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DnD 5E character sheet PDFs – free, editable, & fillable

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DnD5E character sheets help players keep track of everything that surrounds their characters. This article will show you how to fill in a DnD Character sheet. We also provide PDFs that can be downloaded for free.

How to fill out a DnD character sheets

You can download a DnD charactersheet to help you follow along. You can also edit it in your browser. Starting at the top and moving to the left-hand side, we will:

  1. Start simple. At the top of your sheet, you will record your Player Character (PC) name as well as other details about your character. These include your Class (and level), Background (also known by Lineage), Alignment, and Race (also called Lineage). If your DM uses them, these are your Lawful Good and your Experience Points.
  2. Your stats are the body and mind that your computer has. Once you’ve determined your stats, either by point purchase or roll, you can start to write them in any skill you wish. Your modifier, also known as your score, goes in the large box. The large number goes in the small circle.
  3. You can mark if you have inspiration (a DM-given reward), your proficiency (determined based on your level, this is visible in your class table), as well as the sections for your skills and saving throws . To show proficiency in a save/skill, write the modifier for it. Passive Perception can be achieved by using 10+ the Perception modifier that you have written in the skills section.
  4. The fields that record the AC, initiative bonus and speed are located in the middle of the sheet. Below, you will find your hitpoints (current, maximum, temporary), and your death saving throw results.
  5. You’ll need to make notes about your spells and attacks. This is where you will write down a summary of your attack/ spell, the Attack bonus that you’ll add, and the damage it does (including what damage type it causes).
  6. You can also record all your equipment (armors, rations, etc.) at the bottom of your sheet. You can track the different denominations of coins (copper, silver and electrum in ascending order) by using separate boxes.
  7. You can use the Features and Traits’ box to record your race, background and class, as well as any feats or magic items that you might have stumbled upon along your adventures.
  8. Page one: The box at the bottom left allows you to put tool, vehicle and instrument as well as the Languages that you are familiar with. You can see the different parts of your computer’s personality in the boxes at the top.

Ding, ding, ding, page 2!

This page is fairly straightforward. It mostly consists of the backstory and visual appearance for your character. There’s also space to record treasure you find and friends (or enemies!) You may also make some mistakes along the way. This is an excellent place to take notes, even if you don’t have a dedicated DnD notebook.

Page 3 – Final round!

This page will be used to record spell names and track how many spell slots you have. This sheet has space at the top to record your spellcasting ability and spell save DC.

Premade class specific DnD character sheet examples

Pre-generated DnD character sheets can be helpful if you are new to the game or need some help with character creation. These character sheets were created by Wizards of the Coast to accompany the Lost Mines of Pandever. They are also useful for other games (and can even be used as NPCs). ).

The sheets are available for grab here . They include the classic DnD stereotypes: a human Fighter dwarf Cleric, human Rogue, elf Wizard, and a human Fighter .

Wizard’s has a range of pre-built character archetypes that you can draw on if you’re looking for something different.


  • Human Fighter
  • Human Barbarian
  • High Elf Fighter
  • Halfling Monk


  • Drow Rogue
  • Wood Elf Ranger
  • Halfling Rogue
  • Half Elf Bard


  • Dragonborn Sorcerer
  • High Elf Wizard
  • Human Druid
  • Tiefling Warlock


  • Dwarf Cleric
  • Half Orc Paladin
  • Human Cleric
  • Human Paladin

Pre-printed DnD character sheets, and folder

Do you prefer the old-fashioned pencil and paper feel but don’t have a printer? You might be interested in pre-printed DnD sheet templates. ).

Character sheet for DnD Adventurers League

Do you enjoy organized play? Or are you looking to get in on the action at a local game shop? This sheet is for you. This sheet has additional fields to record your Adventurer’s League ID, your faction affiliation, and keep track of how many permanent magical items you own.

You now know where to get a character sheet and how to fill it in. You can find more information in our how-to play section. You can find tips and tricks to help you make the most of your class in our character section.

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