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Hermit Background D&D 5E

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Today, we will be looking at the 5e dnd hermit background. It is available on player’s handbook. I haven’t seen much use of the hermit over the years. It’s not a terrible background. It is a very different way of viewing your characters, which I believe is the greatest obstacle to people choosing it. I mean that the hermit is not exciting and it doesn’t even make it interesting unless you give it your own twist. That takes some thought. If this is your first visit to our website, and you want to keep up with all the latest news and updates, please check out the more backgrounds. I’ll make sure it’s as current as possible. Let’s get into the details of the hermit.


You were a hermit from 5e and lived in solitude – either in a sheltered community like a monastery or completely alone – as part of your personal development. You found solitude and quiet in your isolation, which was a far cry from the noise of society.

  • Skill Proficiencies,Medicine and Religion
  • Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism kit
  • Languages: One of your choices
  • Equipment A scroll case filled with notes from your prayers or studies, a winter blanket and common clothes, as well as a herbalism kit and 5 gp.

Suggested Characteristics

Some hermits had a hermitic background, while others were more suited for solitude. Others could feel chafe and even long for company. No matter how much they love solitude, or if they long to escape it completely, the solitary lifestyle shapes their thoughts and ideals.

They are not all driven mad by the years they have spent apart from society. The following tables provide a list of suggested characteristics.

Personality Traits

D8 Personality traits
1 Since I was so isolated, I have resorted to grunting and gestures instead of speaking.
2 Even in the face disaster, I feel utterly calm.
3 Every topic was covered by the leader of my community, and I’m eager to share his wisdom.
4 I feel immense empathy for those who are suffering.
5 I am oblivious about social expectations and etiquette.
6 Everything that happens to me is connected to a grand, cosmic plan.
7 I can easily get lost in my thoughts and contemplation, losing sight of my surroundings.
8 I love to share my thoughts and am currently working on a great philosophical theory.


D6 Ideal
1 Greater Good. My gifts should be shared with everyone, not just mine. (Good)
2 Logic. Emotions should not overshadow our ability to see the truth and be right. (Lawful)
3 Free Thinking. Progress is built on curiosity and inquiry. (Chaotic)
4 Power. Meditation and solitude are pathways to mystical or magical powers. (Evil)
5 Live and let live. It is a problem to interfere in the affairs and affairs of others. (Neutral)
6 Self-Knowledge. Self-Knowledge is the only way to learn. (Any)


D6 Bond
1 Nothing is more important that the other members in my hermitage order, association, or community.
2 To hide from those who might still be after me, I went into seclusion. They must be confronted someday.
3 I am still searching for the enlightenment that I sought in solitude, but it is still not there.
4 I chose seclusion because I was in love with someone I couldn’t have.
5 If my discovery is made public, it could spell doom for the entire world.
6 My isolation allowed me to see a great evil only I can defeat.


D6 Flaw
1 I now enjoy the world a lot more since I have returned to it.
2 I have dark, bloodthirsty thoughts which my meditation and isolation failed to stop.
3 I am a dogmatic thinker and believe in a certain philosophy.
4 My need to win arguments has overshadowed friendships and harmony.
5 To uncover a little bit of lost knowledge, I would not take the risk.
6 I love keeping secrets, and will not share them with anyone.

Feature: Life of Seclusion

You can ask two questions here: What is the cause of your isolation? What changed that would allow you to end your isolation? To determine the exact reason for your isolation, you can consult your dungeon master or you can roll on the table below.

D8 The Life of Seclusion
1 I was looking for spiritual enlightenment.
2 I was living communally in accordance to the rules of a religious order.
3 I was exiled because I did not commit a crime.
4 After a life-altering experience, I decided to withdraw from society.
5 I needed somewhere quiet to work on my literature, art, or manifesto.
6 I needed to be in harmony with nature, far away from civilization.
7 I was an ancient ruin or relic caretaker.
8 I was a pilgrim looking for a place or person of spiritual significance.

Discovery: Feature

This feature is unique among all the dnd backgrounds. It’s because of hermit5e. The quiet solitude of your extended hermitage is what has allowed you to make a powerful and unique discovery. The nature of your solitude will determine the nature of the revelation.

It might contain the most important truths about a few aspects, such as the cosmos and the deities or the power of the outer planes or various forces of nature. It could be an extraordinary site that no one has ever seen.

You might have discovered a fact that has been forgotten or unearthed a relic from the past that could change history. It could have been a damaging information for the people who were concerned or sent you into exile.

Your dungeon master (DM), should be involved in your discovery. This will help you determine its impact on your campaign.

Other Hermits

The 5e backgrounds of the dnd hermits are the most contemplative. This allows for study and prayer, as well as the ability to be alone. The outlander 5e background is for you if you want to be a wild wilderness recluse who lives off the land while shunning all other people.

The acolyte, on the other hand may be what you are looking for if you want to go in a more religious direction. You could also be the charlatan and pretend to be a wise and holy person while letting other pious fools back you.

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