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Mobile DnD 5E Feat

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All adventurers, of all sizes and shapes: We are glad you visited my website. Today, we will be looking at mobile Dnd 5e feat they quickfooted effete. The players handbook contains this jam, so everyone should have it. Let’s now take a closer look at the description.


It is important to note that this feat does not require any prerequisites. This means that anyone of any race, class, or ability can grab it with new challenges. Nevertheless, it is important to note that. This is the feat description.

This mobile dnd5e feat will make you extremely fast and agile. These are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Mobile speeds can be up to 10 feet faster.
  • You can use the dash action whenever you want, and difficult terrain doesn’t even cost you extra movement for that turn.
  • You can also make melee attacks mostly against the creature but you don’t provoke any chance attacks for the remainder of the turn, regardless of whether you hit.

It is incredible. Let’s see how it all looks and let’s break it down a bit.


First, +10 feet for movement. It’s pretty amazing! It’s amazing, you know. You don’t have to worry about tricky terrain if you do the dash action. Also, it is easy to find really great stuff. My current dungeon master is very campaign-oriented and loves to throw difficult terrain at us. These would be extremely beneficial to my current campaign. After a melee attack, you can’t make any attacks on that creature.

I think it’s incredible, regardless of whether you hit. This is also very exciting from a roleplaying perspective. Imagine the speed and agility required to strike a character, and then as he strikes back, you kind of flourish out the way. It sounds incredible, and there are so many great scenes you could create with this technique.

Let me now give you my thoughts.


If you don’t know, you will soon. This is a solid move. The extra ten feet of movement can make a huge difference in what your character can do, both in combat and utility. The terrain can be quite difficult depending on what your dms are required to traverse it.

There are dms who would consider a steep slope to be difficult terrain. If your dm’s are like this, then this feat places you in a great position to be able still run from enemies. The third part is amazing because you don’t need to be concerned about being attacked by opportunity.

I think the rogue are the ones who do the most with this feat. They can also take the dash action for a bonus. I think that’s pretty cool. It’s possible that anyone could benefit from it, but the charger feat is probably even more impressive.

You can also attack with your bonus action, but the main action is only dash. It’s quite cool because you can basically dash move a bit and attack the rest of your movement. You can do it all in one turn, without worrying about an attack of chance.

You get a +5 bonus on your attack roll or attack damage depending on how the charger feat is written. You can run past your enemy without any problem. You could also take advantage of the action surge from fighters. This could be used to cross great distances without anyone being able stop you, or slow you down.

Although you might not be able to run through an entire army, you can still make it through and leave behind a lot of damage. You may also enjoy warcaster 5e.


Let me know, guys, if there are any other uses for mobile devices or cool character designs or concepts that you can see or ones you are currently playing. Let me know in the comments section below. They are so much fun to read and I know that everyone who is reading this article enjoys them. I also appreciate the hard work you put into this community. I hope you have a wonderful day, and that everyone is happy adventuring.

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