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How to get Act of genesis stance in Halo Infinite

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Halo Infinite seems to be the most popular game of all time. This new version of the long-running franchise features open world gameplay on an expansive ring, either the Installation 07.

You might have noticed that your achievements and awards can be transferred to the multiplayer mode if you have tried the campaign mode. The ‘Act of Genesis’ award seems to be attracting a lot of attention. What is it and how can you get it? Let’s see.

What is the Act of Genesis’ stance?

After winning a multiplayer match, the Act of Genesis stance allows you to control your Spartan’s stance. Your Team will be the first to see your Spartan in your preferred stance after winning a multiplayer match.

You can change your stance from the “Customize” menu. Additionally, you can unlock new stances in the Shop, Campaign or multiplayer modes. We know everything we can about Act of Genesis and how to get it in Halo Infinite.

How to get Act of Genesis stance on Halo Infinite

You cannot currently get the Act of Genesis status in Halo Infinite. It is highly recommended you not attempt to complete the campaign either in Legendary or LASO to achieve this achievement.

Halo Infinite’s campaign has been affected by a bug that causes your in-game cosmetics to disappear when you play the game offline. You will be unable use the achievements and awards you have earned in offline mode.

The same issue is currently being fixed and should be available in the next service update for the game. It will release tomorrow, the 14th of December 2021. The tweet below from Brian Jarrard, Halo Community Director, contains more information.

This achievement bug may be why the stance of the Act of Genesis’ and stance of the Requiem Revengence’ are still so mysterious. Other signs indicate that these stances may still not be known. In an effort to discover these stances, players around the globe have attempted every task, achievement, mode and difficulty possible in campaign mode. These are the items that have failed to unlock these stances.

  • Collecting all skulls
  • All Armoury lockers collected
  • All logs must be collected
  • All artifacts to be collected
  • Complete the Legendary mode game
  • Complete the LASO game
  • Complete the LASO game in less than 8 hours

It is quite obvious that the unlocking of these positions seems to be bugged, considering past Halo games and their rewards. There are however reports that hidden Armory lockers are found around the Zeta Halo Map. These lockers may contain the stances.

It is possible that the Campaign can be completed in co-op mode, but this speculation is still speculation.

The Halo Achievements bug: Everything you need to know

It is known as the Achievements bug and affects both Xbox and PC users. Your achievements will not be unlocked if you play the game offline. You won’t have the ability to use unlocked cosmetics when you play offline in multiplayer mode, as they won’t appear in your multiplayer inventory.

For now, the only solution is to make sure you have internet access before you play the game or unlock any rewards. Quick Resume for Halo Infinite should be disabled on Xbox. This will cause the game to disconnect from the servers. Quick Resume enabled can cause the game to disconnect, which will affect the cosmetics and reward you unlock.

This issue will be addressed in the next service update for Halo Infinite, which is scheduled to be released on December 14, 2020. This issue can be fixed by updating your game as soon as possible.

We hope you found this post helpful in understanding how to get the Halo Infinite ‘Act of Genesis stance. You can ask any questions in the comments below.

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