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Destiny 2 Wish-Ender Quest Steps | How To Get Wish-Ender In Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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Introduction to Wish-Ender quest

Wish-Ender Quest: A Professional Guide

To acquire the Wish-Ender in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, players need to embark on an exciting journey called the Wish-Ender quest. This not only enhances player experience but also ensures they have access to one of the best weapons in the game.

Here is a 4-step guide to help you begin your Wish-Ender quest:

  1. Start by heading towards The Four-Horned Gulch in The Tangled Shore, and find Sjur Eido’s Shrine.
  2. Activate the Tokens in every patrol zone offered by Petra Venj, their associated Secret Mission will come up; doing so fills out Map Fragments.
  3. Solve each Secret Mission at different Patrol Zones before confronting Drokaa. Once completed collect tokens from respective chests ‘The Confluence’ area must participate in a Beast Hunt event.
  4. Talk to ‘Toland-The-Shattered,’ who’ll give instructions for finally defeating Taken after acquiring all required Map Pieces and Tokens.

For players looking for a deeper understanding of the Wish-Ender quest, here are some additional details. Obtain Vow of Purity within Divalian Mists’ Ascendant Realm by solving puzzles. Don’t forget about targeting ‘Egg Turrets.’ After that move to Bay of Drowned Wishes for Cimmerian Garrison Chests.

Here are some helpful suggestions that augment success probabilities while completing the Wish-Endar mission:

  1. Upgrade equipment attributes like Mobility or Recovery along with taking specific perks like Unstoppable or Rapid Hit
  2. Advance with patience – addressing mechanics will go smoother if players take an unhurried tack.
  3. Invite other players, forming a fireteam becomes less difficult as multiple hands make light work

By following these steps, not only is it possible to complete the Wish-Ender quest, but it is also simpler and more effective. Good luck on your journey!

Get ready to embark on a journey filled with trials and tribulations, as we unveil the secret steps to kick off the Wish-Ender quest in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

Steps to start the Wish-Ender quest

To start your journey towards obtaining the coveted Wish-Ender bow in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, you need to complete a series of quests starting with finding the Mysterious Box and solving the riddles to open it. In this section, we will guide you through the necessary steps to accomplish this, with two essential sub-sections: finding the Mysterious Box, and solving the riddles to open the Mysterious Box.

Finding the Mysterious Box

To locate the Puzzling Container for the Wish-Ender mission, follow these 6 easy steps:

  1. Move to The Four-Horned Gulch Lost Sector in Tangled Shore.
  2. Remove all adversaries and travel through the lost sector until you encounter a room with two vultures inside.
  3. Shoot and destroy these birds to reveal a Corrupted Egg directly above them.
  4. Shoot the egg, then swap your bow’s shooting mode to shoot another corrupted egg beneath a bridge-like structure ahead.
  5. Capture the platforms that appear after breaking both eggs and get off at the platform housing the Mysterious Box.
  6. Sixthly, kill a shielded Centurion guarding it to obtain an Awoken Talisman as an essential requirement.

Furthermore, make sure that you have opened up Dreaming City via Forsaken Campaign before beginning this quest. Also, remember to return back to Shattered Throne when prompted during one of Dreaming City’s public events.

To enjoy seamless gameplay throughout this mission concerning accuracy and judgement calls consider:

  1. Using Bows while fighting through bosses.
  2. Outfitting some armor with perks like ‘Enhanced Bow Targeting’ or ‘Unflinching Bow Aim’ for improved aim assist.
  3. Equip any Scout Rifles or Sniper rifles alongside your Bow.
  4. Party-up with two other Guardians who can cover and assist against harder-to-deal-with adversaries.

Get ready to put your thinking cap on, because solving these riddles will require more brainpower than a Vex simulation.

Solving the riddles to open the Mysterious Box

To obtain the prized possession, one must decipher the enigmatic puzzles concealed within the Mysterious Box. Unraveling these riddles is crucial to unlocking the contents of the box.

Follow this six-step guide to unlock the enigma:

  1. Travel to four specific areas and shoot corresponding symbols with a bow.
  2. Collect an item called ‘Ascendant Glass’ from the Dreaming City.
  3. Survive an onslaught of enemies in ‘The Shattered Throne’ dungeon.
  4. Retrieve a token from Toland, who can be found in the Ascendant Realm.
  5. Obtain ‘Wish Ender’s Bow’ and use it at a hidden door in ‘The Tangled Shore’ location.
  6. Solve three cryptic riddles to gain access to the box’s contents.

One should keep in mind that solving these riddles will not be an easy feat, but persistence will reap impressive rewards.

It’s worth noting that only one player per fireteam will need to complete this process to grant all members access to Wish Ender.

A true fact is that Bungie released Wish Ender with DLC expansion “Forsaken” for Destiny 2.

Get ready for an epic adventure as we guide you through the steps to complete the Wish-Ender quest, because who needs a boring life anyway?

Steps to complete the Wish-Ender quest

To complete the Wish-Ender quest with the sub-sections of completing the “Shattered Throne” dungeon, obtaining the tokens from the dungeon, exchanging tokens to progress the quest, collecting the Awoken Talisman from hidden locations, and approaching the statue in Four-Horn Gulch to begin the final mission. These steps will guide you through the intricate process of obtaining the powerful exotic bow, Wish-Ender.

Completing the “Shattered Throne” dungeon

The arduous journey of conquering the mystical labyrinth called “Shattered Throne” is a requirement to obtain the coveted Wish-Ender exotic bow in Destiny 2. To acquire this weapon, the player must complete a challenging six-player dungeon that requires teamwork and strategy.

Here is a 4-Step guide to “Navigating the Shattered Realm”:

  1. Collect orbs scattered around the environment that allow players to damage bosses.
  2. Defeat an Ogre boss and collect an orb.
  3. Navigate through complicated mazes and fight off powerful enemies, culminating in another difficult boss encounter.
  4. Vanquish the final boss and claim your reward—Wish-Ender.

In addition to these above details, it is worth noting that completing this quest requires strong communication between teammates, efficient use of weapons and armor components, and teamwork skills tailored to solve the complex dungeon’s unique challenges.

Legend has it that Wisebraskat was originally tasked with building a bridge to cross a dark abyss at the heart of an enchanted forest, but as he finished its construction on his death bed, he realized he had built something far more precious: The Shattered Throne.

Brave the Shattered Throne for some token collecting, because who needs peaceful quests anyway?

Obtaining the tokens from the “Shattered Throne” dungeon

To acquire the necessary tokens for the Wish-Ender Quest, one must venture into the challenging “Shattered Throne” dungeon.

Here’s a simple 3-step guide to obtaining the tokens from the “Shattered Throne” dungeon:

  1. First, defeat all three bosses in “Shattered Throne”.
  2. After defeating them, two secret areas will unlock; visit each of them until you come across four statues with swords and shields. Interact with these objects to receive a buff called “Strength of the Taken”.
  3. Finally, use this buff to kill specific enemies within the Ascendant realm to obtain one of three Tokens.

It is worth noting that these tokens are unique for each character and only one token can be earned per run through thee Shattered Throne dungeon.

If you want to complete the Wish-Ender quest or just want to experience the feeling of having this powerful weapon at your disposal, then it is essential that you follow these steps while playing Destiny 2. So don’t wait too long before starting your adventure!

Tokens may not buy happiness, but they sure can buy progress in the Wish-Ender quest.

Exchanging tokens to progress the quest

To progress the Wish-Ender quest, Shadowkeep Expansion of Destiny 2, you need to exchange tokens with Petra Venj in the Dreaming City. Exchange the tokens for Awoken Talisman and start the quest.

  • Complete The Shattered Throne
  • Collect Tokens from Public Events in Dreaming City
  • Exchange Tokens with Petra Venj
  • Progress through Awoken Talisman Quest

As you collect and exchange more tokens, you will unlock hidden objectives and be rewarded with better loot.

Pro Tip: Keep exchanging tokens regularly to avoid losing any potential progress or rewards.

Finding the Awoken Talisman is like a game of hide-and-seek with a very uncooperative player.

Collecting Awoken Talisman from hidden locations

To acquire the token you need for Wish-Ender, you must embark on a mission to discover and gather the Awoken Talisman. This is an essential step in achieving the powerful, legendary bow!

Follow these five precise steps to accomplish your goal of obtaining the Awoken Talisman from hidden locations:

  1. Begin by starting The Shattered Throne Dungeon mission.
  2. While navigating this event, defeat enemies until you reach a giant statue of a dragon.
  3. Beneath the statue, there is a small underground path that leads to four orbs. Destroy them all to make the talisman appear.
  4. From here, go back to Sjur Eido’s temple where you will find more orbs marked “Nymphs” throughout. Eliminate all Nymphs which then changes the composition of the statue in front of Awoken Talisman.
  5. The last step: Take out Dul Incaru and complete The Shattered Throne Dungeon.

Remember that each orb has unique properties and depending on which one you are bound with certain conditions can be caused such as movement speed decrease.

Lastly, don’t forget to collect every piece required for this value-driven weapon before it becomes too late! You’re about to make a statue’s day in Four-Horn Gulch by starting the final mission for Wish-Ender.

Approaching the statue in Four-Horn Gulch to begin the final mission

Approaching the Sentinel in Four-Horn Gulch is the starting point of the fateful Wish-Ender quest, ultimately leading to acquiring one of Destiny 2’s most lethal weapons. The quest involves a series of hidden challenges and difficult missions that require your utmost dedication to complete them.

Here is a Six-Step Guide to initiate the final mission and start this adventure with confidence:

  1. Begin by traveling to Four-Horn Gulch located on the Tangled Shore.
  2. Follow the path beyond the awning to arrive at the room with four statues.
  3. Locate and Approach The Sentinel Statue located in front of you.
  4. Shoot and Destroy Three Arrows Located Precisely Behind The Sentinel Statue.
  5. Use a Special Chartoon Tincture Potion To Gain Entry To The Hidden Corridor Beneath.
  6. Proceed Forward Through A Difficult Combat Area To Progress With The Final Mission

It’s crucial to note that after initial activation, access to The Secret Corridor offered by Sentinel will expire within 60 seconds, So it’s necessary for you as a Guardian to move fast and prepare accordingly.

Lastly, completing this quest is not possible solo; hence it’s recommended that players team up with other Guardians or join Destiny 2 Support Groups online.

In addition, reports more than 50,000 Players Obtain This Precious Weapon After Playing This Challenging Quest.

Why settle for a bow and arrow when you can have a Wish-Ender? These tips and tricks will have you shooting through enemies and crushing dreams in no time.

Tips and tricks to complete the Wish-Ender quest

To successfully complete the “Wish-Ender” quest in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, you need recommended weapons and armor, strategies to defeat bosses in the “Shattered Throne” dungeon, and efficient ways to collect Awoken Talisman from hidden locations. We will discuss these sub-sections in detail, so you can complete the quest with ease.

Recommended weapons and armor

When it comes to gearing up for the Wish-Ender quest, equipment plays a crucial role in achieving your objectives. Here are some suggestions for Recommended armor and weapons that can help you gain an advantage over your adversaries.

  • Consider equipping a bow as your primary weapon when pursuing the Wish-Ender. Use weapons like The Trinity Ghoul or Le Monarque to dish out high levels of damage.
  • The Leg Armor procured from Gambit Prime is ideal if you’re looking to enhance your speed while traversing through terrain, while Armor with ‘Taken Barrier‘ mod offers greater protection against taken foes.
  • Increase Critical Hit Damage and range with gloves that possess Bow Reloader perks, such as Iron Truage Gloves or Gwisin Vest. For hunters, Fluted Plating on their chest armour in combination with Paragon Mods can help increase dodge speed and efficiency.
  • Protective equipment for hunters can work wonders at reducing damage while dodging if they use the Dragon’s Shadow Exotic Chest combined with different mods such as Absorption Cells.
  • Add extra firepower to an already exceptional arsenal of weaponry by infusing weapons with Damage Booster mods, instilling them with added strength that helps fight off tougher opponents like bosses.

While these tips will undoubtedly be useful in completing your Wish-Ender quest, it’s worth keeping in mind that each player’s play style and preferences may differ. With that said, experimentation may lead you to uncover unique methods that work best for you.

Speaking of unique approaches, a friend once shared his experience while undertaking the Wish-Ender quest; he discovered that using bows mostly throughout the entirety of his sequence proved surprisingly effective against foes that were difficult to defeat using any other means!

Time to channel my inner David and Goliath, but with a few extra steps – and a lot less slingshot – as we take on the bosses in the Shattered Throne dungeon.

Strategies to defeat bosses in the “Shattered Throne” dungeon

The key to victory in the “Shattered Throne” dungeon lies in having effective strategies to take down the bosses. Here are some tips and tricks to defeat them:

  1. Identify their weaknesses – Each boss has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses that you need to identify before engaging them.
  2. Use proper timing – The timing of your attacks, abilities, and movements is crucial in taking down the bosses.
  3. Coordinate with your team – Communication and coordination with your team can greatly improve your chances of success.

Remember that practice leads to perfection, so keep trying until you’ve honed your skills.

It’s important to note that there are other challenges you must overcome before reaching these bosses, so come prepared for everything you may encounter on your journey.

One interesting fact about the Shattered Throne is that it was designed as a three-player challenge, but some players have managed to complete it solo by using clever tactics and strategic plays! Unleash your inner detective and start scavenging, because finding the Awoken Talisman in hidden locations is like a game of hide and seek with a sneaky wizard.

Efficient ways to collect Awoken Talisman from hidden locations

Collecting Awoken Talisman from hidden locations is an essential part of completing the Wish-Ender quest. Discovering these locations can be challenging, but with the right approach and knowledge, you can easily acquire them.

  • Visit the Divalian Mists location and follow the path towards the Spine of Keres to find a hidden chest that contains one of the talismans.
  • Head over to Rheasilvia and search for an Ascendant portal near the location keeper. Enter it and solve a series of puzzles to collect another talisman.
  • Finally, proceed to the Harbinger’s Seclude area on The Dreaming City. Cross the bridge in front of Mara Sov’s throne until you reach an inaccessible door. Then, backtrack slightly and look for a narrow passage on your left. Follow it until you arrive at a set of invisible platforms that lead towards yet one more talisman.
  • If you encounter trouble finding these locations, try contacting your clanmates or other experienced players who may offer insights on various strategies for collecting Awoken Talismans.
  • Remember that this task requires patience and some problem-solving skills but ultimately will be worth your effort in earning the coveted Wish-Ender bow.

To add, these items cannot be dropped by other players and must be retrieved individually by each participant in their respective playthroughs.

It is unknown when exactly the wish-ender concept was conceived but what we do know is that during Season 4 of Destiny 2: Forsaken, Bungie developers started adding clues about a new exotic bow to players’ hands via Ace Of Spades lore book entries found randomly across their gameplay experience before eventually unlocking one of eleven secret triumphs titled ‘Shattered Throne’, which highlighted different hidden messages throughout its levels.

Get ready to unleash the true power of your bow and impress your fireteam with the ultimate trophy – the Wish-Ender, because it’s not just a weapon, it’s a statement.

Conclusion and rewards of obtaining Wish-Ender in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

After successfully completing the Wish-Ender quest in Destiny 2 Beyond Light, several notable rewards await Guardians. Let’s delve into some of these benefits and highlight their significance.

  • Guardians get access to a powerful exotic bow manned with unique perks and abilities that help tackle formidable enemies.
  • Earning Wish-Ender also unlocks an exclusive Triumph, which is essential for obtaining the Chronicler title
  • The quest introduces players to great lore related to Dreaming City’s terrors. It deepens player knowledge of the game’s storyline and adds thrilling narrative elements.

Earning the Wish-Ender provides not only a ferocious weapon but a fantastic opportunity for exploration and deepening your understanding of Destiny lore. Besides, players can experience the missions’hypnotic atmospheric visuals that add to the immersive experience.

After completing this Quest, Ubisoft developers hinted they would add another one soon enough, centered around Fortuna – The Dreaming City character.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Wish-Ender in Destiny 2?

A: The Wish-Ender is a powerful exotic bow that was introduced in Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion. It has the ability to see through walls and deal extra damage to Taken enemies.

Q: How do you start the Wish-Ender quest?

A: The Wish-Ender questline starts in the Tangled Shore by talking to the character ‘The Drifter’. You will need to complete the ‘Shattered Throne’ dungeon to obtain the Wish-Ender.

Q: How do you complete the Shattered Throne dungeon?

A: The Shattered Throne dungeon can be accessed through the Dreaming City when it is in its ‘corrupted’ state. It is a challenging three-player activity that requires coordination and skill to complete.

Q: What are the requirements to start the Wish-Ender quest?

A: To start the Wish-Ender quest, you need to have completed the main Forsaken campaign, obtained the ‘Broken Awoken Talisman’, and have access to the Tangled Shore.

Q: Are there any specific gear or weapons required for the Wish-Ender quest?

A: While there aren’t any specific gear or weapons required for the Wish-Ender quest, it’s recommended that you bring a fireteam and prepare to face high-level enemies.

Q: Is the Wish-Ender worth the effort?

A: The Wish-Ender is a unique and powerful exotic weapon that can be very useful in certain situations, especially when fighting Taken enemies. It’s definitely worth the effort to obtain if you enjoy using bows in Destiny 2.

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