Free Up Drive Space With These 3 Quick Tips

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The prompt of the disk being almost full is a dreaded one and does not go well with the digital hoarding community. The prompt can make you spiral out thinking about what you will do with your umpteen photographs or GBs of movies that you have downloaded recently. However, all you hoarders don’t have to worry so much because there are quick solutions to free up drive space and boost the productivity of your computer. So keep scrolling to know the easy ways to free up disk space.

Empty the trash

When you want to free up space, emptying the trash is one of the first things you must look into. Most users ignore the trash and think that the files stored in the trash don’t add to taking up disk space. You are mistaken!

While you have discarded those files, they are still on your system and the hard drive. To permanently delete the files, you need to empty the trash folder on your Windows PC or Mac system.

If you don’t do this, the number of files eaten by the discarded files will quickly pile up.

Delete the files and documents you don’t need

Your system might be filled with files and documents that you no longer need. You need to find them and delete them. You don’t have to wonder how to delete documents on Mac or Windows because it is very simple. Go through all the folders on your system and manually delete the files. When you have removed them, head to the trash and permanently delete the files, so they don’t take up any space on your hard drive. You can also install third-party cleaner apps to automate this process. The apps will scan your system and inform you of the files and documents taking up a lot of space. Then, you can scroll through the list and do the needful.

Use the in-built disk cleanup

Nowadays, built-in disk cleanup tools are standard with both Windows and Mac. It is the most effective and safe way to clean up junk files without the risk of removing important files. Also, you do not need to use third-party cleanup software.

For Windows 10 users, there are a few options users can use to regulate the space on their disk. First, there is the option of Storage Sense, which is a tool that helps users to keep their storage optimized. It is like an assistant that works behind the scenes on your behalf. The tool helps free up space, and you can even control how it does its job. The tool removes the files that you have not touched for more than thirty days, and you can access this tool by going to the Start Menu > type and choose ‘This PC’ > Click the Open Settings icon > choose System > select Storage > toggle the Storage Sense tool on. You can even personalize how the tool frees up space by clicking on the Change How We Free Up Space Automatically option. Finally, you need to check the Delete Temporary Files that My Apps Aren’t Using option and choose a time period according to your convenience.

Alternatively, Windows users have the option of Disc Cleanup. It is a storage optimization tool, ideal for getting rid of temporary Internet files. Head to the Start Menu and type Settings > choose All Apps > click on Windows Administrative Tools > choose Disk Cleanup > choose Clean Up System Files.

Mac users can also utilize the built-in tools to eliminate the junk accumulated on their system quickly. First, you need to click the Apple icon and select About This Mac. Then, navigate to Storage and click Manage. Then, you will notice the following options.

  • Optimize storage – If you have many TV series or iTunes movies that you have already finished watching, it is time to get rid of those to free up space. The Optimize Storage feature will help move out all those large files that are taking up a lot of space. The feature will get these files out of the local storage.
  • Store in iCloud – If you have important files on your system and are confused about which files to remove, you don’t have to remove anything. You can move your critical files to iCloud and keep yourself organized. This will free up the local space while ensuring your files are safe. You can also access the files stored in iCloud from any device.
  • Reduce Clutter – The Reduce Clutter feature helps locate bigger files on your system and remove them if you don’t need them anymore.
  • Empty Trash Automatically – You can automatically turn on the feature of emptying trash on your Mac system. So, any trash sitting there for thirty days will be removed.

So, use these tips to empty your hard disk and speed up your system quickly.

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