Clockwork Synergy Canvas Apple Watch Band review: Smart casual

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The Clockwork Synergy Canvas Apple Watch Band, as its name suggests, is a canvas fabric band. The band is work-appropriate and dressy enough to wear with nicer clothes. Yet it can also be dressed down to go great with your casual wear. I probably wouldn’t wear it with formal wear, nor would I wear it to the gym, but it’s great for all the in-between occasions. It’s stain-resistant and can be easily spot-cleaned with a damp cloth, but I’m not sure how you’d deep clean it if you were to get it sweat-soaked, so I’d avoid that.

The band has two layers of canvas stitched together. The stitching matches the canvas for a monochromatic look. The band is 2.25 millimeters thick and measures between 115 and 80 millimeters in length with seven adjustability holes. I have a pretty small wrist and I wear it on the second-smallest hole. While the canvas is slightly stiff, the band is quite comfortable to wear and feels soft against the wrist. There is stitching all the way around every buckle hole, so you don’t have to worry about fraying. Two loops keep the tail securely in place without sticking out.

This well-priced band looks great with your office wear, your casual weekend wear, and everything in between.

The band comes in both the smaller (38/40mm) and larger (42/44mm) Apple Watch sizes. You can choose from seven adapter colors to get the best match to your particular shade of Apple Watch. I’ve always loved Clockwork Synergy’s adapters; they have an elegant shape, and they slide on and off the Apple Watch like butter (but lock into place securely when attached.) The buckle can be ordered in five different colors. Choose from 13 different colors for the canvas band itself: Navy as seen in my photos, Barn Red, Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Olive Green, Orange, Pink, Royal Blue, Steel Blue, Tan, Turquoise, and White.

Clockwork Synergy has long been one of my favorite Apple Watch band companies. First of all, Clockwork Synergy is a real watch band company based in Maryland that predates the Apple Watch. The quality of their bands is consistently excellent; I own a half-dozen different styles and love them all. And yet, the prices are totally reasonable for what you get.

Clockwork Synergy Canvas Apple Watch Band: What I like

This Apple Watch band has a casually elegant look. At my teaching job, I dress business casual and this watch band fits perfectly with my wardrobe. I’d also wear it for dressier business attire, and certainly for more casual jeans and a t-shirt looks. I like flexible watch band styles like this that can be dressed up or down. I also like the variety of great colors from which to choose, plus all the different hardware colors so you can better match your band to your Apple Watch. The band is a pleasure to wear, it’s lightweight and comfortable and it looks good.

Clockwork Synergy Canvas Apple Watch Band: What I don’t like

Though this band will certainly look good with your athleisure style, I personally wouldn’t want to get it very sweaty. Spot-cleaning is easy enough, but I don’t know that you can deep clean it. It’s also just a little too casual-looking for a cocktail dress or tux. This band is for all the in-between.

Clockwork Synergy Canvas Apple Watch Band: Bottom line

This well-priced band looks great with your office wear, your casual weekend wear, and everything in between. The lightweight dual-layer canvas band comes in thirteen different colors and a variety of hardware colors to suit your taste and your Apple Watch. You’ll be comfortable and stylish all day every day in the Clockwork Synergy Canvas Apple Watch Band.

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