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Pokémon GO: How to Get Landorus?

How to Catch Landorus in Pokémon GO

To capture the legendary Pokémon Landorus in Pokémon GO, trainers need to complete a set of quests that unlock its appearance. The process is straightforward and requires completing a series of tasks before finally encountering the mighty flying and ground-type.

Here’s a quick 5-step guide for catching Landorus in Pokémon GO:

  1. Complete the ‘Raid’ task available on Thursdays at 8 PM local time.
  2. Defeat Team Rocket leaders three times during ‘The Shadowy Threat Grows’ special research quest.
  3. Once the previous step is completed, players receive an encounter with Landorus.
  4. Gain help from friends or use premium items like golden razz berries and ultra balls to catch it.
  5. Celebrate after capturing this powerful Pokémon.

Keep in mind that the only way to catch Landorus in Pokémon GO is by completing specific quests, which can take time and effort to accomplish. Also, be aware that it’s important not to miss out on key steps that have been outlined above.

Pro Tip: To increase your chances of success, try catching Landorus with a curved throw technique while using berries or other helpful items.

Finding Landorus is like finding a needle in a haystack, except the needle can make the haystack disappear.

Finding Landorus

In order to obtain the legendary Pokémon, Landorus, there are several ways to go about it. One way is through participating in exclusive raid battles, where you may have a chance of encountering and catching it. Another way is by trading with another player who already possesses Landorus. Additionally, you can have a chance of receiving it as a reward for completing special research tasks. Keep in mind that these methods may require a high level of skill and dedication in order to successfully catch or obtain Landorus. Good luck on your journey to catch them all!

Landorus may be a legendary Pokémon, but in Pokémon GO, it’s just another casualty for your collection.

Understand Landorus’ role in Pokémon GO

Landorus is an important character in Pokémon GO that has unique features and special abilities. It plays a significant role, especially during raids, where players can capture it and add it to their collection. Understanding its strengths and weaknesses can be helpful in winning battles and advancing levels.

Landorus is known for its superior speed and attack power. Its Ground/Flying typing make it effective against electric, rock, fire, poison, and steel type Pokémon. However, it is weak against ice, water, dragon, and flying type moves. Training Landorus with the right movesets can maximize its potential and aid in capturing or defeating other legendary Pokémon like Tornadus or Thundurus.

It’s essential to pay attention to upcoming events to find out when Landorus will appear next since its appearance is often limited time-based. The fear of missing out on catching Landorus can push players to engage more in activities related to this character. Participating in Legendary Raids with like-minded players who are also keen on acquiring this legendary creature can improve chances of capturing Landorus.

Finding Landorus is like playing a game of hide-and-destroy, but with a 1% chance of actually finding it in the right type of habitat.

Types of Pokémon habitats where Landorus can be found

Landorus’ Potential Homes and Habitats

Landorus, the legendary Ground/Flying type Pokémon, can be found in various habitats around the world. These include mountainous regions, deserts, canyons, and fields.

The following table demonstrates the types of environments where Landorus is most commonly found across various regions:

Region Habitat
Unova Abundant Shrine; Victory Road
Galar Giant’s Mirror; Dusty Bowl
Kalos Route 10
Alola Ruins of Conflict

It is important to note that Landorus has a unique feature where it often changes its form while in battle. Its Therian Forme is associated with Landorus’ incarnate form transitioning into more restorative energy, while its Incarnate Forme is associated with a harsher physical form.

Despite being an elusive Pokémon, there are accounts of trainers discovering Landorus dancing atop the clouds amidst strong winds or unleashing thunderbolts from valleys and mountainsides.

One such account tells the story of a young trainer who journeyed through many different terrains before finally encountering an intimidating figure at the summit of a majestic peak. After an intense battle, they gained invaluable experience points and caught their prize – a powerful Landorus that would become their trusted companion on further adventures.

Get ready to dig up some dirt, because catching Landorus is going to require more than just a pokeball and some luck.

Preparing to Catch Landorus

In order to catch Landorus in Pokémon GO, it is important to make necessary preparations. Following are the steps that need to be taken to increase your chances of catching Landorus:

  1. Step 1: Collect the Legendary trio of the Unova region, including Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus, to unlock the Therian Forme of Landorus.
  2. Step 2: Build a strong team of Pokémon with the right moves and abilities to battle against Landorus.
  3. Step 3: Stock up on necessary items like Potions, Max Potions, Max Revives, and Golden Razz Berries for the battle.
  4. Step 4: Wait for a time when Landorus is available to be caught in a Raid Battle and join the Raid to catch it.

In addition, it is important to note that Landorus is weak against Ice and Water-type Pokémon. It is suggested that you have at least one of these types of Pokémon in your team for the battle.

Don’t miss the chance to add the powerful Landorus to your team. Keep an eye out for Raid Battles and be ready to catch it with proper preparations. Good luck!

Be the boss of the Pokémon world with a team so strong, even your opponents will be shoutin’ ‘pika-who?

Build a strong and balanced team of Pokémon

To prepare for the capture of Landorus, it is essential to have a powerful and balanced team of Pokemon. Building such a team requires careful planning and consideration.

  • Choose complementary types: Your Pokemon should have diverse attack and defense abilities to cover each other’s weaknesses
  • Consider stats: Ensure that your team has a balance of high defense, attack, speed, and special attack stats so that they can hold up against any opponent
  • Leveling up & Training: Train all your Pokemon equally by leveling them up through battles, using items like experience points (EXP) share, or joining online Pokémon communities
  • Vary Move Types: Include a mix of moves with varied types among your team members as sometimes certain types are more useful than others
  • Use synergies between different Pokemon teams: Some Pokemon move combinations work great together – example Pelipper’s rain dance + Ludicolo’s swift swim ability.

By building a strong and balanced team of Pokémon with carefully considered movesets and stats, you will be better equipped to catch Landorus when the opportunity arises.

Remember that capturing legendary Pokemon is an opportunity available to only a few trainers – missing out on catching it would leave one wondering about what could have been. Start building your balanced and powerful Pokemon team today!

Don’t be stingy with your Poké Balls and items, unless you want to end up like that guy who tried to catch Landorus with a broken stick.

Stock up on Poké Balls and other items

Pokémon trainers need to arm themselves with essential items before embarking on a journey to capture Pokémon. Preparing for a Landorus catch requires stocking up on various necessary items to increase the chances of success.

  • Purchase an ample stock of Poké Balls, particularly Great and Ultra Balls, as they offer a higher chance of catching legendary Pokémon.
  • Obtain berries such as Razz and Golden Razz, which can make a caught Pokémon more relaxed and easier to catch the next time around.
  • Catch additional Pokémon in advance of pursuing a Landorus to reap rewards such as experience points and Stardust. This also provides access to valuable resources that help in capturing your target.

To ensure the safety of any netted Landorus, stockpiling twice the recommended amount can never hurt!

Isolating Landorus is integral in initiating its capture, ensuring only one current Legendary Pokémon is available at any given time while inside another Raid Battle Gym whose egg has not yet hatched will contribute greatly towards its success probability.

Pro Tip: Remembering successful capture opportunities in conjunction with baiting techniques used during those times can inform future catching attempts.

Better start practicing your throwing arm, because catching Landorus is going to feel like trying to catch a greased-up Snorlax.

The Best Ways to Catch Landorus

Landorus is a rare and powerful Pokémon that requires a strategic approach to capture. The optimal methods for catching Landorus involve a few key steps.

  1. First, build up a strong team of Pokémon with a variety of types to counter Landorus’s attacks.
  2. Second, locate a raid that features Landorus as the boss.
  3. Third, join a group of other skilled trainers and cooperate to defeat Landorus in the raid battle.
  4. Fourth and finally, use a Golden Razz Berry and Ultra Ball to increase your chances of successfully catching Landorus.

Additionally, it is important to note that Landorus has a low catch rate and can be difficult to defeat in battle. Therefore, it is recommended to approach capturing Landorus with patience and persistence.

Pro Tip: Try to time your throws to coincide with Landorus’s attack animations, as this will increase your chances of hitting it with a successful throw.

Landorus may be tough to catch, but remember, the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory (and the catch)!

Battle and weaken Landorus before throwing a Poké Ball

To successfully capture Landorus, first engage in a battle and weaken it before throwing any Poké Balls. A strong and healthy Landorus is hard to capture, and you may waste valuable resources attempting to do so.

Follow these 5-step guide to increase your chances of catching this legendary Pokémon:

  1. Ensure that your Pokémon are at or near the same level as Landorus
  2. Have an ample supply of Poke Balls including Ultra Balls and Dusk Balls
  3. Inflict status conditions like sleep, paralysis, or freeze on Landorus
  4. Use moves that lower its accuracy to prevent any damage from it
  5. Continuously throw Poke Balls until successfully captured or out of supplies

It’s essential to remember that Landorus may flee if you don’t catch it after a certain number of attempts. It helps to bring along Pokemon who can prevent it from fleeing with their abilities.

By following these steps, you’ll have a better chance of capturing Landorus. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to obtain such a rare and powerful Pokémon – make sure you’re well-prepared before engaging in battle!

Give that Landorus a taste of luxury with some Golden Razz Berries – if it doesn’t stay in your Poke Ball, at least it had a fancy treat before fleeing.

Use Golden Razz Berries to increase catch rate

Using special berries can help increase the chances of capturing Landorus. The Golden Razz Berries have a particularly high catch rate, making them an ideal choice to use in the capture process.

  • Golden Razz Berries can increase catch rate significantly.
  • Players may choose to use them on their first throw or wait until they’re on their last ball.
  • The berries work best when used in combination with a curveball and a direct hit.
  • If multiple players work together and all use Golden Razz Berries, it can dramatically improve the chances of capturing Landorus.

It’s essential to note that while the Golden Razz Berries are effective, they should not be overused as they are relatively rare and difficult to obtain.

Pro Tip: Make sure to stock up on Golden Razz Berries by spinning Pokestops frequently before encountering Landorus.

Get ready to rumble with Landorus, because these tips and tricks will put up a good fight against the legendary beast!

Tips and Tricks for Catching Landorus

Landorus is a rare and highly sought-after Pokémon in the world of Pokémon GO. If you’re looking to catch it, there are several tips and tricks that you should keep in mind to increase your chances of success.

  • 1. First and foremost, it’s important to understand where Landorus can be found. This legendary Pokémon can only be encountered in five-star raids, so be sure to keep an eye on raid invitations and join them whenever possible.
  • 2. When facing Landorus in a raid battle, it’s important to come prepared. This means ensuring that you have a strong team of Pokémon with high CP levels and effective moves that can deal significant damage to the legendary beast.
  • 3. Before attempting to catch Landorus, it may be beneficial to use Golden Razz Berries to increase your chances of success. These special berries increase your chances of catching the Pokémon, so use them wisely.
  • 4. Using curved throws can be an effective way to catch Landorus, as it increases your chances of landing a “great” or “excellent” throw. In addition, using a Premier Ball can also increase your chances of catching the Pokémon, so be sure to save these special balls for the toughest battles.
  • 5. Finally, be patient! Catching a legendary Pokémon like Landorus takes time and persistence, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed on your first attempt.

It is important to remember that Landorus can only be caught in raids that are available for a limited time. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye on the events calendar and make sure that you don’t miss out on any opportunities to catch this rare and powerful Pokémon.

Pro Tip: Try to team up with other trainers to increase your chances of success in Landorus raids! With a strong team of trainers and well-prepared Pokémon, you can increase your chances of catching this elusive legendary Pokémon.

Get ready to aim and shame with AR Mode – proving that catching a virtual creature has never been more satisfyingly real.

Use AR mode to better aim Poké Balls

Using the AR mode enhances your ability to catch Landorus. With AR, you can project the Pokémon into the real world and aim accurately. Here is a simple guide to using AR to your advantage:

  1. Enable AR mode on your device settings.
  2. Launch Pokémon Go and locate Landorus.
  3. Tap on the camera icon, and the camera will turn on.
  4. Move your phone around until you find Landorus in your real-world surroundings.

Additionally, when in AR mode, you can move around and take different perspectives, making it easier to aim Poké Balls at Landorus. Doing this creates a fully immersive experience that increases your chances of catching Landorus.

Finally, it’s interesting to note that when Niantic first introduced AR mode in 2016, it was their attempt at encouraging people to explore more of their surroundings while playing Pokémon Go, which was a breakthrough game app of its time.

Landorus may be a legendary Pokémon, but even legends can’t escape a well-timed Poké Ball to the face.

Time your throws when Landorus is still or in a particular position

When going up against Landorus, it’s essential to understand its movements and patterns. By timing your throws when Landorus is still or in a particular position, you increase your chances of catching this legendary Pokémon.

Here’s a 4-step guide on how to do this effectively:

  1. Observe Landorus’ movements.
  2. Wait for it to stop moving and enter a stationary position.
  3. Time your throw so that it lands while Landorus is in this position.
  4. Use a Golden Razz Berry before throwing for an increased catch rate.

It’s important to note that Landorus may not stay still for long, so be prepared to wait patiently for the right moment to make your move.

Pro Tip: Consider practicing your throws on other Pokémon first, so you are ready when the opportunity arises with Landorus.

Whether caught or elusive, just remember that Landorus is still easier to find than a decent Wi-Fi signal in a remote area.

Conclusion: How to Catch Landorus in Pokémon GO

Catching Landorus in Pokémon GO can be challenging, but with this guide, you will learn how to obtain him. Follow the five steps below to add Landorus to your collection.

  1. Complete a Special Research Task
  2. Participate in Raid Battles
  3. Utilize Pokéballs with higher catch rates
  4. Use Berries to increase catch likelihood
  5. Endeavor to capture Landorus during Seasons

Remember that Landorus is not always available and may only appear during certain events or seasons. Be patient and persistent in your pursuit of this rare Pokémon.

Landorus was first introduced in the fifth generation of Pokémon games, appearing as a Legendary Pokémon on the cover of Black and White Versions 2. It has since become a popular addition to the Pokémon universe and continues to be a highly sought-after character in Pokémon GO.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Landorus in Pokémon GO?

Landorus is a legendary Pokémon that can be found in the Unova region. It is a Ground/Flying type with the ability to control the forces of nature.

2. How do I get Landorus in Pokémon GO?

Currently, the only way to obtain Landorus in Pokémon GO is through the Remote Raid Pass feature. You must use a Remote Raid Pass to join a raid that includes Landorus as a boss. You can also join a raid in-person if it is available in your area.

3. Where can I find Remote Raid Passes?

You can purchase Remote Raid Passes from the in-game shop or earn them as rewards for completing certain tasks in the game, such as completing research tasks or leveling up your trainer.

4. How strong is Landorus in Pokémon GO?

Landorus is a powerful Pokémon with high attack and defense stats. Its moveset includes Ground and Flying type moves, making it a versatile Pokémon in battles.

5. What is the best strategy for defeating Landorus in a raid?

Landorus is weak to Ice and Water type moves, so it is best to bring Pokémon with powerful Ice or Water type attacks to the raid. Some recommended Pokémon to use against Landorus include Mamoswine, Kyogre, and Gyarados.

6. Can I trade Landorus with other players?

No, legendary Pokémon such as Landorus cannot be traded with other players in Pokémon GO.


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