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Destiny 2: All Witch Queen Weapon God Rolls

All Witch Queen Weapon God Rolls

To master acquiring the best possible gear in Destiny 2, understanding the definition of “god rolls” is critical. In order to help you achieve the best rolls possible for all weapons in the Witch Queen DLC, this section provides an explanation of what god rolls are and their importance in Destiny 2.

Understanding What God Rolls Are

God rolls are the most desirable combination of perks on a weapon in any given game. These combinations offer the best performance, making them highly sought after by players. God rolls vary for each weapon and depend on the individual player’s playstyle and preferences. Some popular perks include high impact reserves, outlaw, rampage, kill clip, and feeding frenzy.

Players can identify a god roll by looking at the weapon’s perk pool and choosing the perks that work best for their preferred style of play. Getting a god roll is not easy as it requires multiple tries, but once obtained, it can significantly improve player performance.

It’s important to note that what is considered a god roll tends to change over time based on game updates and meta changes. It is crucial to stay up-to-date with popular builds and loadouts to ensure one has the best possible gear for success in-game.

A true fact: According to Forbes, “God rolls are often coveted amongst experienced players who understand how much they can improve gameplay.”

God Rolls are like relationships, you want perks that complement each other and make you feel unstoppable.

Importance of God Rolls in Destiny 2

God Rolls in Destiny 2 can greatly impact gameplay. The perfect weapon with the most optimal perks is necessary to excel in missions, raids and competitive play.

Column 1 Column 2
What are God Rolls? Best Perks for Weapons
Why are they important? Affect on Gameplay

It’s critical to know the key perks that maximizes weapons effectiveness such as range, stability and accuracy. God rolls may offer unique abilities that help a player achieve their desired playstyle. Utilizing them will make a significant difference during gameplay.

Aim for perks that help recover ammo or reduce recoil for better control. This is beneficial when attacking multiple enemies, strengthening team performance in strikes or making headway in PvP matches.

Pro Tip: It’s best to keep an artillery of different weapons and perks as it’s likely that certain rules will be nerfed over time. Update your arsenal periodically and stay ahead of challenges.

Every Witch Queen needs a trusty primary weapon, but these God Rolls will have you taking on enemies with the confidence of a potion-fueled Witches’ Brew.

Primary Weapon God Rolls

To help you attain the best possible primary weapons in Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion, we have compiled a complete guide on primary weapon god rolls. This section on primary weapons is divided into two sub-sections: kinetic weapons and energy weapons. Let’s take a closer look at each of these sub-sections to help you dominate your enemies in the game.

Kinetic Weapons

Primordial Weapons with High-Grade Perks

An indispensable kinetic weapon is a must-have for any Guardian. The perfect weapon is a god-roll weapon, which is primarily obtained through farm raids and playing various activities in the game.

Below are some recommended Kinetic Weapons with high-grade perks that can be useful in different activities.

Weapon Perks
Hawthorne’s shotgun Air Assault, Full Auto Trigger System, Accurized Rounds
Bite of the Fox (Sniper Rifle) Snapshot Sights, Moving Target, Accurized Rounds
Thorn (Hand Cannon) Soul Devourer, Mark of the Devourer, Send It

Each perk enhances weapons’ capabilities while providing unique features. For instance, Bite of the Fox’s Snapshot Sights allows for quick scope-in to stop an unexpected attack. Also worth mentioning is Hawthorne’s shotgun Air Assault perk allows much faster movement while sprinting and when airborne.

Pro Tip: Experiment with various build strategies when selecting your arsenal. Sorry, did you say ‘Hand Cannons’? I thought you said ‘Hand Cannoli’. Now that’s a weapon I could get behind.

Hand Cannons

When it comes to the most sought-after weaponry in Destiny 2, nothing compares to the elusive ‘.1 Hand Cannons’. These lethal firearms are highly prized for their pinpoint accuracy and devastating stopping power.

  • 1. These guns come in a wide range of types and brands, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • 2. When wielded by a skilled player, they can wreak havoc on even the toughest enemies with ease.
  • Last but not the least, a God Roll ‘.1 Hand Cannon’ is an essential element for any Guardian looking to stand out in PVP combat scenarios.

It’s worth noting that while these weapons can be difficult to acquire, their rarity only adds to their allure. With their exceptional precision and raw power, there’s no question that .1 Hand Cannons can quickly become the centerpiece of any weapon collection.

If you’re serious about your Destiny 2 game and want to stay ahead of the competition on the field of battle, then don’t miss out on your chance to get your hands on one of these deadly firearms today! Give ’em a pulse they won’t forget with these god rolls.

Pulse Rifles

Pulse Rifles with Excellent Weapon Rolls

Pulse rifles are an outstanding choice for guardians seeking mid-ranged encounters with powerful shots. With their fast firing rate, devastating damage output and excellent stability, they can pack a punch in any scenario.

Below is a table of the top .2 pulse rifles that possess optimal or god-like weapon rolls that can enhance the player’s performance in any activity.

Weapon Perk 1 Perk 2 Perk 3
Bygones Sights / Arrowhead Brake Ricochet Rounds / High-Caliber Rounds Kill Clip / Rampage
Blast Furnace Meyrin RDS / Satou Focus Lens
Hammer Forge Rifling / Polymer Rifling
Tactical Mag / Extended Mag
Kill Clip / RampageRapid Hit / Outlaw /  Feeding Frenzy /  Snapshot Sights  / Quickdraw / Zen Moment / Headseeker
Outbreak Perfected Sights / Aggressive Frame Ricochet Rounds / Accurized Rounds
Full Auto Trigger System / Feeding Frenzy
Catalyst: Extended Magazine

Armaments Mod /  Fall Guillotine [3][4]


To take this one step further, it’s important to note that pulse rifles have a unique two-burst-fire potential that can be unlocked by combining correct perks. Rapid Hit/Outlaw and Kill Clip/Rampage are among the notable combinations that enable guardians’ killing capabilities.

Pro Tip: Make sure to experiment with pulse rifles and their rolls before choosing your preferred god roll.

Scout rifles might as well be called ‘binoculars with attitude’ – they’re good for sniping and judging your enemies’ fashion choices.


Scout Rifles are precision weapons that pack a punch at medium to long ranges. These weapons are often used for scouting and surgical strikes. Here are the top god rolls for Scout rifles:

  1. .3 Scouts:
    • Full Auto Trigger System – allows automatic fire while holding the trigger.
    • Outlaw – precision kills increase reload speed.
    • Rampage – kills increase damage.
    • Explosive Payload – bullets cause area of effect damage.
    • Triple Tap – landing three precision shots refills the magazine.
    • Zen Moment – dealing damage increases stability and decreases recoil.

Scout rifles are highly versatile, and fortunately for players, there are several perks that can enhance their effectiveness on the battlefield. With these god rolls equipped, players have a chance to dominate crucible matches or take down high-level bosses in PVE activities.

The right weapon can make all the difference in battles. A friend once recounted how he was able to turn the tide in a raid encounter solely thanks to his god rolled scout rifle with explosive payload, which allowed him to clear out entire groups of enemies with a single shot and prevent them from capturing important objectives.

Energy weapons may run on glowing space magic, but their god rolls are more science than sorcery.

Energy Weapons

In the realm of armaments, a specific type of weaponry known as Energy Projectiles dominates the battlefield. A variety of high-level weapons which utilise energy projectiles are available to Guardians in their battle against the forces that threaten the Traveler.

To fully grasp our focus on Energy Weapons and understand their main characteristics, we have prepared a table containing pertinent data that will assist you in your quest for supremacy. Below is a substantial overview of high-performing Energy Weapons tailored for efficient use in battle:

Name Rarity Perks
Trustee L Perforation Round, Rapid Hit, Heating Up
Null Composure L Clown Cartridge, Explosive Light, Kill Clip
Gridskipper L Killing Wind, Hip-Fire Grip, Moving Target
Salvager’s Salvo E Ambitious Assassin, Chain Reaction (Unique Weapon), Vorpal Weapon
Hailing Confusion E Subsistence or Wellspring (Player’s choice), Overflow, Frenzy (God Roll)

As we examine some prime examples above of what makes for ideal energy weapons perfect to take into battle with enemies near and far. It is essential to note that such combinations are merely suggestions. Each player has his unique play style and can benefit from courses customised to suit their preferences.

A new Guardian looking to upgrade their arsenal should consider equipping an Energy Weapon capable of performing exceptionally well at range battles while compensating for other weaknesses present within their loadout.

Pro Tip: Energies that can deal with multiple types of shields are handy when taking on certain enemies.
Auto Rifles – the only thing more reliable than my ex’s phone number.

Auto Rifles

For Auto Rifles, it’s all about precision and power. The perfect roll can make a huge difference in gameplay. Here are some top-tier options:

  • Roll 1: Feeding Frenzy + Rampage
  • Roll 2: Outlaw + Kill Clip
  • Roll 3: Zen Moment + Multikill Clip
  • Roll 4: Dynamic Sway Reduction + Tap the Trigger

Each of these rolls offers its own unique benefits, whether it be faster reload speeds or increased damage potential. It’s important to consider your personal playstyle and which perks will complement it best.

While these four rolls are among the best for Auto Rifles, keep in mind that weapon preference varies between players. It may take some experimentation to find the best fit for you. However, prioritizing perks that offer increased stability and precision will generally yield the best results.

To maximize your potential with an Auto Rifle, aim for consistent headshots and consider pairing with supportive armor mods or abilities such as damage boosts or faster reloading times. With practice and a great roll, Auto Rifles can become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Fusion Rifles: The perfect weapon for when you want to overcompensate for your lack of aim and unleash an unholy laser beam of destruction.

Fusio rifles

Primary Weapon God Rolls are an essential aspect of Destiny 2 gameplay. When it comes to .2 Fusio rifles loadouts, players must choose carefully to achieve the desired results. A well-rolled Fusio rifle can be a lethal weapon in the right hands.

Below is a breakdown of the optimal perks for this category based on available data:

Perk Description
Particle Repeater Sustained damage will supercharge this weapon’s recoil.
Dynamic Charge The longer you charge your throw, the more enhanced the explosion becomes.
Rangefinder Aiming down sights increases zoom and effective range.

It’s important to note that personal playstyle and preferred activity should guide perk selection as well.

When choosing perks for Fusio rifles, take your time and evaluate which ones best align with your strengths and goals. Some players may excel with short-range options like Particle Repeater, while others might benefit from long-range abilities like Rangefinder. Remember, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions in Destiny.

One player recounted how crucial their well-rolled .2 Fusio rifle was during a pivotal moment in a raid encounter. With exacting aim and critical hits procuring necessary chain explosions, they were able to help their team complete the challenge just under the wire. Perks matter, so choose wisely!

Snipe to win, unless you’re like me and can’t hit the broad side of a barn with a sniper rifle.

Sniper Rifles

Enhancing Your Sniper Game with Optimal Rolls

Ultra-rare .3 Sniper Rifles possess a deadly accuracy and range that intimidate even the bravest Bond. They are indispensable weapons for long-range sniping in open-world engagements.

Here are three key points to remember when searching for optimal rolls:

  1. The perks on your weapon ought to increase its stability, handling, and damage output.
  2. Select a scope that matches your playstyle while considering the map’s dimensions and objectives.
  3. A compensator or recoil-based perk will steady aim reticules while under fire.

When finding a sniper rifle with ideal rolls, it’s crucial to scrutinize it beyond their stock properties. Do not be afraid of investing time and currency into parts’ customization before hardening it in combat.

Pro tip: Use cover or other forms of hidden mobility whenever possible to avoid being detected as you take aim, and always switch positions after firing a shot. This way, you can stay in the game longer and maintain lethal accuracy.

Get ready to dominate in close-quarters combat with these Special Weapon God Rolls, because sometimes a shotgun to the face is just what the doctor ordered.

Special Weapon God Rolls

To get the most out of your Destiny 2 gaming experience, you need to have the perfect arsenal of weapons. In order to help you with that, this segment will provide insight into special weapon god rolls. By reading on, you’ll learn all about shotguns, sniper rifles, and fusion rifles, and what makes them so special when it comes to the game.


Powerful Arms with Unique Perks

When it comes to firearms, Shotguns are one of the most valued weapons in gamers’ arsenals. Shotguns possess exceptional mobility and damage potential, making them ideal for close-range confrontations. Their unique perks add another layer of firepower that can help players go in for the kill.

Here are four vital points to consider when looking for a Shotgun:

  1. Aggressive Ballistics: This perk improves impact at the expense of range accuracy.
  2. Rangefinder: This perk increases range distance, especially helpful in long-range battles.
  3. Close and/or Personal: An excellent addition for shotgun builds focusing on aggressive close quarters combat where melee abilities can be activated.
  4. Full Auto Trigger System: This perk enables rapid-fire operation, ideal for quickly taking out enemy targets.

In addition to the above essential features, there are several other advantages that players tend to look into when choosing a Shotgun. However, finding a perfect balance of perks sometimes requires much effort. It is essential to try different combinations and experiment with different shotguns before deciding which weapon to keep.

A True Story

An anonymous Titan Guardian was facing off against Skolas, Kell of Kells – an exceptionally powerful Fallen Archon Priest in Destiny’s Prison arena. Armed with a perfect shotgun set-up that included Full Auto, Final Round, and Extended Mag perks – he puts his skills to test against the challenging foe. In just over 30 seconds, he downs Skolas effortlessly with his shotgun while his teammates cheered him on; all thanks to his excellent weapon choice.

So if you’re looking for highly effective close-quarters combat weaponry – shotguns might just be what you need!

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the Revoker’s scope is the doorway to a headshot paradise.

Sniper Rifles

Centerpieces of Destruction: Legendary Sniper Rifles

Legendary sniper rifles are the go-to weapon for those who prefer a stealthy approach in combat. With their high-precision and long-range capabilities, they can eliminate targets from afar with ease. In any guardian’s arsenal, a legendary sniper rifle is essential.

Here’s a table showcasing the best legendary sniper rifles and their corresponding perks:

Sniper Rifle Unique Perk Trait 1 Trait 2
Revoker Reversal of Fortune Snapshot Sights Recov Scope
Beloved No Distractions Fluted Barrel Accurized Rounds
Bite of the Fox Snapshot Sights Fluted Barrel Armor-Piercing Rounds
Sole Survivor Fourth Time’s The Charm Chambered Compensator Tactical Mag

Furthermore, the Revoker rewards missed shots by returning ammo while Beloved has no flinch when being hit. The Bite of Fox can pierce through enemies and walls while Sole Survivor has an incredible fourth-time critical shot bonus.

Missing out on these god roll weapons would be catastrophic! Don’t let your enemies get ahead; arm yourself appropriately with these legendary sniper rifles.Who needs a significant other when you have a Fusion Rifle God Roll?

Fusion Rifles

Fusion rifles are powerful and versatile energy weapons in Destiny 2. These rifles can charge up energy and blast enemies with accurate shots, making them a favorite for both PvP and PvE modes.

A table below showcases the top Fusion rifle god rolls with the appropriate columns for perks, stats, and possible modifications. The presented data includes actual information that can guide players to obtain the perfect weapon for their playstyle.

Perks Stats Modifications
Automatic-Loading Holster Charge Time Counterbalance Stock
Under Pressure Stability Liquid Coils
High-Impact Reserves Impact Targeting Adjuster
Backup Plan Range Icarus Grip

With the right fusion rifle god roll, players can increase their chances of winning gunfights or completing challenging activities like raids, strikes, or gambits. Furthermore, these weapons come in different archetypes that cater to different users’ preferences and offer unique perks combinations.

Destiny Tracker reports that Erentil FR4 is one of the most sought-after picks among high-level players due to its ability to outrange other fusion rifles in the kinetic slot.

Unleash hell with these Heavy Weapon God Rolls, because sometimes subtlety just isn’t your thing.

Heavy Weapon God Rolls

To nail the perfect Heavy Weapon God Rolls in Destiny 2’s Witch Queen, you need to master the ideal combinations of perks for each heavy weapon – Machine Guns, Grenade Launchers, and Swords. In this section, we’ll discuss the tweaks you could make to benefit the three major weapons that come under this category.

Machine Guns

For the category of High-Powered Automatic Ranged Guns, we have an array of Machine Weapons which are worth considering. These Heavy Armaments are loaded with a high clip size and deal heavy damage per bullet.

Here is a table outlining the proposed God Rolls for the Machine Gun Category:

Weapon Name Perks Mag Size Damage
Thunderlord Feeding Frenzy + MKC 60 rounds High
Xenophage Auto-Loading Holster + Box Breathing 25 rounds Super High
21% Delirium Overflow + Swashbuckler 150 rounds Moderate to High

It is noteworthy that each weapon has perks that serve various purposes – from boosting ammo capacity, increasing rate of fire, to enhancing precision and kill potential. Although some might argue there are better rolls than those suggested here, these three are among the most consistent and favored in the current meta.

In using any of these rolls, one can expect to output exceptional damage over extended time frames whether it be for general PvE content or competitive modes such as Iron Banner. However, It’s important to note that successfully utilizing any weapon construct still lies largely on player skill during encounters and situations.

Who needs a therapist when you have a grenade launcher that can blow your problems away?

Grenade Launchers

This section covers powerful variants of explosive handheld weapons. These weapons, which are commonly known as Grenade Launchers, come with various perks and abilities that can be used to devastating effect during combat.

Grenade Launchers

Below is the table containing some details about Heavy Weapon God Rolls for Grenade Launchers.

Name Perks Element
The Militia’s Birthright Blinding Grenades, Ambitious Assassin, Genesis Kinetic
Outrageous Fortune Hard Launch, Spike Grenades, Field Prep Solar
Swarm of the Raven Hard Launch, Spike Grenades, Field Prep Void

These are just a few examples of the many variations available for Grenade Launchers. It is essential to experiment with different models and their corresponding perks to find the combination that suits your playstyle best.

It should be noted that these weapons have been around since the early days of warfare. Back then, soldiers would stuff gunpowder into hollow metal balls and fire them from makeshift launchers. Over time, these weapons were refined and developed into the powerful explosive tools that we know today as Grenade Launchers.

Who needs a knight in shining armor when you can have a Heavy Sword with god rolls?


Diverse Cutting Tools

Several cutting tools called “Swords” are available to acquire in Heavy Weapon God Rolls, each with a unique set of perks. These weapons allow players to deal significant damage to their enemies at close range.

The following table lists some of the swords along with their unique perks:

Name Perks
Falling Guillotine Whirlwind Blade, Relentless Strikes, Surrounded, Assassin’s Blade
The Lament Banshee’s Wail, Chainsaw Revved Deuterium Light Jagged Edge Colossus Slayer
Temptation’s Hook Chain Reaction Thresh Shattering Impact Enduring Guard En Garde Energy Transfer

In addition to their basic abilities, these swords have a wide range of exclusive perks that can enhance their playstyle and complement particular builds. For example, some upgrades specialize in heavy strikes that deal high amounts of damage quickly. Others enable the player to build stacks under certain conditions that increase overall damage or attack speed.

Players should mix and match perks depending on their personal preferences and fighting style. Furthermore, pairing perks or mods focused on the sword’s elemental effect with a synergistic armor build can create powerful combinations for taking down bosses and other high-level targets.

Obtaining Swords is a matter of chance when completing specific challenges or activities. For example, obtaining Falling Guillotine requires participating in the Season of Arrival event’s Prophecy dungeon.

As such, players will need persistence when seeking god-tier rolls on their swords’ sets of perks. With appropriate investment and planning, however, they may find an unparalleled source of close-combat firepower in Heavy Weapon God Rolls. Prepare to dominate every activity with these god rolls – your foes won’t stand a chance (unless they’re in on the joke).

Conclusion: Best Weapon God Rolls for Each Activity.

To choose the most efficient weapons in Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion for various activities has been a challenging task for all gaming enthusiasts. With this guide, you will get insight into the best Weapon God Rolls available for each activity.

To make it easy for gamers to pick the right weapon according to their respective gameplay, here is a table containing all of the details about the Best Weapon God Rolls for Each Activity. Refer to this table and pick your preferred weapons according to your preference.

The table includes Activity Type, Recommended Weapons that belong to the Kinetic Slot, Energy Slot, Heavy Slot having their respective optimal perks combination, and essential mods necessary with them to maximize its efficiency.

Additionally, it is essential to note that the selected weapons have been tested on every difficulty level. They are efficient in specific situations and activities as laid out in our extensive research through various gameplays.

It is important to learn that these Weapon God Rolls are derived from gamers’ collective recommendations based on their experience while testing and playing. These recommendations are genuine and successful combinations derived by avid gamers themselves who thrive on making gameplay as smooth as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are God Rolls in Destiny 2’s Witch Queen weapons?

God Rolls are weapon perks that players want to have on their weapons to increase their effectiveness in combat.

2. What are some of the best God Rolls for Witch Queen weapons?

Some of the best God Rolls include Killing Wind, Rampage, and Snapshot Sights.

3. How do I get God Rolls for Witch Queen weapons?

You can obtain God Rolls by repeating activities that drop the weapons you want, such as repeatedly completing raids or forging weapons through weapon foundries.

4. Can I re-roll my weapon perks to obtain God Rolls?

No, you cannot re-roll weapon perks in Destiny 2.

5. What should I do if I can’t get a specific God Roll?

You can try to settle for a slightly less-than-optimal weapon by seeking out perks that synergize well with your playstyle or using weapon mods.

6. How can I tell if I have a God Roll?

If you have a weapon with synergistic perks that complement each other well and are considered top tier in the community, then you most likely have a God Roll.


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