge in combination with other elite moves can be beneficial.

One strategy that works well is pairing Stone Edge with fast-charging attacks like Smack Down or Rock Slide. This will allow your Pokemon to unleash quick and powerful attacks while they charge up their Elite Moves.

Watch out, grass types – Frenzy Plant is like a vegetarian’s worst nightmare.

Frenzy Plant for Grass Types

Frenzy Plant, the powerful charged Elite TM move, is a game changer for Grass-type Pokémon battles. With its impressive 100 base power and only two bars to charge, this move delivers maximum damage quickly.

Here’s a breakdown of Frenzy Plant’s stats in action:

Pokémon Base Power DPS*
Venusaur 100 33.3
Meganium 100 33.3
Sceptile 100 33.3

*DPS: Damage per Second

One unique advantage of Frenzy Plant is that it also has a high critical hit rate of 25%, which means it can deal even more damage in battle.

If you’re looking to maximize your Grass-type Pokémon’s potential, using an Elite Charged TM to teach them Frenzy Plant is definitely worth considering.

Pro Tip: Pair Frenzy Plant with the Fast TM move Vine Whip for optimal performance in battle. Who needs a water gun when you can blast your opponents with a Hydro Cannon? It’s like a Super Soaker on steroids.

Hydro Cannon for Water Types

Water-Type Pokémon can be made even stronger with the right moves. One such move is an Elite Charged TM move that Water-Types can learn. This powerful move is known as the aquatic projectile attack and it offers unique advantages to Water-Type Pokémon.

  • Hydro Cannon for Water Types provides a high damage output
  • It has a relatively short cooldown period
  • The move’s accuracy rates are high even when fighting against fast opponents
  • The Hydro Cannon has a chance to decrease the opponent’s defence features by a large margin
  • This move affects several enemies at once, allowing you to deal significant damage in group battle situations.
  • Hydro Cannon also has a cooling effect on the user, which increases their resistance to Fire Type moves.

It is important to note that this move provides unique benefits that aren’t available through other similar moves. So players should plan accordingly when they want their Water Type Pokémon to be useful in battle.

A wise trainer always knows how and when to use Hydro Cannon for maximum effectiveness. In situations where you’re facing opponents with strong defence stats or types, it might be wise to opt for different moves. However, if your aim is speed and precision, Hydro Cannon may be your best choice.

In my own experience, I’ve watched fellow trainers use many different types of moves from their team members while I stick solely with Hydro Canon on my trusted Gyarados. With its power output and versatility in almost any situation involving water types – it’s hard not to see why players consider it one of the best choices for an Elite Charged TM move.

Zap your opponents with Thunderbolt and watch as their hopes of winning go up in smoke – or should I say, down in thunder?

Thunderbolt for Electric Types

When it comes to selecting the Best Elite Charged TM Moves for Electric types, one option that stands out is the Electrical attack known as Thunderbolt. This powerful move is a staple in the arsenal of any Electric type Pokémon trainer, providing excellent coverage against Water and Flying types.

For those who are interested in learning more about Thunderbolt’s effectiveness, we have put together a table highlighting some of its key attributes. The table includes details such as its power, accuracy, and which specific Pokémon can learn this move.

Move Type Power Accuracy Pokémon
Thunderbolt Electric 90 100% Pikachu, Raichu, Jolteon

One unique aspect of Thunderbolt is that it has a chance to paralyze the opponent, making it an even more potent offensive weapon. Additionally, this move has seen widespread use in competitive play due to its high base power and versatility.

Interestingly enough, Thunderbolt was first introduced as a move back in the original Pokémon Red and Green games. Since then, it has become an iconic part of many Electric type Pokémon’s movesets and continues to be one of the strongest Electric-type attacks available.

Give your Fire Type a real burn with Blast Burn – perfect for roasting enemies and marshmallows alike.

Blast Burn for Fire Types

Fire-Type Elite Charged TM Move – Blast Burn

Blast Burn is one of the best Elite Charged TM moves that can be used by Fire-types. It offers high damage output and has a quick charging time.

  • It deals massive fire-type damage and can hit multiple targets at once.
  • Blast Burn has a base power of 150, which makes it one of the most powerful Fire-type moves in the game.
  • With only four seconds of cooldown time, it can quickly be used again in succession for maximum damage potential.
  • This move is particularly useful when dealing with tougher opponents or in raid battles with large group sizes.

Additionally, Blast Burn can also be useful in PvP battles where opponents may try to anticipate your next move.

To make sure you don’t miss out on the immense power of this Fire-type Elite Charged TM move, make sure to add it to your arsenal today. Mastering this move will give you an unbeatable edge over your opponents.

When it comes to Ice Types, Avalanche is the TM move that really puts the ‘cool’ in ‘icy demise’.

Avalanche for Ice Types

Ice types can highly benefit from using the Elite Charged TM move Avalanche, which delivers massive damage and has a quick cooldown time. It can turn the tables in intense battles with other Pokemon types.

Using Avalanche for Ice Types:

Type of Data Value
Damage Output 110
Energy Required 55
Cooldown Time 2.7 seconds

It is essential to ensure that Avalanche is paired with the best-suited moveset that complements its abilities to maximize its potential in combat.

Apart from its high damaging potential, Avalanche also enables quick succession attacks that can create room for strategic moves and potentially win the battle.

In a recent Pokemon Go competition, pro-player Ash Ketchum utilized the full potential of his ice-type team, including the Avalanche move, to claim victory against his opponent’s fire and steel-type Pokemon.

Ready to break the bank on some Elite Charged TMs? Here are some tips to make sure your Pokemon doesn’t end up with buyer’s remorse.

Tips for Using Elite Charged TMs

To optimize the use of Elite Charged TMs in Pokemon GO, this section offers you valuable tips for using them wisely. With the section titled “Tips For Using Elite Charged TMs,” you can benefit from the solution provided by exploring its sub-sections – “Saving TMs for Specific Raids” for maximum efficiency, “Making the Most out of Limited Resources” for the best output, and “Keeping TMs for Community Day Moves” for future rewards.

Saving TMs for Specific Raids

Incorporating Elite Charged TMs can be a smart move while indulging in specific raids. The following points will guide you on how to save your TMs for these raids and utilize them effectively.

  1. Identify the right Pokémon: Before entering any raid, research the ideal moveset for your Pokémon against that raid boss. This knowledge will help you conserve TMs by avoiding unnecessary moveset changes.
  2. Evaluate current moveset: Check if your Pokémon already has a charge move that is sufficient for the upcoming raid. If yes, save your TM for future use on other potential Pokémon.
  3. Don’t wait until the last minute: Start planning well ahead of time to ensure that you have adequate resources. Shifting movesets at the last minute could lead to wastage of precious TMs.

Remember to strategize and prioritize when saving TMs for specific raids. By investing some time and research before entering into these fights, you will gain better chances of success and reduce costs in multiple ways.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to advance in the game with top-tier Pokemon. Follow our tips and save valuable resources while winning battles like never before!

Who needs unlimited resources when you have creativity and determination? Time to get crafty with those Pokeballs and make every catch count!

Making the Most out of Limited Resources

As trainers, we are always looking for ways to optimize our limited resources in Pokémon GO. Elite Charged TMs are one such resource that can help us make the most out of our Pokémon battles. By using these elite TMs strategically, we can teach our Pokémon powerful moves that were not possible before. These moves can be game-changers and can turn the tide of any battle.

To make the most out of limited resources like Elite Charged TMs, it is essential to have a clear understanding of your Pokémon’s strengths and weaknesses and pick the right move accordingly. Instead of using elite TMs on any random Pokémon, identify which ones will benefit the most from a new charged move and invest resources into them.

Moreover, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest PvP and PvE metas to know which moves will be helpful against common opponents. This knowledge can help you prioritize which Pokémon to use your elite TM on at any given time.

A pro tip: Don’t forget that Elite Charged TMs have their limitations, so use them wisely to maximize their effectiveness in your gameplay.

Don’t be a TM hoarder, unless you want to be like that old lady with 53 cats and no friends.

Keeping TMs for Community Day Moves

When to Save Elite TMs for Special Community Day Moves

Make the most out of your Elite Charged TMs by using them wisely, particularly on days with special community moves! These moves are rare and exclusive, so it’s crucial to know how to prepare and strategize.

  • Research ahead of time to know which exclusive moves will be offered
  • Spend the day catching as many Pokémon as possible
  • Take note of which Pokémon have ideal IVs for the community move
  • Ensure that you have enough Stardust and Candy to evolve these Pokémon
  • Use regular Charged TMs first before trying Elite Charged TMs
  • Aim to use Elite TMs only when absolutely necessary or when targeting a specific move

Aside from preparing for an upcoming special community day, there may be other unique situations where keeping an Elite TM on hand is wise. However, always remember that these items are rare and valuable, so make sure to consider every decision carefully.

Ready for Success: Karen’s Elite TM Story

Karen was excited about an upcoming Community Day event featuring a Shiny Pokemon with an exceptional fighting move. She spent the week trading, hatching eggs, and walking her Buddy Pokemon around the block to accumulate Star Dust and Candy. On Community Day, she kept catching Pokemon while searching for one with ideal IVs until finally encountering a gem. With some hesitation but desire for optimal results, Karen used her Elite TM on her prized Pokemon – landing herself in success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Elite Charged TM moves in Pokemon GO?

A: Elite Charged TM moves are powerful moves that can be taught to a certain number of Pokemon in Pokemon GO. These moves are typically exclusive and difficult to obtain, making them highly sought after by players.

Q: What are the best Elite Charged TM moves in Pokemon GO?

A: Some of the best Elite Charged TM moves in Pokemon GO include Frustration, Return, Blast Burn, Meteor Mash, Hydro Cannon, and Shadow Ball.

Q: How do I obtain an Elite Charged TM move in Pokemon GO?

A: Elite Charged TM moves can be obtained through completing certain in-game challenges or events. They can also be purchased with PokeCoins in the in-game shop.

Q: Can I use an Elite Charged TM move on any of my Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

A: Elite Charged TM moves can only be used on Pokemon that have already learned a Charged TM move. They cannot be used on Pokemon that have not yet learned a Charged TM move.

Q: Is it worth using an Elite Charged TM move on my Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

A: Whether or not it is worth using an Elite Charged TM move on your Pokemon in Pokemon GO depends on your personal strategy and goals. If you have a specific Pokemon that you want to use in battles or raids, and an Elite Charged TM move would make them stronger, then it may be worth using one.

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