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False Hydra in DnD 5E explained

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The Bard knew that it was a foolish venture into the unknown alone. This kind of thing is normally done in groups, but he clearly didn’t need any help. His armor was sturdy, and his fingers and neck were adorned with magical jewelry he had retrieved from tombs. How could this be? He didn’t realize that he was being so reckless when he came out of this situation. He didn’t even think about it and continued to do job after job, succeeding after success. He was unable to remember what the burning pain of his teeth chopping through bone meant. He remembered the Cleric who had healed him of a severe injury, and the Barbarian who held off an horde to buy his time, as well as the many nights spent by the fire. His friends. He only realized he wasn’t alone in his final moments of life. Not at all. They fell one after another.

Since its inception, the False Hydra has enjoyed a lot of popularity, aided greatly by being featured on several YouTube channels. This is not an official Dungeons and Dragons monster. It is a homebrew creature that nobody seems to know who created it.

The most popular statblock available for the False Hydra is on GMBinder, however, a version is also available on other sites and its prominence seems to come from gods is that this song only gives people rest when they are losing those they love.

The False Hydra becomes more powerful and can grow more heads. This allows it to spread further, which in turn makes it more dangerous. A head of the False Hydra can look through a window at a player , which is due to its song. They wouldn’t even notice. What’s that?

An Overbearing Song Against Fragile Minds

Although the song of False Hydra provides more protection than invisibility, it has its flaws and drawbacks. Humanoids are able to see and hear as well as hearing, and most people have two hemispheres in their brains. The song may overwhelm the consciousness of the characters and the brain controlling sight might try to raise an alarm. This could have serious consequences. Not only are notes written in the computer’s hand difficult to understand, but the song may have trouble hand-waving away notes that take the form of self-inflicted scars.

If the truth is not revealed by the conscious characters, the constant pressure of the song can cause headaches, paranoia, or other symptoms of growing insaneity. The truth might be revealed by the chance casting the Silence spell. In this case, the PCs may discover that they have forgotten their entire party, siblings, and partners. This is why the False Hydra is such a difficult enemy to defeat. You don’t realize you’re fighting it until the end, and you might forget the sacrifices made and loved ones lost.

This article will give you tips and tricks to help you get started with your campaign. We’d love to hear your comments in the comments section. Adventurers, good luck and remember to bring your earplugs!

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