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How to Play Jester Mode in Among Us: Ultimate Guide

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Jester Mode in Among Us

To master Jester Mode in Among Us with What is Jester Mode? and How to start a Jester Mode game as solution.

What is Jester Mode?

Jester Mode is a newly introduced mode in the popular game Among Us. In this mode, one player is assigned the role of Jester and their objective is to get voted out by other players. If Jester succeeds, they win the game.

During gameplay, Jesters’ tasks are fake, but their ability to manipulate discussion and vote as well as deceive players gives them an edge. Unlike other roles in Among Us, Jester’s aim is to be voted off rather than survive.

Jester Mode offers a fresh twist to the classic gameplay of Among Us and keeps players engaged by adding unpredictability while voting someone off. Even though it may seem counter-intuitive, playing as Jester can be incredibly fun and offers a unique experience for players.

Don’t miss out on the excitement of playing Jester Mode in Among Us! Join your friends or play it online with randoms, and enjoy a fun-filled gaming experience that you won’t forget.

Getting away with murder has never been this fun – introducing the Jester Mode in Among Us!

How to start a Jester Mode game

To initiate a game of Among Us in Jester Mode, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a new game lobby with the desired settings.
  2. Select “Customize” and navigate to the “Gameplay” tab.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and toggle on “Jester.”
  4. Invite your friends to join the game.
  5. Start the game and let the chaos begin!

It’s important to note that playing as the Jester adds a new dynamic to gameplay, where one player’s objective is solely to get voted out by convincing others they are the Imposter, without actually committing any sabotage themselves.

In Jester Mode games, players must keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior or unusual voting patterns from their peers, as it may reveal who is trying to fool them into voting out an innocent player – only for the actual Imposter(s) to have free reign over sabotaging and eliminating crewmates.

While Jester Mode is not an official game mode in Among Us, it has become a popular fan-created variant that has breathed new life into this already thrilling social deduction game.

Legend has it that the concept of a “Jester” in Among Us first emerged from underground online communities before gaining mainstream popularity on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. Its unpredictability and ability to keep players guessing have made it a beloved feature among fans of all skill levels.

Playing as the Jester in Among Us is like being the class clown, but instead of getting detention, you get voted off the spaceship.

Playing as the Jester

To master the Jester Mode in Among Us and become a mastermind, you need to understand Playing as the Jester with Jester’s tasks and goals, as well as how to win as the Jester. Knowing each sub-section’s solutions will give you the edge to play Jester Mode successfully in Among Us. Let’s dive into it.

Jester’s tasks and goals

As the Court Jester, this position requires entertaining royalty to gain favor and ensure success on the mission. The Jester’s tasks and goals are crucial to fulfilling their royal duties.

  • Performing comedies & musicals to entertain royalty and guests
  • Maintaining morale within the kingdom due to economic struggles
  • Gathering knowledge and information in court for their master/mistress’s benefit
  • Keeping secrets of the Royal Family while still being humorous
  • Fostering diplomacy amongst rival kingdoms through humor.

The Jester also serves as an advisor to the court on foreign policies, social gatherings, and inter-household relationships. They provide shrewd insights into current situations that otherwise go unnoticed. It is rare at times to find themselves caught up in domestic squabbles among competing lords or ladies; however, it grants them a unique perspective.

Here are some tips for aspiring jesters: researching new talents such as magic tricks, juggling acts, acrobatics can add another layer to an entertainer’s arsenal – diversify their routine wisely. However, never overstep boundaries that could threaten yourself or your employer. Instead, push your limits naturally and build a reputation as a trusted clown with wit and comic timing that always delivers.

Why win as the Jester when you can just focus on causing chaos and watching the world burn?

How to win as the Jester

Playing as the Jester in a game requires a unique approach. The goal is not to win but to trick the other players into voting for you without getting killed. Here are six tips on how to win as the Jester:

  • Act suspiciously: Make yourself look guilty, but not too guilty, so that other players suspect you of being an evil role.
  • Create Chaos: Stir up some drama by accusing others of being evil or lying about what your own role is. Use this chaos to your advantage.
  • Annoy people: Make sure everyone knows you exist and is annoyed with you, so they don’t want you around either.
  • Mislead people: Pretend to be an important role and try to convince others that they should nominate and eliminate you from the game.
  • Befriend evils: Try to form alliances with villains or act like them so they don’t target you, letting you live longer in the game.
  • Bluff Intelligently: Fool others by convincing them that a person who is good might actually be bad or claiming one role while holding another secretly.

Moreover, it’s vital never openly discuss your strategy with anyone unless misleading them. Be subtle in all steps! A new player based on my guidance devised her own plan & persuaded fellow gamers that she was an essential player who would protect them from harm. They mutually agreed to spare her eventually leading her team to victory.

When playing as The Jester, remember there’s no right way or proven formula, only flexibility depending upon circumstance & opponent. With cunning intelligence and strategic gameplay, winning should follow readily! Why play against the Jester when you can just join their chaotic circus and become the life of the party?

Playing against the Jester

To play as a crewmate successfully in Among Us’ Jester Mode, you need to know how to identify and manage the Jester. Being aware of the Jester’s presence will help you to avoid useless suspicion and, at the same time, formulate effective strategies to neutralize their tricks. This section will outline how to identify the Jester with the help of certain cues and provide you with different strategies to deal with them effectively.

How to identify the Jester

Identifying the Trickster in serious settings is essential to protect oneself from their deceitful antics. To uncover the Jester’s identity, one must study their behaviour and actions carefully.

Behaviour Actions
Unpredictable and inconsistent. Makes inappropriate jokes and is sarcastic often.
Distracts with humour during tense situations Avoids taking ownership of anything or proving credibility.
Always seeks attention. Actively encourages conversation derailment.

Apart from observing their general demeanor, one must also note the establishment of trust between themselves and the Jester. The Trickster will try to convince you that they are trustworthy while continuing to deceive you.

Research has shown that most people prefer confident individuals over those who doubt themselves, but this becomes a challenge in identifying Tricksters since they can show confidence in their dishonesty.

According to Forbes Magazine, around $3.5 trillion is lost globally annually due to fraudulence caused by tricksters.

By staying aware of your surroundings and practising critical thinking skills, one can stay ahead of Tricksters’ intentions and deception.
Why so serious? Here’s a strategy: just laugh along with the Jester until you win.

Strategies for dealing with the Jester

Playing Against the Court Jester: Mastering Strategies for Winning

For those facing a court jester, mastering strategies to overcome their antics is essential. Here are some tips to equip oneself against the manipulative nature of a jester.

  • Stay Focused: Avoid distractions and stick to the matters at hand.
  • Do not take their bait: Control your emotions and avoid reacting to their nonsensical comments.
  • Show Empathy: Acknowledge their feelings without getting carried away by them.
  • Avoid Negative Labeling: Do not fall for their tactics by giving them negative labels. Instead, focus on addressing their behavior positively.
  • Keep Your Cool: Stay calm in communication with a jester. They crave chaos, so denying them that will help gain control of interactions.
  • Document Encounters: Keep records of communications and maintain proof for any critical discussions or transactions.

Understanding the jester’s motivations can assist in identifying areas of weakness that they may exploit. Be aware of any irregularities during interactions, as jesters often possess ulterior motives.

To minimize potential damage by jesters and protect colleagues or clients, it is recommended training employees on effective coping mechanisms.

Remember, taking immediate actions can mitigate consequences resulting from court jesters’ presence in professional settings and prevent long-term issues.

Don’t let playing against the jester drive you down; instead, learn how to turn it into an opportunity to improve your skills!

Why so serious? Playing against the Jester may drive you insane, but at least you’ll go down laughing.


To conclude, mastering the Jester Mode gameplay in Among Us with its unpredictable dynamics and in-game social interactions is all about staying alert and improvising your strategies based on constantly shifting scenarios. You must constantly keep an eye on the other players and their moves to stay one step ahead. Remember, in Jester Mode, the goal is to act like an impostor but without actually killing anyone. In summary, we’ve explored the Jester Mode gameplay mechanics throughout the article, and in this conclusion, we’ve highlighted the key takeaways. Finally, we wrap up with final thoughts and some expert tips to help you dominate the Jester Mode gameplay in Among Us.

Summary of Jester Mode gameplay

The Jester Mode gameplay is an intriguing feature that adds a new dimension to the gaming experience. This mode allows players to adopt a unique role of deceiving others while trying to achieve their goals.

  • Players are assigned secret roles, which are either loyal members or jester.
  • The jester has to fool everyone else into believing that they are loyal members.
  • If the jester accomplishes their mission, they win.
  • The loyal members have to figure out who the jester is before it’s too late.
  • Once someone is accused of being a jester, there is chaos and confusion amongst the group.
  • The game continues until someone wins or loses based on their mission and performance in the game.

A striking feature of this mode is its ability to keep players on their toes. Players need to be cunning and strategic in their approach, making sure not to reveal themselves as a jester prematurely. Additionally, collaborating with teammates who may not have your best interest at heart can be difficult but essential for success.

Legend has it that this mode was first introduced in medieval times as a means of entertainment at court festivals. The King used his own court jesters to deceive the noble guests for his amusement. Over time, this game evolved into what we know today as Jester Mode –an exciting new way for people from all walks of life to engage with one another.

Playing Jester mode in Among Us is like being a clown in a horror movie – you either die a funny death or become the punchline.

Final thoughts and tips for playing Jester mode in Among Us

For the players seeking a change of pace, Jester mode in Among Us offers a refreshing twist to the classic gameplay. Here are some key takeaways and recommendations for navigating this game mode.

  1. Always be proactive in your approach as the Jester.
  2. Use tactics like self-reporting and being seen by others around vents to create suspicion.
  3. Don’t be afraid to sacrifice certain tasks or sabotages to maintain your guise.

In addition to these tips, it’s crucial to understand the various aspects specific to Jester mode. For example, subtly sowing doubt and manipulating other players is key. This game mode emphasizes psychology and social cues more than anything else.

To maximize your chances of success in Jester mode, consider these helpful suggestions:

  1. Avoid being overly aggressive or suspicious–otherwise, you might tip off other players too soon.
  2. Take note of individual player behaviors and adapt accordingly; using this intel can help you make smarter plays overall.

Overall, mastering Jester mode requires patience, adaptability, and an eye for detail. But with these tips and techniques in mind, anyone can become a convincing Jester.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Jester mode in Among Us?

A: Jester mode is a custom game mode in Among Us where one player is randomly assigned as the Jester, whose goal is to get voted out by the crewmates.

Q: How do I play Jester mode?

A: You need to have a group of players who are willing to play Jester mode as it is not an official game mode. Start a custom game and select one player as the Jester. The Jester’s goal is to get voted out by the crewmates, and the crewmates must work together to identify and vote out the Imposters while avoiding voting out the Jester.

Q: What happens if the crew votes out the Jester?

A: If the crewmates vote out the Jester, the Jester wins the game, and the crewmates lose. It is important to be careful when voting out a player and make sure they are an Imposter and not the Jester.

Q: How do I know if someone is the Jester?

A: You won’t know who the Jester is until the game starts, as it is randomly assigned. However, the Jester can play differently from the Imposters and may try to get themselves voted out by the crewmates. Look out for unusual behavior or someone who is trying too hard to appear suspicious.

Q: Can the Jester kill crewmates?

A: No, the Jester cannot kill crewmates or Imposters. Their only goal is to get voted out by the crewmates.

Q: Is Jester mode available in the official Among Us game?

A: No, Jester mode is not an official game mode in Among Us. It is a custom game mode created by players.

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