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Mounted Combatant DnD 5E Feat

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All adventures welcome. We are pleased to welcome you to my spellbook. Today, we will be looking at one of the most underused yet amazing feats in the game. I’m going to use it for two reasons, and i will get to those a bit later. Today, we’ll be looking at mounted combatant5e feat. It is found in the player’s manual. Everyone has at least glanced at it a few times, but most people have decided that it was not. It wouldn’t suit their personality. Let’s look at the description in order to understand.


Also, it is worth noting that this does not require any prerequisites. This means that any race, class, or skill set can use it without any problems. This is the description.

You are a Mounted Combatant DnD5E Feat and you face dangerous foes while mounted. You can still enjoy the benefits listed below even if you aren’t incapacitated while mounted.

  • You can use the Mounted Combatant feat to gain an advantage on melee attack rolls against any unmounted creature that is smaller than your mount.
  • Force an attack on your mount can be directed at you.
  • However, your mount can be subjected to an effect that allows it to make a Dexterity save throw to take half the damage. But it does not take any damage if it succeeds in a saving throw and it takes only half the damage if it fails.

Wow, that is quite a list. Here’s a quick reminder of the incapacitated description. When you are incapacitated, you cannot take any actions or react to them. It makes sense that you would not be able operate a mount if you aren’t conscious. Let’s just take a look at the walkthrough and break it down. Let’s continue a bit. Perhaps you would also enjoy reading the tough feat 5e


Your advantage is primarily when your mound exceeds the size of the person you are fighting. It is worth noting that horses, which are large, are the most common thing you will be riding. The majority of things will be classified as medium, with a few exceptions. This would not work against other mounted creatures, unless they were knocked off. It is possible.

You can also redirect attacks from your mount towards you. This is the second point you can force. It’s not the other way around, but your mount can attack you instead. This is very cool when you consider dex saves for half-damage where you would roll and if you win you take half the damage. If you fail, you take the full amount of damage. If your mount succeeds, it takes no damage instead of the half you would take. On a failure, it takes half the damage to you.

Because of this, it is a sort of broken feat. I’ll be explaining it a bit more. Let’s now take a look at some of my thoughts.


This is an amazing feat. It is amazing. Here are a few reasons why. You can attack any creature smaller than you are. This is amazing and super awesome. This is especially true when you consider that many of the most damaging classes have gained advantage. If you are an elf with elven accuracy, which I am, you will almost certainly never miss it. It would be amazing. Nevertheless, it is possible to do everything. This is great.

The second bullets hit the tags, and the damage is half. This damage is more aimed at mounting survivability than any other. It doesn’t state that the attack target for your round must be you, but the actual text does. If it’s a spell strike directed at your mount. If they know it’s dex save, they could tank through it.

It’s safer to have your mountain do it than not. This is to ensure that survivorship in terms of who gets the most from it. Because of the nature of sneak attack, i want to say rogues. This could make rogues a great battle master. The mobility of Clerics would be a huge benefit to them.

Yeah! I can’t think about any classes that wouldn’t benefit from this. It’s not a lot. This is why monks might not benefit as much, but a lot ranged characters may. They won’t take many shots because of the melee attack roll component. This might not be a good idea for most classes. It would be funny, I think. This requires your DM’s approval. If you make your mount familiar, and send them down a crazy labyrinth with dexterity-based saves, and then they explore the entire dungeon before you approve it.


This being said, guys! Do you know of any other uses for the dnd 5e mounted combatant? Let me know in the comments below. They are so much fun to read. We are so grateful to you guys, and we wish you all a happy adventuring day.

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