Lifetime VPN Subscriptions for Jan 2022

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The idea of a lifetime VPN subscription is no doubt alluring. It peeks the attention of frugal consumers, looking to save a buck or two. After all, the longer you commit to any VPN service, the more you’re going to save.

For instance, 2 or 3-year VPN plans offer significantly more discounts than monthly or yearly plans. That being said, lifetime VPN subscriptions don’t actually last forever. In all honesty, lifetime VPN deals only have a validity of 5 years max.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I’m going list down some of the most reputable providers offering lifetime subscriptions in January 2020.

PureVPN – 5-year Lifetime subscription plan

PureVPN’s lifetime deal is not currently listed among its regular subscription plans. However, there is an easy hack to get the lifetime deal at an 82% discounted price of $1.99/mo covered here.

What do you get with PureVPN’s lifetime deal?

To begin with, PureVPN has more than 2000 anonymous servers around the world. This gives you access to more than 300,000 different IPs to unblock all sorts of blocked sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and more.

Other than that, PureVPN offers powerful encryption, industry benchmark protocols and ultimate leak protection against WebRTC, DNS and IP address, all for just $1.99/mo if you go for the lifetime deal.

In total, you would only have to pay $119.40 for a 5-year period instead of $657. If you’re interested, make sure you read the PureVPN review.

Ivacy – 5-year Lifetime subscription plan

Ivacy VPN is perhaps one of the pioneers of lifetime VPN subscription plans. Ivacy lifetime deal comes with an 86% discount and costs $1.5/mo. If you’re interested, you can get it here.

What do you get with Ivacy’s lifetime deal?

Ivacy lifetime deal offers over 1,000 servers in 100+ locations and some of the most powerful privacy features in its class. Speaking of which, it offers unlimited server switching, P2P compatibility, blazing-fast speeds along with the freedom to connect up to 5 devices simultaneously to one subscription plan.

In addition, Ivacy offers split tunneling along with 24/7 dedicated live chat support. Best of all, these features are included in their 86% Off lifetime subscription which just costs $1.5/mo. If you’re interested, make sure you read the Ivacy review.

NordVPN – 3-year Lifetime subscription plan

NordVPN doesn’t offer a 5-year lifetime deal, but it does offer a 3-year plan instead. NordVPN’s 3-year lifetime deal comes with a 70% discount and just costs $3.49/mo.

What do you get with NordVPN’s lifetime deal?

NordVPN is probably the biggest name in the VPN industry. I mean it’s so renowned that a quick Google search for reliable VPNs should present you with NordVPN in the top three results.

And why shouldn’t it…

After all, they have the largest server count (5500+) of any VPN provider currently in the market. Besides that, NordVPN is probably among the few providers that still support Netflix unblocking. If you act fast, you can get NordVPN’s 3-year plan at a 70% discount. If you’re interested, make sure you read our NordVPN review.

Surfshark VPN – Lifetime subscription plan

Surfshark also doesn’t offer a 5-year lifetime deal, but it does offer a 24-months plan instead. Surfshark’s 24-months lifetime deal comes with an 83% discount and costs only $1.99/mo.

What do you get with Surfshark’s lifetime deal?

To start off, Surfshark is located in the British Virgin Islands, which is known for having no data retention laws. If we talk about security features, Surfshark offers 1000+ servers, top of the line encryption, protocols, and compatibility for all major operating systems.

Not only that, but Surfshark is among the very few VPNs that still work with Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and similar other streaming services. Best of all, Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous connections and 30-day refunds with the 83% discounted 24-months lifetime plan. If you’re interested, make sure you read our Surfshark review.

ExpressVPN – Lifetime subscription plan

Another VPN that offers a slightly shorter lifetime subscription is ExpressVPN, At the moment this provider is offering a 35% discount on its 12-months lifetime plan and costs just $8.32/mo.

What do you get with ExpressVPN’s lifetime deal?

Similar to Surfshark, ExpressVPN is also headquartered in the British Virgin Islands and guarantees zero logs. Not only that, ExpressVPN is perhaps the fastest VPN you’ll ever come across.

With over 3,000 secure servers all over the world, ExpressVPN delivers blazing fast speeds and powerful security. In addition, ExpressVPN offers features like Zero-knowledge DNS, powerful encryption, Split tunneling and much, much more.

You can avail ExpressVPN lifetime deal at a 35% discounted price of $8.32/month. If you’re interested, make sure you read our ExpressVPN review.

Lifetime VPN Subscriptions – Hit or a scam?

Isn’t it enticing to a see great deal or a massive discount on your favorite product? Don’t you just feel compelled to purchase it before the offer runs out?

Although a lifetime VPN subscription sounds too good to be true, it is perhaps the biggest scam to hit the VPN industry ever since the dawn of online tech support.

Surprisingly, what started out as a niche practice has now plagued even the top dogs of the VPN industry.


Sleazy VPN providers often make us an offer we just can’t refuse. Now it might sound like something the Godfather would say but it’s true.

Generally, VPN providers charge somewhere around the ballpark of $60-100 for their life subscription plan, which in itself raises eyebrows.

Feeling suspicious yet…?

Well you should, because a typical 1-year subscription also costs between $50-90, which is roughly what you would pay for a so-called VPN lifetime plan.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but that’s enough red flags for me to avoid an elusive VPN lifetime subscription scam.

How VPN Lifetime subscriptions work?

Even though a quick Google search can provide you with a lot of lifetime subscription plans, the question you must ask your self is how it is even possible.

Let me explain…

It is easy to see why someone would consider developers and cybersecurity analysts to be the major cost of running a reputable VPN service. After all, well-built clients and security protocols do cost a lot of manpower and money.

However, these expenses are incomparable to what it costs to maintain a large inventory of data servers across the globe. Considering the cost to rent out a server is around $2000-3000 a month, it is highly unlikely that a business model like such can last long let alone thrive.

In theory, such a business model is bound to fail. Simply put it this way, if a provider charges onetime $30 fee for a lifetime subscription plan, how in the heck they are going justify the cost of bandwidth a user’s going to consume over the years.

So how on earth can they offer a lifetime subscription for such a cheap price?

Simple…They use cheap marketing tactics to increase their user base, overcrowd their servers and the money just keeps rolling in. And that my friend is how the lifetime VPN business model works.

Why some VPN providers offer Lifetime subscription plans?

It’s a no-brainer that small-time VPN companies make little to no money in their initial years.

On the contrary, if they offered a deal too good to be true, like for say a…life time subscription plan for just $20, sales should skyrocket, right? That is exactly what small VPN companies do.

They use enticing offers and fancy marketing to lure customers into paying a large one-time subscription fee. Instead of waiting months on end to generate revenue, one time upfront subscription fee can generate large sums of revenue in little to no time.

This type of business model is great and allows businesses like such to grow rapidly.

However, there is a caveat…

In order to sustain with such a business model, VPN companies need an endless stream of new subscribers to fund their schemes.

As soon as the inflow of new subscribers stops, revenue generation halts and existing customers become nothing more than a leech for the company.

Lifetime VPN subscription according to Reddit

Although I have already covered the lifetime VPN subscription business model in this blog, I found one Reddit comment that did a great job summarizing it.

Wrapping up!

Lifetime VPN subscription offers are always enticing. They are designed to offer the most bang for your buck. Although their business model might be pretty gimmicky, however, I do have to admit, it offers the peace of mind, unlike any other subscription plan.

Having said that:

Not every VPN provider truly offers lifetime subscriptions, which is why I have listed only trustworthy providers on my list. I hope you found this blog informative. Do check out our best VPN deals for discounts on the industry’s top VPN providers.

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