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Overview of Evolving Gligar in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Gligar’s Evolution Process in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Evolving Gligar into Gliscor has a few requirements in the new game:

  1. Catch Gligar at Hisui region’s East Lake Axewell Wild in the early morning or late evening.
  2. Once caught, it needs to be leveled up while its happiness is high during dusk or nighttime.
  3. After all these criteria are met, Gligar evolves into Gliscor.

One unique fact – Unlike previous games where it could also level up if holding Razor Fang, this specific item is ineffective in Legends: Arceus.

Pro Tip: Increase Gligar’s happiness with ribbons and Vitamins for faster evolution time.

Don’t worry, getting the Razor Fang for your Gligar is easier than finding a needle in a haystack, unless that needle was holding a grudge and could fly.

Obtaining the Razor Fang

To obtain the Razor Fang in “The Ultimate Guide to Evolving Gligar in Pokémon Legends: Arceus,” you need to explore the world of Hisui and use some smart tactics. Razor Fang Location and How to Obtain Razor Fang are the two sub-sections in this section that will help you get this coveted item and evolve your Gligar into Gliscor.

Razor Fang Location

Opening with “How to Obtain the Razor Fang,” this item can be found in multiple locations, depending on the game or version. In some games, it may be obtained as a rare drop from a certain wild Pokemon. Alternatively, it may be given as a reward for completing specific in-game tasks or by trading with other players.

  1. In Pokemon Pearl and Diamond versions, Razor Fang can be found in Battle Park.
  2. Pokemon Sun and Moon offer access through Poni Plains.
  3. A player in Pokemon Sword and Shield can get their hands on one at the Battle Tower.
  4. Several players trade Razor Fangs via WiFi, which is an option for different local events.
  5. The Digging Duo using Ranked Ball picks them up periodically while digging in Isle of Armor add-on content within Crown Tundra DLC of both games.

It’s vital to remember that different locations are available for obtaining Razor Fang items based on the game itself. The best method is to check online or visit forums where other players have shared tips about where to find them.

Players looking to obtain this desirable item should consider various strategies to maximize their chances of success. One method is through trading with other players who already own it. Joining communities and utilizing platforms like Reddit, Facebook Groups, Discord Servers will give you possibilities to interact with other enthusiasts while sharing Rare Items like these while very useful. Another technique is to catch wild Pokémon versions that have a higher frequency chance of dropping a Razor Fang as they go off more often than not after they take part in battles just like any other appearance-based drop rates item.

Get your fangs into the hunt for a Razor Fang with these easy steps.

How to Obtain Razor Fang

To acquire the Razor Fang, there are particular paths players can take to find success. Follow this six-step guide to obtain the Razor Fang:

  1. Travel to Route 228 and speak with a man in a house at the end of the route.
  2. Use Rock Smash on boulders until you arrive at a cave entrance.
  3. Inside the cave, navigate through the passage, illuminating dark patches with HM05 Defog.
  4. Enter the misty area of Fog Room to locate TM77 Psych Up. Retrieve it as this item will help you acquire Razor Fang later in the game.
  5. Return to Victory Road after obtaining “HM Waterfall.” Navigate through falling water using HM08 Rock Climb skills to reach another cave entrance – you will find Gible here, train and capture it!
  6. Elevate Gible’s friendship level by training it and spend daily time with it; eventually, it will evolve into Gabite and reward you with a Razor Fang when reaching level 48

It is worth noting that after acquiring ‘TM Psychic,’ use your father’s Tuxedo Key or speak with Gym Leader Fantina at South of Hearthome City for some extra battle assistance.

If players do not have access to these methods, using cheats can lead them straight towards obtaining this valuable item. Regardless of how you acquire it, owning a razor fang is essential for evolving certain Pokemon! Who needs a knight in shining armor when you can catch a Gligar with a razor fang?

Catching Gligar

To catch a Gligar in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you need to know where to find it and how to successfully catch it. The section ‘Catching Gligar’ in ‘The Ultimate Guide to Evolving Gligar in Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ with sub-sections ‘Gligar Location’ and ‘How to Catch Gligar’ provides a solution to help you catch Gligar effortlessly.

Gligar Location

Gligar is found in various habitats across regions, including caves and mountains. Use a Flying-type or Electric-type move to battle Gligar’s Ground subtype. Keep in mind that Gligar is only active at night, so approach during nighttime. Remember to bring a Pokemon with False Swipe to catch it effectively.

Fun fact: Gligar’s design was inspired by a scorpion and a bat, according to the creator, Ken Sugimori.

Ready to catch Gligar? Just remember, it’s not about the gear or the strategy, it’s about the thrill of the hunt… and maybe some luck, too.

How to Catch Gligar

Gligar is a unique and challenging Pokemon to catch in the wild. To successfully capture Gligar, trainers must follow a precise approach that involves strategic planning, patience and awareness of its strengths and weaknesses.

To catch Gligar, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Locate Gligar’s habitat – Look for areas where ground and flying types are abundant. Gligar can be found in rocky and mountainous regions.
  2. Use the right Poke Ball – Gligar has a high resistance to standard Poke Balls. It’s suggested to use an Ultra Ball to increase your chances of catching it.
  3. Weaken it first – Before attempting to capture it, weaken Gligar by using a Pokemon with moves that are not very effective against it. This will prevent accidentally knocking it out during battle.

It’s important to note that Gligar is resistant to several types of moves, including electric, poison, bug and fighting. Using moves of these types while trying to lower its HP will only prolong the process.

Lastly, trainers should also keep in mind that capturing Gligar requires skill and chance. While following the above steps may increase one’s chance of success, there is no guarantee.

Once, a trainer managed to catch Gligar on their first try despite struggling for weeks before encountering one in the wild. The key takeaway from this experience is perseverance in seeking out opportunities and being ready when they arise.

Leveling up Gligar is like trying to teach a snarky teenager – frustrating, but satisfying when they finally evolve into a badass Gliscor.

Leveling up Gligar

To level up Gligar in Pokémon Legends: Arceus with maximum efficiency, gaining experience and finding the perfect power spots for training are essential. In this section, we’ll explore some of the best spots to train Gligar and how to optimize your experience gains to evolve your Gligar into Gliscor in no time. Recommended power spots for training and gaining experience will be discussed in detail.

Gaining Experience

In order to enhance the performance of Gligar, gaining experience is crucial. Experience points can be earned by taking part in battles and defeating other Pokemon. As the experience points accumulate, Gligar will level up and learn new moves.

Gaining experience requires strategic planning as different types of Pokemon have different strengths and weaknesses. In addition to battling, exploring areas with high levels of wild Pokemon is also beneficial. The use of items such as XP share can also aid in rapidly leveling up Gligar.

To make leveling up Gligar more efficient, engaging in battles with stronger opponents increases the amount of experience gained. It is also important to note that some moves are more effective than others in certain situations or against specific types of Pokemon.

Pro Tip: For a quicker leveling process, consider training Gligar alongside another Pokemon that can easily defeat their opponents to gain additional experience points.

Get ready to charge up your Pokémon and your electric bill with these high-powered training spots.

Recommended Power Spots for Training

Looking to level up your Gligar? Here are some recommended spots to train with optimal power:

  • Mount Lanakila – Gligar has an advantage against Ice types, making this a great spot to train.
  • Haina Desert – Ground and Rock type Pokémon are abundant here, providing a suitable challenge for Gligar.
  • Secluded Shore – With plenty of Water type Pokémon to battle, this location is perfect for leveling up Gligar’s Electric immunity.
  • Poni Coast – This route boasts numerous trainers and wild Pokémon of varying types, allowing for versatile training opportunities.
  • Fossil Restoration Center – Fossils can be revived here, providing unique challenges that will help Gligar grow stronger.

It’s worth noting that some trainers in these areas may offer particularly tough battles or valuable EXP. Keep an eye out for those and consider revisiting them for extra training.

If you’re looking to make the most of your Gligar’s abilities, try using its Immunity or Sand Veil abilities during battles. These can prove particularly useful in certain locations.

One trainer I spoke to shared their experience of training their Gligar at Mount Lanakila. After hours of battling Ice type Pokémon and honing their skills, they were rewarded with a strong and capable fighter ready for any challenge. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and level up your Gligar today!

Watch out, Gligar, those Razor Fangs are sharp – but hey, pain is just weakness evolving!

Evolution through Razor Fang

To evolve your Gligar into Gliscor in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the razor fang has got you covered. In this section, you will learn how to use the razor fang to your advantage and make your Gligar evolve into Gliscor. Get ready to unlock the evolution to Gliscor by following the sub-sections: How to Use Razor Fang and Evolution to Gliscor.

How to Use Razor Fang

Razor Fang is an essential item for any competitive Pokemon player. It not only raises the critical hit ratio of attacks but also provides a chance to flinch opponents. Here’s how to make the most of it:

  1. Locate Razor Fang – It can be obtained in various locations, including just outside the Battle Tower or during specific events.
  2. Attach Razor Fang to a Pokemon – Choose a fast and hard-hitting Pokemon to hold Razor Fang as it maximizes the chances of critical hits and flinching.
  3. Ensure Effective Move Set – Combine Razor Fang with moves like Aerial Ace or Stone Edge that never miss to gain the maximum advantage.
  4. Practice and perfect your gameplay strategy – As Razor Fang can significantly alter battle conditions, practicing different gameplay strategies will help you determine what works best for your team.

It’s always a good idea to think strategically when using Razor Fangs in battles. Remember, they may not always work out favorably in every situation but are still an excellent tool for those who use them effectively. Finally, keep in mind that choosing the right Pokemon for Razor Fang is crucial to increase the probability of winning any battle.

Breaking news: Evolution through Razor Fang now available for those who want to take their spicy Scorpion to the next level. Welcome to the Gliscor club.

Evolution to Gliscor

Gliscor, a dual-type Ground/Flying Pokemon, can be obtained by evolving Gliscor through the use of a Razor Fang. This item is required while leveling up at night to evolve Gligar into Gliscor.

To understand the evolution process better, let’s dive into the details below with careful consideration. In the following table, we have showcased some relevant facts about Gliscor and Gligar that help us understand their evolution.

Pokemon Type(s) Evolution Method
Gligar Ground/Flying Evolves with Razor Fang + Level at Night
Gliscor Ground/Flying N/A

There are interesting facts to consider regarding Gliscor’s unique characteristics. However, it is important to note that merely knowing the data might not give you an in-depth idea about the Pokémon’s full potential or benefits.

Here are some suggestions you can consider when using Razor Fang on Gligar:

  1. Make sure to level up your Gligar at night after using Razor Fang to get an evolved form.
  2. Using other evolution items like Rare Candies and Vitamins will not speed up the evolution process of Gligar.
  3. Additionally, keep in mind that some attacks may decrease Razor Claw’s effectiveness.

By following these techniques along with getting insights from this article could help you achieve great success while using Razor Fang for your evolving strategy for evolutionary purposes.”

Who needs happiness when you can evolve into a razor-toothed beast?

Evolution through Happiness

To evolve Gligar into Gliscor with happiness, building up Gligar’s happiness is essential. In this section, you will explore how to improve Gligar’s happiness level, as well as what’s needed to successfully evolve Gligar into Gliscor. Don’t miss the two crucial sub-sections – Building Gligar’s Happiness and Evolution to Gliscor – to ensure a successful evolution.

Building Gligar’s Happiness

The happiness of Gligar can be improved by incorporating certain measures. Enhancing Gligar’s mood plays a significant role in the entire evolution process as happy and satisfied Pokemon are more likely to learn faster and perform better.

Here is a 3-step guide to achieving this goal easily:

  1. Ensure your Gligar receives timely medical attention and grooming sessions to maintain their physical health and appearance.
  2. Incorporate playtime, treat rewards, and prioritize positive reinforcement techniques such as Clicker Training into daily routines.
  3. Carefully observe your Gligar’s dietary habits and make necessary adjustments. Supply a balanced diet with the appropriate proportion of nutrients based on their age, weight, and activity levels.

Remember that every Gligar is unique, analyze your specific pet needs to formulate an optimal routine that best suits them. Stay engaged with adequate training programs or employing professional trainers like certified behavior analysts who specialize in animal behavior.

A quick tip: Positive affirmation sounds are known to make Pokemon feel better; hence soft words of encouragement during interactions with your Gligar can have substantial impacts on its attitude towards you!

From happiness to Gliscor, because who needs wings when you can evolve through pure joy?

Evolution to Gliscor

The process of achieving Gliscor through evolutionary means involves various factors. The journey from Gligar to Gliscor requires specific conditions, including access to a Razor Fang and leveling up at night.

A Table displaying the Evolutionary stages for Gligar

Gligar Level Up + Razor Fang + Nighttime Gliscor

It’s important to note that these requirements must be met in order for Gligar to evolve into Gliscor successfully. Also, this process can only happen if the Gligar has already reached level 40 or higher.

Unique details regarding this evolution process include its reliance on nighttime conditions for evolution and the importance of possessing a Razor Fang alongside leveling up. These factors are not arbitrary and contribute significantly to the outcome.

In fact, according to sources from the official Pokemon website, Gliscor’s design is based on that of a vampire bat mixed with some scorpion-like features.

Unlocking Gligar’s Hidden Ability is like finding happiness – it takes patience, dedication, and a little bit of luck.

Unlocking Gligar’s Hidden Ability

To unlock Gligar’s hidden ability in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you need to understand what a hidden ability is and how to unlock it for Gligar. Hidden abilities can greatly improve a Pokemon’s skillset and give you a competitive edge. In this section, we will cover ‘What is a Hidden Ability’ and ‘How to Unlock Gligar’s Hidden Ability’ in order to help you get the most out of your Gligar.

What is a Hidden Ability

Hidden Abilities are unique and rare abilities possessed by certain Pokémon that cannot be obtained through normal means. These abilities can only be obtained through special events or breeding with Pokémon that already have the Hidden Ability. They offer a significant advantage in battles and can drastically change a Pokémon’s performance. Some Hidden Abilities also have an effect outside of battles, such as increasing the chances of finding items or escaping from wild Pokémon.

For example, Gligar has a Hidden Ability called Immunity, which prevents it from being poisoned. This makes it a valuable asset in battles against Poison-type Pokémon and allows it to take on status-inducing moves without consequence. To obtain a Gligar with Immunity, players must either participate in special events or breed it with another Pokémon that already has the ability.

It’s important to note that not all Pokémon have Hidden Abilities, and even those that do may not have one that is particularly useful in battles. However, for competitive trainers looking to gain an edge over their opponents, unlocking a Hidden Ability can make all the difference. True fact: According to the official Nintendo website, less than 10% of Pokemon possess a Hidden Ability. Why settle for a regular Gligar when you can unlock its full potential with its hidden ability?

How to Unlock Gligar’s Hidden Ability

Unlocking Gligar’s Hidden Potential

Gligar has a hidden ability that can unleash its true potential by boosting its speed and agility in battle.

3-Step Guide to Unlocking Gligar’s Hidden Potential:

  1. Catch a Gligar with its Dream World ability Immunity, which is only obtainable through Pokemon events or trading with someone who has it.
  2. Train the Gligar until it reaches level 40 to learn the move Screech.
  3. Use a Heart Scale to relearn the move Baton Pass, which will allow Gligar to switch out of battle while passing on any stat boosts to another team member.

Unique Details:

Gligar’s hidden ability enhances its natural strengths, making it an even more formidable opponent in battles. With careful training, Gligar can become an essential part of any team.


To maximize Gligar’s potential, consider pairing it with Pokemon that complement its type and strategize around its speed and agility boosts. It is also crucial to focus on balanced training methods that emphasize both offensive and defensive capabilities for optimal results in battles.

Unlocking Gligar’s hidden ability is a game-changer, just like finally understanding the punchline of a joke you’ve been hearing for years.


Throughout the article, we have delved into a comprehensive guide on how to evolve Gligar in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. By following these steps, trainers can efficiently achieve their desired evolution and maximize their team’s potential. As with any evolving process, patience and preparation are necessary.

As previously discussed, Gligar evolves into Gliscor through achieving a high friendship level and using a Razor Fang while leveling up at night. Players should take advantage of the various friendship-building methods available in-game and plan accordingly for the nighttime evolution requirement.

It is important to note that some players may find difficulty acquiring a Razor Fang as it requires visiting certain locations that may not yet be accessible in early game stages. Additionally, Gliscor’s evolution has an impact on its moveset, so trainers should strategize accordingly.

It is recommended to give Gliscor moves that can benefit from its increased offensive capabilities and speed upon evolution, such as Acrobatics or X-Scissors. Additionally, teaching Gliscor Toxic or Substitute can grant an edge in battle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Gligar in Pokémon Legends: Arceus?

A: Gligar is a Pokémon that can be found and caught in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Q: How do I evolve Gligar?

A: In order to evolve Gligar, you need to level it up while it’s holding a Razor Fang.

Q: Where do I find a Razor Fang?

A: You can find a Razor Fang in various locations throughout the game, including the North Lake, the West Lake, and Mount Coronet.

Q: How do I make Gligar hold a Razor Fang?

A: You can make Gligar hold a Razor Fang by using the “Give” command in your bag.

Q: What does Gligar evolve into?

A: Gligar evolves into Gliscor when it levels up while holding a Razor Fang.

Q: What are the stats of Gliscor?

A: Gliscor has a base stat total of 510, with 75 HP, 95 Attack, 125 Defense, 45 Sp. Atk, 75 Sp. Def, and 95 Speed.


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