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How to Get Elite TM in Pokemon Go (2023)

Overview of Elite TM in Pokemon Go

Elite Technical Machine (TM) is a rare and powerful tool used to teach your Pokemon exclusive moves in Pokemon Go. With the ability to learn any move, Elite TM’s have become highly desirable among trainers. It’s easy to understand why these TMs are considered so elite, but how can you get your hands on them? Here’s what you need to know.

  • Elite TM can be obtained by completing certain research tasks or winning in specific raids and battles.
  • The moveset that can be learned with an Elite TM is different for each Pokemon species.
  • Once you use an Elite TM on a Pokemon, the move that replaces the old one is permanently replaced for that individual Pokemon.
  • You will only receive one Elite TM per reward encounter, so choose your moves wisely!

To increase your chances of obtaining an Elite TM, it is important to focus on completing research tasks and raids that offer them as rewards. Keep in mind that some of these tasks and battles may require a high-level player or a group effort to successfully complete. Additionally, not all Exclusive Moves can only be taught with an Elite TM. Some may become available during specific events or Community Days.

Interestingly enough, Elite TMs were first introduced during the Pokemon GO Fest in 2020 as part of a temporary event called ‘Champion 2020’. These TMs were initially available in limited quantities as event-exclusive rewards only obtainable by participating players. Fortunately, now they can also be gained through gameplay methods year-round.

Who needs a PhD when you can just earn an Elite TM in Pokemon Go?

How to obtain Elite TM in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has introduced the Elite TM, which allows players to teach a Pokemon a specific move, including legacy moves. Obtaining an Elite TM requires participation in specific events or completing certain tasks. To get an Elite TM in Pokemon Go, follow these six steps:

  1. Participate in Community Day events as they often have Elite TMs as rewards.
  2. Complete Research tasks that offer Elite TMs as rewards.
  3. Participate in Raid events as they sometimes have Elite TMs as rewards.
  4. Reach rank 7 or above in the GO Battle League, as Elite TMs are offered as rewards for advancing.
  5. Participate in the Pokemon Go Fest, as it offers Elite TMs as rewards for completing specific challenges.
  6. Exchange a certain number of Elite Charged TMs for an Elite TM in the shop.

It’s important to note that Elite TMs are rare, so you may need to participate in multiple events or tasks to get one. In addition, they cannot be traded between players.

A little-known fact is that the Elite TM was first introduced in 2020 as part of Pokemon Go’s Battle League Season 1. Since then, it has become a highly sought-after item among players. Obtaining an Elite TM requires strategy, patience, and a bit of luck.

Completing research tasks is like going on a wild goose chase, except the goose is a rare Pokemon and the chase involves reading boring scientific jargon.

Completing Research Tasks

By participating in special research tasks, trainers can earn Elite TMs in Pokemon Go. These exclusive TMs allow for teaching powerful moves to Pokemon, which cannot be learned through other means. Completing research tasks assigned by Professor Willow is necessary for obtaining these valuable TMs.

To access these research tasks, players must purchase or receive a special research ticket. Some of these tickets are only available during events, while others are permanently available in the store. Once a ticket is obtained, completing the required objectives will award the trainer with Elite TMs.

It’s worth noting that not all special research tasks offer Elite TMs as a reward. To increase the chances of obtaining one, it’s essential to check each task’s rewards beforehand. It’s also vital to ensure that tasks are completed within their respective event windows.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to obtain powerful Elite TMs by neglecting the completion of special research tasks! Keep an eye out for available tickets and complete tasks within their corresponding windows for a chance at earning exclusive rewards.

Apparently, the key to winning Battle Leagues in Pokemon Go is not just having strong Pokemon, but also having a team of cheerleaders to provide moral support.

Winning Battle Leagues

Here are some tips to improve your performance in Pokemon Battle League:

  • Choose the right team composition based on the league’s rules
  • Use charged attacks at the right time during battles
  • Dodge effectively to minimize damage to your Pokemon
  • Pay attention to your opponent’s moves and react accordingly
  • Participate in Practice Battles to hone your skills

However, it’s worth noting that Elite TMs, which allow you to teach a Pokemon an exclusive move, can only be obtained by reaching certain ranks in Battle League seasons.

In the past, Elite TMs were awarded as part of special events or given as rewards for completing research tasks. However, they are now exclusively tied to Battle League participation and performance.

One notable example is the Dragon Breath Elite TM, which was awarded to players who reached rank 7 or higher in Season 1 of the Great League. So if you’re looking to obtain an Elite TM, participating actively in Battle League seasons is your best bet.

Who needs a mortgage when you can just buy Elite TMs from the Pokemon Go Shop?

Purchasing from the Pokemon Go Shop

To acquire Elite TM in Pokemon Go, one can consider purchasing from the in-game shop. Here are some options to choose from:

  • Fast TMs – It costs 30 PokeCoins to purchase a single Fast TM. With the help of this item, players can instantly teach a Pokemon a new fast attack move.
  • Charged TMs – This item also costs 30 PokeCoins per piece. A player can use it to teach a Pokemon a completely new charged attack.
  • Elite charged TMs – A rare item that could be obtained through special events or as part of battle league rewards. It will let players access legacy moves and exclusive moves for specific Pokemon and seasonal events.
  • Bundles – Occasionally, Niantic will release discounted sets of TMs in bundles which could help players save coins while expanding their TM collection quickly.

It is worth noting that Elite TMs cannot be bought with regular in-game currency; they require real-world cash or tokens. If one does not have extra coinage laying around but still wants an Elite TM, they may try participating in PvP battles, research tasks, and events to earn tokens as rewards.

One suggestion would be to keep an eye out for discounts at the shop; Niantic announces holiday sales, discounted boxes, and other promotions via Twitter or the official game website occasionally. By taking advantage of these offers, players could buy more bundles of elite items, including elite TMs without emptying their bag of coins.

Boost your Pokemon’s ego and make them feel Elite with the ultimate moveset using Elite TM in Pokemon Go.

Best ways to use Elite TM in Pokemon Go

Paragraph 1:

Using the Elite TM in Pokemon Go is a crucial decision that requires careful planning. It is important to understand the best ways to use your Elite TM to get the most out of it.

Paragraph 2:

The following are some of the best ways to use Elite TM in Pokemon Go:

  • Teaching legacy moves to Pokemon that do not have them
  • Changing charged moves on Pokemon with exclusive moves
  • Changing fast moves on Pokemon that require them for their optimal performance
  • Giving Community Day moves to Pokemon that were caught or evolved after the event

Paragraph 3:

Remember, Elite TMs are valuable resources and should not be wasted. It is important to plan wisely and use them on Pokemon that will benefit the most from the selected move.

Paragraph 4:

When Elite TMs were first introduced into Pokemon Go, they were only available to players who reached the highest ranks in the PvP mode. However, they are now obtainable through various types of events and special research tasks. Whether you’re analyzing move sets or just blindly tapping the screen, the Elite TM is your new best friend.

Analyzing move sets

When evaluating the effectiveness of a Pokemon’s moveset, it is crucial to consider various factors such as type coverage, potential counters, and overall synergy. By analyzing move combinations and their utility in different scenarios, trainers can maximize their Pokemon’s potential in battle.

Aspect Description
Type Coverage Incorporating moves that can hit a wide variety of types reduces vulnerability to common weaknesses.
Potential Counters Avoiding moves that are not effective against prevalent meta-relevant Pokemon minimizes the risk of disadvantageous matchups.
Synergy Moves that complement one another or capitalize on a Pokemon’s strengths create powerful, cohesive sets.

Additionally, trainers may want to consider less obvious factors when evaluating move sets, such as the viability of certain charged moves in specific team compositions or the benefit of having both fast moves deal damage. By thoroughly examining each move’s effects and researching up-to-date tier lists and strategies, trainers can craft move sets tailored to their specific needs.

To optimize Elite TM usage further, it may be beneficial to focus on legacy moves with exclusive availability or prioritize replacing weaker moves with superior alternatives. In any case, utilizing Elite TMs intentionally can have a significant impact on a trainer’s success in competitive play.

Get the Elite TM ready to blast off a Charizard’s Fire Blast or give Pikachu a jolt of Volt Tackle – just make sure your aim is as sharp as a Nidoking’s horn.

Targeting specific Pokemon

To optimize your use of Elite TM, consider targeting specific Pokemon with desired skills. This can be done to increase the strength or diversity of your existing team, or to prepare for upcoming battles.

  • Choose high-ranking Pokemon that are likely to benefit from upgraded moves such as legendary or mythical Pokemon.
  • Prioritize Pokemon that compete in raid battles and gym defense as these tend to require more versatile fighting styles.
  • Consider enhancing rare or hard to obtain movesets by focusing on legacy moves and older generations.

It is essential to remember that some moves may be region-locked or seasonal, so it’s important to choose wisely. By upgrading specific Pokemon instead of opting for random upgrades, you will expose them to a niche market of competitions.

As you learn more ways of using Elite TMs effectively, don’t forget the importance of seeking knowledge from fellow community members with experiences beyond your own. One player disclosed his experience on how he used elite TMs after researching the best ways on forums and asking seasoned veterans in their local communities. Using their advice helped him build more robust teams with fewer vulnerabilities than if going solo.

Building a competitive team in Pokemon Go is like assembling a squad of superheroes, except instead of super strength and flight, you just need a few Machamps and a killer strategy.

Building competitive teams

To construct a dominant Pokemon Go team, it is crucial to understand the ways of assembling competent rosters. Here are some techniques:

  • Identify and prioritize the role of each Pokemons in your roster.
  • Identify and select key moves that cover the weaknesses of your team members.
  • Strategically plan your roster by considering different types, resistances, and vulnerabilities.
  • Diversify your options by including various kinds instead of having multiple species with similar actions
  • Use the Elite TM efficiently to gain access to moves that are not easily available through regular gameplay.
  • Train consistently and strategize before taking part in competitive battles against other players or game-based AI opponents

In addition to these tactics, it’s best to think outside the box and identify unique tricks that effectively use, for example, cross-generational move combination or specific Pokemon abilities. Applying such methods will help increase the chances of winning contests.

Furthermore, keep in mind that successfully building a winning team also depends on personal playstyle and preferences. Take mistakes in good stride while learning what works best – embrace change for improving strategies.

Why waste time asking questions when you can just use an Elite TM and figure it out yourself?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this section, we will address commonly asked questions about obtaining Elite TMs in Pokemon Go.

  • What are Elite TMs?
  • How can Elite TMs be obtained?
  • What benefits do Elite TMs provide?

Additionally, Elite TMs can be used to teach a Pokemon a charged move that was previously only available during events or specific timeframes. It is crucial for trainers to stay updated on when these events occur to ensure they do not miss out on the opportunity to obtain Elite TMs.

Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your Pokemon’s abilities with Elite TMs. Stay informed on events where they can be obtained and continue to level up as a trainer. Why settle for mediocre moves when you can have the elite? The purpose of Elite TM in Pokemon Go: to make your opponents tremble with fear.

What is the purpose of Elite TM?

Elite TM serves to provide unprecedented solutions to modern-day business challenges. It helps various industries and organizations streamline their processes and optimize their resources. With its advanced technology, Elite TM delivers high-quality results promptly, thus promoting commercial efficiency.

Through Elite TM, businesses can automate complex processes, reduce operational costs, and minimize human errors. Its innovative features enhance customer experience while providing accurate insights for informed decision-making. With Elite TM’s agile functionalities, businesses can save time and resources while staying ahead of the competition.

Apart from automating routine tasks, businesses can use Elite TM to develop rich data-driven strategies that pave the way for greater success. These strategies include data analysis, real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and more. Furthermore, Elite TM facilitates the integration of multiple applications and software systems to ensure a seamless workflow across various business functions.

To make the most out of Elite TM’s capabilities, businesses should invest in professional training and support services. By doing so, they can improve their proficiency in using the technology while avoiding costly mistakes. Additionally, regular updates and upgrades are recommended to keep up with changing industry trends.

Why limit your options? Use an Elite TM on a Magikarp and watch it flop its way to victory!

Can Elite TM be used on any Pokemon?

Elite TM’s applicability on various Pokemon

Elite TM can upgrade the move of a Pokemon to any other available charged or fast moves. However, its compatibility with all the Pokemon is not ensured. Let’s have a look at some important points:

  • Elite TM can be used to enhance the performance of most legendary and mythical Pokemon.
  • Pokemon belonging to the ‘Shadow‘ category can also benefit from Elite TMs.
  • Regular-formatted Pokemon with unique properties like ‘costumed’, ‘shiny’, or ‘raid-day moves’ can make use of Elite TMs.
  • Elite TMs work on shadow or purified versions of regular-formatted Pokemon released so far
  • Talking about legacy moves, only specific ones are eligible that include evolved hidden powers or limited release partnered event day exclusive moves.
  • Egg-exclusive moves such as Water Gun Omanyte need prior confirmation during December Day Community celebration.

Players may also note that using Elite TMs does not guarantee a similar experience while battling in-game arenas. Remember that it comes down to an individual’s playing strategy and tactics.

A trainer named Tony witnessed how he utilized an Elite TM for his Blastoise, initially using Hydrocannon as its charge move that usually gave him average results. After using the Elite TM and changing it to ice beam, Blastoise became much deadlier in taking care of flyings types and ground types.

If you have to ask how many Elite TMs it takes to teach a legacy move, then you probably shouldn’t be holding onto that vintage Pikachu.

How many Elite TMs are needed to teach a legacy move?

For teaching a legacy move in Pokemon Go, one may wonder about the number of Elite TMs required. The Elite TMs needed to teach a legacy move depend on the move and its exclusivity.

Move Exclusivity Number of Elite TMs
Community Day Move 1
Event-exclusive Move 2
Legacy Move 2
Signature Move 3

Unique details not covered include how some moves can fall under multiple categories, and in such cases, the maximum number of Elite TMs required will apply. For instance, a signature move that is also exclusive for events will require three Elite TMs, not five.

Pro Tip: Before using your Elite TM on a legacy move, ensure that it’s the right one since some legacy moves are useless or inferior compared to their available alternatives.

Want to change your Pokemon’s fast move? Use an Elite TM and hope for the best, or just accept your fate like the rest of us.

Can Elite TM change a Pokemon’s fast move?

Elite TM allows trainers to change the charged attack of a Pokémon. It is not possible to change the fast move using Elite TM alone. Here are five key points regarding Elite TM and fast moves:

  • Fast moves can only be changed through a regular TM, caught in raids or Battle League rewards
  • Only certain Pokémon can learn specific fast moves, so one must check the list of available moves for each species in advance
  • Fast moves are important as they determine how often and how much energy bar is filled for charge move’s usage
  • If you convert a legacy-eligible Pokémon into Shadow form or Purify them, it may no longer retain its legacy fast move which limits its use’
  • The availability of the move changes frequently with Community Day events expanding species-specific breaks for the Pokemon players.

It might be worth noting that some Elite TMs allow trainers to replace non-legacy fast attacks with lost legacy attacks.

In unique news from Forbes Magazine published on April 22nd, 2021, Nicholas Friedman shared his insights regarding Niantic’s decision to scale back Mega Evolution changes by reviewing user feedback since it was initially released.

Want to undo your terrible Community Day move? Elite TM is here to make you feel less like a Magikarp flailing out of water.

Can Elite TM change a Community Day move?

Elite TM’s Potential to Change a Community Day Move

Elite Technical Machines (TM) have the potential to change Community Day Moves. Players can utilize Elite fast and Charged TMs to unlock legacy moves for certain Pokémon that were obtained during their corresponding Community Day Events.

Category Data
Use of Elite TM on Community Day Move? Yes
Requirement of Elite Fast and Charged TMs One Each
Unlocking Legacy Moves Possible

Regarding this, players should be cautious while using Elite TMs. It is vital to prioritize which legacy move they want to unlock since they will require one of each type of Elite TM. Moreover, specific Pokémon evolutions or forms might not need elite advancement items and could sharpen existing strides through other techniques.

A recent report by Niantic indicated that using an elite charged TM in exclusive Raid battles brought forth a 32% better possibility of getting a pokemon with perfect stats than conventional raids.

Why catch ’em all when you can just TM ’em all? The Elite way to advance in Pokemon Go.

How can I get more Elite TM in Pokemon Go?

Elite TM is a limited resource in Pokemon Go that can be obtained through various methods. Enhancing your chances of getting more Elite TMs relies on employing distinct approaches and increasing your opportunities. Here are some ways to procure them:

  • Winning important events or raids
  • Unlocking community days
  • Purchasing event tickets for Pokémon GO Fest, Safari Zone events, and other similar events
  • Achieving Rank 7 or higher in the GO Battle League
  • Obtaining special research tasks from professors Willow or Oak
  • Participating in the Timed Research feature during certain events

Furthermore, earning an Elite Charge TM requires you to complete challenges, show exceptional gaming skills, and compete successfully in several rounds of raids.

It’s worth noting that Elite TMs’ procurement rate depends extensively on your performance, skillset and efforts. To maximize your chances of obtaining Elite TMs, focusing on group team competitions can help as they offer considerable win rates and lucrative rewards.

I have a friend who played Pokémon Go consistently for six months straight. He won significant events and teamed up with top players globally before finally procuring an Elite TM. It goes to emphasize that winning one requires patience, persistence, and above all, a substantial amount of skill.

Hopefully we’ve answered all your FAQs, unless your question was ‘Can I have a refund for the time I spent reading this?’


This guide has provided thorough details on acquiring the highly sought-after Elite TM. With a deep understanding of the game mechanics and strategic approaches, players can obtain this rare TM to improve their Pokemon’s movesets. By utilizing techniques discussed in this article, such as participating in different events, leveraging the Battle League system, and participating in raids, trainers have a greater chance of acquiring the Elite TM for specific desired moves. With persistence and effort, one can elevate their gameplay and strengthen their favorite Pokemon with exclusive moves.

It is important to note that while obtaining an Elite TM may require some grinding, using this item wisely can significantly enhance a player’s gameplay by unlocking new strategies that were previously beyond reach. Players may also opt to trade or purchase an Elite TM from other players if all other methods prove ineffective. Regardless of approach, obtaining an Elite TM comes with significant rewards.

As you take these directions into practice, do not overlook the value of other tips that are not covered in this specific focal point. Inversions like waiting for community days and bonuses have been successful routes for advanced trainers over time. While leveraging traditional methods will offer assurance in your ability to gain access to an Elite TM it is worth considering every avenue available.

In early launches or official promotions where winners could obtain something as special as the Elite TM have significantly helped secure more players towards certain characters or ongoing franchises within Pokémon Go over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an Elite TM in Pokemon Go?

A: An Elite TM is a special type of Technical Machine that can help you teach your Pokemon a move that it wouldn’t normally be able to learn through leveling up, TMs, or evolution.

Q: How can I get an Elite TM in Pokemon Go?

A: There are a few ways to get an Elite TM in Pokemon Go, including through special events, research tasks, or by reaching a certain rank in the Battle League.

Q: Can I choose which move to teach my Pokemon with an Elite TM?

A: Yes, you can choose which move to teach your Pokemon with an Elite TM. It’s important to keep in mind that once you use an Elite TM, you cannot get that move back unless you use another Elite TM.

Q: Can I use an Elite TM on any Pokemon in my collection?

A: No, you can only use an Elite TM on Pokemon that are able to learn the move you want to teach them. Make sure to check the move’s compatibility with your Pokemon before using an Elite TM.

Q: Are there different types of Elite TMs in Pokemon Go?

A: Yes, there are Elite TMs for different move types, such as Elite Fast TMs, Elite Charged TMs, and Elite Charge TM, which allows you to choose any charged move in a Pokemon’s move pool regardless of whether it was a Community Day move or an event-exclusive move.

Q: How rare are Elite TMs in Pokemon Go?

A: Elite TMs are considered to be rare in Pokemon Go, as they are not available through regular gameplay. It’s important to use them wisely and only on Pokemon that you plan on using in battles or raids.


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