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GTA 5 Characters Guide: Heights, Ages and Real Life Actors

Overall Introduction to GTA 5 Characters

GTA 5 Characters are an essential element of the game, contributing to the player’s overall gameplay experience. This guide provides an overview of each character’s height, age, and real-life actor. The characters’ diverse personalities and abilities make them unique in their way.

Each character has a backstory, visual appearance, and voice representing different walks of life. Michael De Santa is a retired bank robber trying to reconcile with his family; Franklin Clinton is a skilled driver from the hood looking for a way out; Trevor Philips is a psychotic drug addict who has some business to settle. Additionally, there are other fan-favorite supporting characters such as Lamar Davis, Lester Crest, Amanda De Santa, and Ron Jakowski.

While each character has unique traits that can make playing with them fun. You might have some favorites that you resonate with more – it adds an element of personalization in an open-world game like GTA 5. So take some time to experiment and explore all the characters at your disposal.

If you want a more realistic approach to the game or would like to know more about where these characters come from? All three playable protagonists have been modeled after real-life actors: Ned Luke (Michael), Shawn Fonteno(Franklin), Steven Ogg (Trevor). Knowing this could help players understand the depth of their respective roles better.

They say crime doesn’t pay, but these characters in GTA 5 are making a killing…quite literally.

Main Characters in GTA 5

To better understand the main characters in GTA 5, you need to know the heights, ages and real-life actors who played these roles. The Protagonists and Supporting Characters are the two sub-sections that break down the GTA 5 universe into their main constituents.


The key figures in Grand Theft Auto V are individuals who drive the plot forward, referred to as ‘protagonistic characters.’ Michael, Trevor, and Franklin each have their unique personalities, backstories and motivations for their behavior. They inhabit an immersive world in Los Santos that immerses the player into the game’s narrative. To follow their distinct paths of crime and corruption is a choice that ultimately affects the game’s outcome. It is worthy to note that each character brings different skillsets when it comes to gameplay, which can be utilized during various missions.

Pro tip: Experiment with all three protagonists to get the fullest experience of GTA V’s engaging storyline.

Michael may have changed his name, but he can never change the fact that he’s a criminal mastermind with a dad bod.

Michael De Santa

Michael De Santa is a prominent character in GTA 5. He is a retired career criminal, having settled into the life of a wealthy family man. Michael’s storylines are centered around his attempts to reconnect with his family while navigating the dangerous underworld of Los Santos. His past exploits in the criminal world and strained relationship with his wife make for an interesting storyline.

Throughout the game, Michael is required to pull off various heists, all while struggling to balance his obligations as both a father and husband. Additionally, Michael must maneuver around enemies who have threatened him and his loved ones.

It’s worth noting that Michael also has some unique skills that set him apart from other playable characters such as sharpshooting and piloting helicopters.

One particularly memorable moment from Michael’s story occurs during a mission where he must sneak into an art museum and steal several priceless pieces without being detected by security. This particular mission requires players to use stealth tactics rather than brute force, making it more challenging and exciting.

Franklin Clinton: Selling cars by day, stealing them by night – the ultimate side hustle.

Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton – One of the Main Characters in GTA 5. He is an African-American young man who works as a repo man for a dealership. Franklin’s character is known for his driving skills, giving him opportunities to perform various getaway missions for criminal activities.

In addition to being good at evading the police, Franklin also has excellent shooting skills, which makes him valuable during heist missions. Moreover, his connections with other characters in the game expand his reach and provide additional benefits.

Franklin’s unique background and life experiences give him a different perspective on life, making him an exciting character throughout the game. Many fans appreciate his personality and consider him one of their favourite protagonists in GTA 5.

Players can explore various ways to improve Franklin’s skills and use them according to their gaming style. A helpful tip would be to engage in regular training exercises where players can enhance their target shooting or learn new manoeuvres while driving. Furthermore, engaging in side missions can greatly benefit players, as they provide an opportunity to earn more money and increase Franklin’s capabilities.

Overall, Franklin Clinton adds a dynamic element to GTA 5 with his impressive skill set and unique persona. Players should take advantage of his abilities by improving his skills and exploring all that this versatile character has to offer.

With Trevor Philips, it’s not a matter of if he’ll lose his cool, but when and how violently.

Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips, one of the three main protagonists in GTA 5, is a violent and psychopathic criminal. He is unpredictable and prone to erratic behavior, making him a dangerous individual. Trevor enjoys chaos and mayhem, which often leads to tragedy.

Throughout the game, players get to experience Trevor’s backstory and motivations for his actions. His upbringing was tough, and he has a history with violence and drug abuse. Trevor’s loyalty lies with his close friends and colleagues, but he can quickly turn on them if it suits his needs.

What sets Trevor apart from other characters in GTA 5 is his distinct personality traits. He has an unfiltered sense of humor, speaks his mind without thinking twice, and often does things that defy logic. Players who choose to play as Trevor will have a unique gameplay experience compared to other characters.

Despite his frightening nature, some fans have developed a soft spot for Trevor due to his vulnerabilities. There is much more beneath the surface of this complex character than what initially meets the eye.

Overall, experiencing Trevor’s story arc in GTA 5 provides players with an up-close understanding of what truly makes him tick. Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Trevor Philips is one of the most unforgettable characters in gaming history.

With friends like these, who needs enemies? The supporting characters in GTA 5 are just as crazy as the main ones.

Supporting Characters

Added Characters in Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 features various supporting characters who play a crucial role in enhancing the storyline and progression of the game. These characters are carefully crafted to add more depth and entertainment to the gameplay.

  1. Franklin Clinton – A character with a complex background, Franklin is depicted as an experienced car thief trying to escape from his life of crime while also dealing with family issues.
  2. Lester Crest – A skilled hacker and a mastermind, Lester has helped numerous players in carrying out heists throughout the game. His unique insight into criminal activities makes him an indispensable member of the team.
  3. Lamar Davis – One of Franklin’s closest friends, Lamar is portrayed as a reckless hustler always getting himself into trouble. His unpredictable nature adds excitement to several missions.
  4. Devin Weston – The main antagonist of the game, Weston is a billionaire businessman known for his shady dealings and greed. His nefarious schemes provide players with challenging missions that require strategic thinking and quick reflexes.
  5. Dave Norton – An FIB agent assigned to deal with Michael’s problematic past catches up with him after being presumed dead. As Michael’s former partner, Norton wants to help him move on from his old life but also put some unfinished business behind them before they can both retire peacefully.

Apart from their individual traits and personalities, each supporting character has specific skills that players must utilize to progress further in-game by completing missions or side quests efficiently.

Lamar Davis may have sticky fingers, but at least he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty in the criminal underworld of GTA 5.

Lamar Davis

Lamar Davis, one of the main characters in GTA 5, is a close friend of Franklin Clinton and works as a low-level drug dealer. He has connections with the Ballas gang and often gets into trouble due to his reckless behavior.

Throughout the game, Lamar plays an integral role in Franklin’s story arc and serves as a source of comic relief. However, he also represents the struggles faced by those living in impoverished areas and highlights the difficult choices they must make to survive.

Despite his flaws, Lamar is a fiercely loyal friend and will go to great lengths to help Franklin when he needs him most. His unique personality and perspective on life make him a memorable character in the game.

Interestingly, Lamar was originally supposed to be voiced by rapper The Game but was eventually played by actor Slink Johnson. Johnson’s performance has been praised for bringing authenticity and humor to the character.

Amanda De Santa – because even the most fabulous criminal mastermind needs a nagging wife to keep them grounded.

Amanda De Santa

Amanda De Santa: A Dynamic Character in GTA 5

The wife of the protagonist, Michael De Santa, Amanda is a complex character with an intriguing backstory. Her past as a stripper and her current socialite life often collide, leading to conflicts within the family.

As the story progresses, we see Amanda’s transformation from an unsatisfied housewife to a thrill-seeking accomplice of her husband’s criminal activities. Her involvement in several missions brings out her bold and fearless traits, making her instrumental in achieving their goals.

Apart from being part of the plot, Amanda also serves as a representation of the fragile relationship between spouses and the impact of one’s choices on the family dynamics.

It is noteworthy that players can explore Amanda’s narrative further through side missions and activities available throughout the game. These supplementary elements add depth to her character development.

To fully appreciate Amanda De Santa’s arc in GTA 5, players are encouraged to pay attention to her dialogue, reactions and choices. By observing how she navigates through challenging situations, one can learn important lessons about loyalty and morality in relationships.

Jimmy De Santa: the kind of son that makes you wish you had stuck with a goldfish instead.

Jimmy De Santa

Jimmy De Santa is one of the central characters in Grand Theft Auto 5. He is the son of Michael De Santa, one of the game’s playable protagonists. Jimmy is portrayed as a lazy and spoiled brat who loves to party and cause trouble. He frequently gets into debt and relies on his father’s criminal connections to bail him out.

As a non-playable character, players interact with Jimmy during various missions throughout the game. They also get a deeper understanding of his character through his interactions with other NPCs, particularly his strained relationship with Michael.

Moreover, Jimmy’s appearance and behavior reflect contemporary youth culture stereotypes often associated with suburban teenagers. His portrayal acts as social commentary on consumption-driven lifestyles and an indulgent sense of entitlement amongst young people.

In light of this, players are given a unique perspective into interpersonal dynamics between family members in criminal empires and how they navigate complex relationships amidst challenging circumstances.

Suggestions for improving player interaction include considering various dialogue options that illuminate a different aspect of Jimmy’s personality while keeping dialogue relevant to the narrative progress. This approach will provide more immersion into Grand Theft Auto 5’s storyline while cultivating empathy within players towards the game’s NPC characters.

Sure, the main characters in GTA 5 are cool, but let’s not forget the supporting cast who make the game even more chaotic and hilarious.

Supporting Cast in GTA 5

To explore the supporting cast of GTA 5 and learn more about the real-life actors behind the game’s characters, delve into this section. Get to know the stars who brought these characters to life and their respective roles.

Real Life Actors and their roles

The diverse cast of supporting characters in GTA 5 boasts an impressive roster of real-life actors, bringing the immersive world to life. Each actor portrays a unique role, with their own backstories and motivations – adding depth and intrigue to the game’s narrative. These talented performers lend authenticity to their respective characters and bring a sense of realism to proceedings.

The casting director employed some well-known names in Hollywood, such as James Woods who plays Michael De Santa’s psychiatrist, Dr. Isiah Friedlander. While other actors were less famous, their impactful performances elevated their roles significantly, like Stephen Ogg who portrayed Trevor Philips with great passion and intensity.

Interestingly, many of the actors had prior experience in motion capture technology or voice acting for video games. Their skills translated seamlessly into GTAV’s production; allowing developers to accurately portray movements and facial expressions for realistic gameplay experiences.

One notable standout was Ned Luke (Michael De Santa) whose voice matched his character so closely that fans have accused him of being the true Michael where he admits that it has been a ‘badge of honor’ for him.

Overall, casting real-life actors have lent GTAV an obvious edge over other video games by hiring veterans to elevate the narrative structure beyond mere pixels on screen. Ned Luke’s performance as Michael De Santa is so convincing, I’m starting to suspect he’s actually a retired mob boss in witness protection.

Ned Luke as Michael De Santa

Ned Luke’s portrayal of a family man turned criminal mastermind, Michael De Santa, in GTA 5 is an outstanding performance that brings depth and complexity to the game. His ability to convey Michael’s inner struggle with a troubled past and his desire for redemption makes him one of the most captivating characters in the story.

Luke’s nuanced approach to Michael’s character development is exceptional. He flawlessly switches between Michael’s tendency towards violence and his devotion to his family while constantly teasing out his complex emotions as he navigates through the criminal underworld. His stunning depiction of Michael displays an example of impeccable acting that makes the gamer feel connected to the character.

Additionally, Luke brought realism and authenticity to both his voice and motion capture work in GTA 5, capturing all the subtleties that made Michael seem like a genuine person. This attention to detail earned him critical acclaim from gamers all across the world.

It is noteworthy that Ned Luke had originally found success as an actor on stage in New Jersey before making it onto television shows such as ‘Law & Order’ and ‘The Sopranos’. However, it was his role in GTA 5 as Michael De Santa that propelled him into worldwide recognition, inspiring many other actors who followed after him to get involved in video games.

Shawn Fonteno as Franklin Clinton: proof that if you can’t be the main character, at least be the one who saves his ass.

Shawn Fonteno as Franklin Clinton

Shawn Fonteno showcased his impeccable acting skills as the character Franklin Clinton in GTA 5. His portrayal of a gang member navigating through criminal life in Los Santos was remarkable. Fonteno remains one of the most beloved supporting actors of the game for bringing depth and realism to his character.

Franklin’s story arc is an essential part of GTA 5, with its narrative hinged on themes like loyalty, ambition, and friendship. Fonteno lent his voice and likeness, enabling players to connect with his character on a personal level. Despite being a fictional figure, Franklin’s growth and development mirror many life lessons that players can relate to.

In addition to his spectacular performance as Franklin, Fonteno also helped write several portions of the game’s story. This involvement ensured that Franklin received proper attention while working behind the scenes.

Shawn Fonteno’s portrayal of Franklin arguably stands out as one of the best supporting elements in GTA 5. As a player, following his journey through Los Santos was engaging and thought-provoking. His contributions helped create a memorable game experience that resonates with players even today.

Steven Ogg’s portrayal of Trevor Philips is so convincing, I’m pretty sure he could convince me to rob a bank in real life.

Steven Ogg as Trevor Philips

Steven Ogg’s portrayal of Trevor Philips in GTA 5 brings the character to life with his razor-sharp wit and unpredictable behavior. Trevor is a key supporting character who adds depth to the storyline with his eccentricity and violent tendencies. His unique skills, including flying and driving, make him an asset to the main characters’ heists.

Ogg’s extensive acting experience shines through in his performance as Trevor. He not only captures the essence of the character but also adds layers to his personality, making him one of the most memorable video game characters of all time. The player can feel the intense emotions that Trevor goes through, thanks to Ogg’s powerful voice acting.

One fascinating detail about Steven Ogg’s performance as Trevor is that he improvised many lines during the recording sessions, adding authenticity and spontaneity to his delivery. This meticulous attention to detail makes Trevor a fully fleshed-out character instead of just another one-dimensional villain.

Don’t miss out on experiencing Steven Ogg’s legendary performance as Trevor Philips in GTA 5. Immerse yourself in this thrilling game today and witness the incredible range of emotions that Ogg brings to one of gaming’s most iconic characters!

Slink Johnson adds enough swagger to Lamar Davis that he could probably steal your car just by staring at it.

Slink Johnson as Lamar Davis

Slink Johnson’s portrayal of Lamar Davis in GTA 5 is incredibly memorable, thanks to his impressive voice-acting skills. As Franklin’s best friend, Lamar provides comic relief and helps move the story forward through his relentless hustle.

Lamar’s catchphrases, like “yee yee ass haircut” and “homie don’t play that,” have become iconic among GTA fans. Additionally, his witty insults and hilarious quips provide some much-needed comic relief in an otherwise tense game.

It’s worth noting that while Lamar may be a supporting character, he still plays a crucial role in the game. He’s responsible for introducing Franklin to major player characters like Simeon Yetarian and Trevor Philips, making him a key figure in the overall storyline.

If you want to fully appreciate Lamar’s character, it’s helpful to slow down during your playthroughs and really take the time to listen to his dialogue. His interactions with other characters are often funny and informative, providing players with additional insight into the inner workings of Los Santos.

Overall, Slink Johnson’s performance as Lamar Davis is undoubtedly one of the highlights of GTA 5’s voice-acting roster. To get the most out of your experience playing this game, make sure you take the time to appreciate all of its superb supporting cast members.

You know there’s trouble in paradise when your wife’s interests switch from yoga to buying a 10-car garage.

Vicki Van Tassel as Amanda De Santa

Vicki Van Tassel portrayed Amanda De Santa in GTA 5, Michael’s wife. This character has depth and realism due to her complex personality and relationships, providing an immersive gaming experience. Amanda cheats on Michael due to his criminal lifestyle but returns later, contributing to the plot’s conflict.

If looks could kill, Jimmy De Santa‘s glare would have wiped out the entire city of Los Santos by now.

Danny Tamberelli as Jimmy De Santa

Playing the character of Jimmy De Santa, Danny Tamberelli played an integral part in the supporting cast of GTA 5. Jimmy’s troubled teenage life was captured majestically by Tamberelli. The actor not only brought out the angst of being Michael’s son but also provided valuable comic relief to the game.

Tamberelli’s acting prowess and comic timing were put on full display when he voiced over Jimmy’s sarcastic replies and wit. His performances made the character stand out from the rest of the supporting cast, adding depth and layers to his persona.

The New Jersey-born actor also had a notable career as a child artist, prominently known for playing Little Pete in “The Adventures of Pete & Pete.” He has continued his acting journey throughout his adult years too, lending his voice to TV shows like “The Magic School Bus Rides Again” and “Pete The Cat.”

Despite being a minor character in GTA 5, Danny Tamberelli managed to make a significant impact, earning critical acclaim for his portrayal of Jimmy De Santa. His ability to balance drama with humor made him one of the fan-favorite characters in GTA 5’s vast universe.

Looks like even the virtual world is affected by height and age discrimination, just like the real world.

Heights and Ages of GTA 5 Characters

To understand the heights and ages of the GTA 5 characters easily, the solution lies in diving into the section that talks about it. With sub-sections like heights of the main characters and ages of the main characters, you can get a quick overview of the vital statistics of the characters.

Heights of the Main Characters

The Stature of Key Characters in Grand Theft Auto V

The heights of main characters in GTA 5 vary from one to another. Below is a table showcasing the height of key figures in the game, based on their details provided by game developers.

Character Name Height
Michael De Santa 6’2 (188 cm)
Franklin Clinton 6’1 (185cm)
Trevor Philips 6’0 (182cm)
Lamar Davis 5’10 (178 cm)
Lester Crest 5’7 (170 cm)

Interestingly, none of the primary characters are below average height, all standing over five and a half feet tall. The heights here play a significant role in setting the tone and physicality for the game’s narrative.

In an interview with Rockstar Games, it was revealed that they had deliberately created taller characters so that players would perceive them as more dominant on-screen. This has also helped set up stereotypical bonds between characters to enhance the player’s experience of playing within a specific character’s world.

One thing to note is that, despite their portrayal in-game as tough individuals who can handle themselves well during close-combat situations or gun-fights, reality sometimes differs from expectations. In fact, in one amusing story circulating among fans, actor Ned Luke had injured his hand whilst performing motion capture for Michael De Santa’s brutal punches – demonstrating not only the risks actors should take in performing intense combat scenes but also how even tougher video-game protagonists are still subject to human limitations from time to time. Looks like Michael, Trevor and Franklin don’t just rob banks, they also rob the fountain of youth.

Ages of the Main Characters

Exploring the Ages of GTA 5 Protagonists, uncovering key details about their respective ages and physical characteristics.

Table: Character Age and Height

Character Age Height
Michael De Santa 45 6’0″ (183cm)
Franklin Clinton 25 6’1″ (185cm)
Trevor Phillips 48 6’2″ (188cm)
Lester Crest 55 5’9″ (175cm)

It is interesting to note that despite their differences in age, all protagonists stand above average height. Additionally, while each character has a unique backstory, they all play a vital role in the game’s plot.

Pro Tip: Pay attention to character traits and habits as they significantly impact gameplay and storyline.

The heights and ages may be different, but one thing is for sure: in GTA 5, crime never gets old.


This guide provides valuable insight into the height, age and real-life actors of GTA 5 characters. Understanding such details can enhance the immersive experience for players seeking a deeper connection to their favorite characters. By recognizing the effort behind character development, players may see themselves in these virtual personas, making gameplay even more enjoyable.

It is fascinating to explore how some of the game’s characters are modelled after real-life actors. For example, Shawn Fonteno played Franklin Clinton’s voice and had his body scanned so that the character grew from his likeness that most people might not realize. Similarly, Ned Luke portrayed Michael De Santa, who is also one of the main protagonists in GTA 5.

Exploring the correlation between real-life and game elements can add an entertaining dimension to gameplay. Additionally, it offers perspectives on how gaming has evolved over time and offers exciting opportunities for future enhancements.

Players should pay attention to small details when enjoying a game like Grand Theft Auto 5 since they play an important role in shaping a meaningful experience. Knowing about character background stories allows players to fully immerse themselves in such stories, creating a genuine bond between themselves and their persona.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the height of Michael De Santa in GTA 5?

Michael De Santa’s height is 6′ 0″ (183 cm).

2. Who is the actor that played Trevor Philips in GTA 5?

Steven Ogg is the actor who played Trevor Philips in GTA 5.

3. What is the age of Franklin Clinton in GTA 5?

Franklin Clinton’s age is 25 years old in GTA 5.

4. Who is the voice actor of Lamar Davis in GTA 5?

Slink Johnson is the voice actor who played Lamar Davis in GTA 5.

5. What is the real-life height of Franklin Clinton’s voice actor?

Shawn Fonteno is Franklin Clinton’s voice actor, and his height is 6′ 0″ (183 cm).

6. How old is the actor who played Michael De Santa in GTA 5?

Ned Luke is the actor who played Michael De Santa in GTA 5, and he is 62 years old.


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