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Entertainer Background 5E

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This article will focus on the background of the dnd5e entertainer. This was a very popular background in the early days 5e. This was the entertainer, the charlatan and the criminal being the most popular. At least, that was what we saw in the adventures league circuits. This seemed like a fun way of playing a character, although it tended to be more towards bards and rogues. However, it could be played as any other character. These were the most popular. You can check the dnd backgrounds table now, if not, by clicking on this link. Let’s just quickly review its description.


You have a broad range of skills as an entertainer 5e. These include musical skills, dance and emotion, as well as the ability to express anger, laughter and anger. This is how you can thrive in front of an audience. Your skills will enable you to easily engage them, entertain and inspire them.

Your poetry is a great way to entertain people. Your musical abilities are also a plus. You can lift their spirits, or capture their sorrow with your music.

Your dancing skills are impressive and you can entertain anyone with your funny and engaging dance moves. You can be an entertainer 5e, but ultimately your art is your life.

  • Skill Proficiencies,Acrobatics and Performance
  • Tools Proficiencies:Disguise Kit, one type musical instrument
  • Languages:None
  • Equipment:One instrument (it’s one of your options), the favor (love letter or lock of hair), a costume and a pouch with 15 gp.

Suggested Characteristics

The entertainers in dnd 5e backgrounds have the ability to grab and hold the attention of an audience. They can also be flamboyant, or forceful. They are naturally romantic and tend to be attracted to the beautiful.

Personality Traits

D8 Personality traits
1 I can tell a story that is relevant to nearly every situation.
2 When I travel to new places, I gather local gossip and spread it.
3 I am a hopeless romantic who is always looking for the “special someone”.
4 Because I can diffuse any tension, nobody will be angry at me or my family for very long.
5 I love a good inflection, even if it is directed at me.
6 If I’m not the centre of attention, I get bitter.
7 I will settle for perfection.
8 My mood and my thoughts change as fast as the key of a song.


D6 Ideal
1 Beauty: I am a performer who makes the world a better place. (Good)
2 Tradition: We must not forget the stories, legends and songs from the past. They are a part of who we are. (Lawful)
3 Creativity is a key ingredient in the world’s future. (Chaotic)
4 Greed: I only want the fame and money. (Evil)
5 People: When I perform, I love seeing people smile. It’s all that matters. (Neutral)
6 Honesty: Art should reflect your soul. It should be from within, and show who you really are. (Any)


D6 Bond
1 My most prized possession is my instrument. It reminds me of someone that I love.
2 My precious instrument was stolen by someone else, but I will one day get it back.
3 I want to be famous.
4 I consider myself a hero from the old stories and compare my actions to that person.
5 I will do whatever it takes to prove that I am better than my hated opponent.
6 I would do anything to help my former troupe members.


D6 Flaw
1 I will do anything for fame and renown.
2 I love a beautiful face.
3 I am prevented from returning home by a scandal. This kind of trouble seems like it follows me everywhere.
4 Once, I satirized a nobleman who still wants to have my head. It was a mistake I will most likely make again.
5 My true feelings are often revealed. I am a sharp tongue and get into trouble.
6 Despite my best efforts I’m not reliable to my friends.

Feature: Entertainer Routines

A good dnd entertainer can be described as someone who is versatile and can spice up every performance with many different routines. You can pick from one to three routines, or you can use the following table to define your skills as an entertainer.

D10 Entertainer Routine
1 Actor
2 Dancer
3 Fire-eater
4 Jester
5 Juggler
6 Instrumentalist
7 Poet
8 Singer
9 Storyteller
10 Tumbler

Featured by Popular Demand

You can find a venue to entertain as an entertainer, mainly in a tavern, but also by the circus, theater, or at a noble’s estate. You could get free lodging and food depending on how good the establishment is.

Your performance can also make you a well-known local figure. Strangers will often take an interest in you if they recognize you in the town where you have performed.

To read more, click on marine background 5e.

Gladiator: Variant Entertainer

A gladiator, in essence, is a circus performer who has been trained to transform the art of combat into a spectacle that the public can enjoy. This type of combat is not something you can do as an actor or tumbler, but it’s one of your entertainment routines.

So, using your by Popular Demand feature and you can easily find a place to perform in any kind of places which would feature combat for an entertainment-perhaps a gladiatorial arena of else the secret pit fighting club. You can replace any musical instrument in your equipment kit with an affordable, unusual weapon such as a trident, or net.

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