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How do I Speak to a Human at Fedex

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How can I reach a FedEx Human? If you’re looking for FedEx Customer Service, this article will help you. You have come to the right place. We will tell you all the methods you have to get FedEx human.

FedEx: How can I speak to a human?

These are the steps you need to take to reach FedEx customer service. You can also call a live person at the number.

  1. First, dial 1-800-463-33339.
  2. Now you need to say, “Give me options.”
  3. Next, press 7 or “more options”.
  4. You can then choose to have more options by saying “even more options” again or pressing 7
  5. Now, say “it’s another” or press 8.
  6. Once you have connected, the automated phone system will connect you with a FedEx representative.

This is the FedEx main menu. You can select the service that you need from FedEx live agent.

  • You can either say “schedule pick up at my address” or press 1.
  • Press 2 to say “pick up my parcel from FedEx”
  • Press 3 to say “shipment status and shipping information”
  • You can use the 4th digit to bill and pay.
  • You must press 5 to say “find a FedEx Location”
  • Press 6 or say “get rate”
  • You can also say “more options” to get more options or press 7

These are the sub-menus for FedEx

  • You must say “technical assistance” to receive technical support. Press 1
  • FedEx can be reached by pressing 2 or “FedEx Office” to get in touch.
  • For information about order supplies, press 3 or say “order supplies”
  • Use the “claims” option or press 4
  • You can get the status by saying “get the status for the pick up” or pressing 5
  • You can cancel by saying “cancel pickup” or pressing 6
  • For more options, press 7

The acronym “FedEx” stands for Federal Expedia’s original air branch. It was used between 1973 and 2000. It is well-known for its overnight delivery service and inventing a system that tracks packages and provides real-time updates about bundle place. This feature is implemented by most other carriers. FedEx is also a great builder for the U.S authorities.

FedEx networks work independently to offer clients the best possible service without compromise. It provides street speech coverage in all 50 states and over 220 territories. Our international network provides air-ground state service via over 650 airports worldwide.

FedEx Call Center Number

FedEx Customer Service Numbers: How can I speak to a human?

  • FedEx Support Phone Number: 1-800-463-3339
  • 1-888-465-5646: Contact volume services.
  • Call Technical Support at 1-800-435-7949
  • 1-800-249-2953 – Contact FedEx Trade Networks.
  • 1-800-889-8723: Contact “My global trade data.”
  • 1-800-463-3339 – Contact FedEx Ground Customer Service

FedEx Representatives Hours

FedEx customer support is available 24 hours a day. They are available to assist you with your problems and queries at any hour.

FedEx Social Links

  • You can find more information at the Official Website.
  • Follow them on the Facebook Page, Instagram page, and Youtube account.
  • You can also connect them to the FedEx Linkedin Page, Insta page and Pinboard page.

FedEx Address

  • FedEx Customer Relations
    • 3875 Airways, Module 463 Department 4634
    • Memphis, TN 38116
  • Surface Expedite
    • FedEx Custom Critical
    • 1475 Boettler Road
    • Uniontown, OH 44685-95484
    • P.O. P.O. Box 5000
    • Green, OH 44232-5000
  • White-Glove Services:
    • FedEx Custom Critical
    • 1475 Boettler Road
    • Uniontown, OH 44685-95484
    • P.O. P.O. Box 5000
    • Green, OH 44232-5000
  • FedEx Truckload BrokerageSM
    • FedEx Truckload Brokerage
    • 1475 Boettler Road
    • Uniontown, OH 44685-95484
    • P.O. P.O. Box 5000
    • Green, OH 44232-5000

FedEx Support Email

FedEx offers email options to its customers. You only need to visit . Email is available 24 hours a day. You can email your questions at any time.

Live Chat Support

Live chat is available if you wish to chat with a FedEx agent. You only need to visit . You will be connected to Virtual Support Assistant.

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Is it possible to speak with a FedEx representative?

You can reach FedEx Customer Service. Representatives are available online from Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM CST (exclusions holidays).

How can I get in touch with my FedEx local office?

Call 1-800-463-3333 for general customer support. Follow the prompts to connect with a FedEx representative. This number can be used for both international calls and US information.

What’s FedEx’s end-of-day delivery time?

FedEx Home Delivery is 8 PM local time. The cutoff time for shipping packages will depend on where you are sending them. FedEx shipping addresses may have a cutoff of 7pm for Zone 1 packages. For parcels that are shipped further, expect a earlier cutoff.

How can I contact FedEx to arrange a delivery?

U.S. Customer Support can help you track the status of your orders and shipments via email. Customer Support at 1.800. 463.3339.

What if FedEx delivers my package to an incorrect address?

FedEx will pick up the package that was delivered to an incorrect address and return it to its rightful owner. FedEx’s website allows you to track the load. Once the tracking number details have been entered, the shipment can easily be tracked.

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