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Destiny 2: All Dawning 2021 Weapon God Rolls

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All Dawning 2021 Weapon God Rolls for Destiny 2

The Dawning 2021 event in Destiny 2 offered various weapons that players could acquire and use in their quests. These weapons have unique perks that can be combined to create specific combinations known as “God Rolls.”

To make the most of the Dawning 2021 weapons, here are four God Rolls to keep an eye out for:

  • For Shotguns, try a roll with both Surplus and One-Two Punch perks.
  • For Pulse Rifles, a combo of Killing Wind and Full Auto Trigger System is ideal.
  • For Sidearms, go for Headseeker paired with Hip-Fire Grip.
  • For Light Machine Guns, a roll with Alloy Casing and Unrelenting makes for a great combination.

Furthermore, players should focus on certain weapon types to get the best rolls possible. Choosing from Shotguns, Pulse Rifles, Sidearms and Light Machine Guns is a great place to start.

It’s worth noting that Destiny 2 updates frequently, so God Rolls may change in value over time based on patches or new additions.

One player shared their story of how they didn’t pay attention to their weapon rolls during previous events but were pleasantly surprised by the perfect roll they got during Dawning 2021 after grinding hard to get it. Overall, it’s worth putting in the effort to get those perfect rolls for these unique weapons.

Get ready to wield these weapons like a pro, or at least pretend like you know what you’re doing, with these all-star god rolls.


Weapons in Dawning 2021 offer exciting god rolls for Destiny 2 players. A comprehensive list of all weapons, their respective god rolls, and unique perks is given below:

Weapon Name God Roll Unique Perks
Cold Front Feeding Frenzy + Kill Clip Surrounded, Slideways
Glacioclasm Killing Wind + Vorpal Weapon Quickdraw, Thresh
Avalanche Feeding Frenzy + Rampage Subsistence, Zen Moment
Peacebond One For All + Rampage Surplus, Firmly Planted

One lesser-known fact is that Dawning 2021 weapons are only available during the holiday event. So, players need to play during the limited period to obtain these exclusive weapons and their god rolls.
With The Steady Hand, you can shoot first and ask questions about your opponent’s respawn timer later.

The Steady Hand

The skillful aim is a crucial aspect of successful weapons use. It involves the steady hand, a controlled and confident grip that ensures precise targeting. The ability to maintain a stable grip on the weapon significantly impacts accuracy and effectiveness in combat situations.

In addition to mastering the steady hand, weapon users must also be knowledgeable about their equipment’s features and capabilities. Understanding how to adjust scopes, change ammunition types, and conduct necessary maintenance can improve performance in various scenarios.

To optimize accuracy, users can explore additional training options such as taking marksmanship classes or engaging in regular practice sessions. Consistent practice helps develop muscle memory, leading to improved abilities during high-stress situations.

Implementing these techniques contributes to a more reliable and efficient weapon user. By prioritizing steady hand skills and continuing education, individuals enhance their proficiency with firearms while maximizing personal safety and effectiveness in challenging environments.

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As the cold front approached, I prepared my weapons: a cup of tea and a cozy blanket.

Cold Front

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Arctic Haze

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Getting the God Rolls is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except the haystack is on fire and the needle is made of titanium.

How to get the God Rolls:

To obtain the best possible weapons and achieve God Rolls in Dawning 2021, players need to follow specific guidelines and strategies. These tips help you maximize your chances of getting the most powerful weapons in the game. Here are five essential points to keep in mind:

  • Participate regularly in events and Dawning activities to increase your chances of getting unique weapons and perks.
  • Focus on completing bounties and quests to earn rewards throughout the game’s various activities.
  • Pay attention to the game’s loot pool and weapon requirements when participating in different activities to maximize your loot chances.
  • Make sure to level up the reward-related season passes to improve your chances of getting the best weapon rolls.
  • Finally, make sure to trade duplicates of weapons, perks, and others to Ana Bray for Baryon Boughs and receiving gifts from in-game characters.

It is important to note that some weapons will require specific activities to obtain, such as completing strikes, raids, or specific barriers. Playing regularly will allow you to keep up with the latest events and changes in the system and maximize your chances of getting the best weapons. It is always wise to keep an eye on the latest updates and strategies to know what to expect.

A true fact: According to GameSpot, “Dawning 2021 has brought a lot of fun to Destiny 2 players with a is a variety of baking events, quests, and the ability to loot plenty of cool gear.”

Get ready for some divine intervention with these god rolls – these perks are more powerful than Judgement Day.

Perks to look out for

Perks that are a must-have for the perfect loadout cannot be overlooked. These exceptional abilities will help you overcome any adversary and emerge victorious in your battles.

  • High-impact reserves
  • Rapid hit
  • Kill clip
  • Explosive Payloads

Keep an eye out for other valuable perks that may provide unique advantages. Make sure to also consider how well these perks mesh with your playstyle and weapons.

A seasoned player recounted his epic journey of attempting to acquire specific weapon rolls. He finally secured the desired roll after months of relentless grind, highlighting the importance of determination in your quest for the God Rolls.

Gear up for godly destruction with these mod recommendations that will have your enemies begging for mercy.

Mod recommendations

For optimal weapon performance, appropriate modifications are required. Recommend the most effective role-based weapon mods for a competitive advantage in gaming. This can positively impact damage output, accuracy and stability.

  • Select ‘Counterbalance Stock‘ mod which improves recoil pattern
  • Equipping ‘Rampage Spec‘ mod increases the duration of Rampage buff.
  • To enhance firepower range and blast radius, ‘Blast Radius‘ is recommended.

The above-mentioned recommendations are critical in obtaining maximum efficiency from weapons. Ensure to analyze the base stats and pick mods that suit your playing style and help you reach weapon objectives. Exploit these recommendations to taper destiny 2 opponents with ease.

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Get ready to sow your seeds of destruction with these killer farming methods for God Rolls.

Best farming methods

To maximize the chances of getting the perfect loot in your favorite game, it is essential to know about the most effective ways of acquiring it. Here are some top-performing strategies to obtain optimal farming results.

Method Description
Strike Playlist Farming Rewards high-level gear and weapons, perfect for farming god rolls for PVE activities.
PVP Crucible Bounties Farming Rewards pinnacle gear and weapons, ideal for god rolling in PVP activities.
Nightfall Ordeal Farming Rewards excellent exotics and high-stat armor that will give a significant advantage during end-game content.
Gambit Prime Farming Rewards perks that cater to both PVE and PVP enthusiasts. Additionally, players may also earn pinnacles by resetting their ranks

Apart from these methods, Timed Events can help you get exclusive rewards and highly sought-after items. Be sure to check out the Event Calendar regularly so that you don’t miss any opportunity to bag these coveted treasures.

To increase your success rate while farming, make sure that you max out your character’s Light Level as per the activity or game mode beforehand. Doing this will not only improve your chances of successful drops but also allow you to complete more challenging quests with ease.

Lastly, joining a Discord server or LFG community will enable you to coordinate with other players and aim for specific drops speedily. Happy Hunting!
May RNGsus bless your loot drops and may your enemies be forever cursed with bad rolls.


The comprehensive guide to Dawning 2021 weapons ends here. Each categorized weapon exhibits the God Roll stats, making it easier for players to customize their arsenal. While a few varieties are rare and snappy, some come with niche perks that can enhance gameplay easily. It’s suggested to invest in farming these weapons during the seasonal event for better outcomes. Sharpen your skills and grind them all; do not miss out on this fruitful experience.

It’s crucial to note that acquiring a weapon’s God Roll is only half of the journey; using it effectively is what separates good players from great ones. Novice or Pro, one must dedicate time and effort towards learning how each perk affects their gameplay.

Grab your favorite snacks, equip your best weapons, and embark upon an exciting adventure today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a god roll in Destiny 2?

A: A god roll is a term used in Destiny 2 to describe a weapon with the best possible combination of perks and stats for a specific activity or playstyle.

Q: What weapons have god rolls in the Dawning 2021 event?

A: Some of the weapons with god rolls in the Dawning 2021 event include the Cold Front submachine gun, the Glacioclasm fusion rifle, and the Avalanche machine gun.

Q: How do I get a god roll weapon in the Dawning 2021 event?

A: You can get god roll weapons through various activities during the event, such as completing Dawning bounties, participating in the Dawning event playlist, and crafting weapons through the Dawning Oven.

Q: Can I reroll the perks on my weapons to get a god roll?

A: No, you cannot reroll the perks on weapons in Destiny 2. You have to rely on RNG to get the perfect combination of perks and stats for a god roll.

Q: Are god rolls necessary for endgame content in Destiny 2?

A: While god rolls can make certain activities easier, they are not necessary for endgame content in Destiny 2. Skilled players can complete endgame activities with non-god roll weapons.

Q: Will god roll weapons be available after the Dawning 2021 event?

A: Yes, god roll weapons will still be available after the Dawning 2021 event. However, the event offers increased drop rates and activities to obtain them more easily.

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