Best TV Antennas for Streaming Local Channels (Indoor & Outdoor)

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This article will provide you with the Best TV Antenna options for both Indoor and Outdoor OTA antennas.

While Indoor antennas are more popular due to ease of use, we have found that an Outdoor OTA Antenna is the best option for streaming local programs.

When most of us cut the cable cord, we rely on Internet Streams to replace our favorite channels.

Usually, this means using an IPTV Service to get thousands of live tv channels for a small monthly fee.

The most popular device to currently do that is the Amazon Firestick. Due to its side-loading abilities, many purchase this device and install various apps to stream Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, and more.

This is often considered “jailbreaking” and has become a popular term for cord-cutters.

While “jailbreaking” your device is a great way to access content for streaming, it is nearly impossible to find local channels on these apps.

That means it is important to invest in a quality over the air (OTA) indoor or outdoor antenna. We have tested out many OTA indoor and outdoor antennas and this article will help you make an educated decision when making a purchase.

There are hundreds of options when it comes to choosing an OTA Antenna.

Indoor and Outdoor antennas both have pros and cons and this guide will describe each to help you decide which is best for you.

Purchasing a TV Antenna will allow you to stream major networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and more in High Definition. And best of all, these local channels broadcast for FREE.

Best TV Antenna – Outdoor

When I canceled my DirecTV service a few years ago, I didn’t necessarily want to remove the dish from the top of the house in case I ever wanted to use the service again. So, I decided to purchase an OTA outdoor antenna that I could mount onto the dish itself.

After a few hours of research, I came across an outdoor antenna that was very inexpensive and had great reviews. That antenna is the RCA Compact Outdoor Yagi HDTV Antenna.

Currently, this is available for under $50 and plays video streams in 1080p HD and even 4k if your TV supports it.

The RCA Yagi Antenna has over a 70-mile radius and can withstand all weather conditions.

This is a sturdy OTA outdoor antenna that can be easily mounted with its included hardware. I simply removed the mount and pole and attached the antenna to the arm of our DirecTV dish.

However, you can also attach the antenna to a chimney, in the attic, or to your roof to reach a signal.

How To Install OTA Outdoor Antenna

One of the nice things about using an Outdoor antenna is that you can hook into your splitter within your home so that all TV connections within the home can use the connection.

Since my tv line was feeding off the DirecTV dish, I simply plugged the same cord into the OTA outdoor antenna and now every room in my home has the capability to receive these channels.

The RCA Yagi Mounted To My DirecTV Dish

Prior to going up onto the roof to attach the OTA outdoor antenna to the DirecTV dish, I had to determine where I needed to point the antenna.

I used the TV Fool Website to figure out where the transmitters were located by simply typing in my address. After locating the transmitters within my area, it was obvious that I had to point the antenna in the northwest direction since that was where the majority of the popular channels were located.

You will see the chart below that shows the OTA transmitters grouped within the northwest corner.

The TV Fool Web site is an awesome resource that you need to use. It will provide you with important information on where the closest transmitters are and how strong of a signal they are emitting.

After you type in your address into the tool, it will load a chart that displays all of the transmitters and will also provide color-coding on how strong or weak the signal is.

  • Green = OTA Indoor Antenna is probably sufficient to obtain these channels
  • Yellow = OTA Attic-mounted Antenna or Outdoor Antenna likely needed to obtain these channels
  • Red = OTA Roof-mounted Antenna is likely needed to obtain these channels
  • Gray = These channels are weak and most antennas won’t pull in the signal

Shown below is a list of the available channels you may receive after installing the RCA Yagi Outdoor Antenna

If you live in a location that provides numerous green signals, you will get by with an OTA indoor antenna.

Below, you will find some other popular Outdoor OTA Antennas that come well recommended by Amazon customers.

Best TV Antenna – Indoor

After using the TV Fool signal locator, you may find that an Indoor TV Antenna will suffice for all your local streaming needs. This is oftentimes the case in large cities or metro areas with multiple news outlets available.

Unfortunately, the OTA indoor antenna companies make some pretty large claims that usually aren’t true.

We have tested multiple options and finally found one that is fairly inexpensive and pulls in some transmitters that were registering Red on the TV Fool Signal Locator.

There are still some Red signals that it doesn’t bring in and that is the reason why I favor an OTA outdoor antenna if possible. I know that for some of you this is not possible due to the fact that you may live in an apartment or condo without outdoor access.

After testing, we have found the best OTA indoor antenna to be the Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna by U MUST HAVE.

This antenna broadcasts channels in full HD including 1080p and 4k. Currently, it is available for under $30.

This HD TV Antenna has a signal range of up to 120 miles and can broadcast all the local favorites from ABC, NBC, FOX, and more.

Users who purchase this TV Antenna will also have access to 24/7 Customer Support. Tech professionals are always standing by and ready to answer any questions you may have regarding this product.

Other Options for Local Channels

If you are looking for alternative ways to view local channels and news, there are a few options.

The following apps stream live news, highlights, and more from your local channel providers and are available for free.

However, you will need a streaming device such as a Firestick or Android TV Box to use these.


Stirr is a free live TV application that is available for installation on any device including firestick, android, PC, Mac, iOS, and more.

Not only does STIRR provide local news, it also has content including TV Series, live sports events, viral videos and more.

However, this app does contain ads that can often be annoying and overwhelming at times.

Haystack TV

Another free application users can install for local channels is the popular Haystack TV app.

Haystack is an all-encompassing resource for news that stays up to date with videos and live streams.

Currently, it features over 200 local and world TV channels for FREE.

This app is also available for installation on tons of different devices including Firestick, Android, iPhone & iPad, and more.

Best TV Antenna – Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get an Indoor or Outdoor TV Antenna

Oftentimes, the best bet for receiving OTA Channels is by using an Outdoor antenna. However, Indoor antennas are also a suitable option for those at an apartment.

What Channels Can I get with a TV Antenna?

Users can access popular local channels from ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and more.

Where can I purchase an OTA Antenna?

These are oftentimes available at supplier stores such as Wal-Mart, Dollar General, etc. However, there are tons of great options on Amazon as well.

Are there any apps I can use to get Local Channels?

Yes, there are a couple of apps that provide local channels that can be installed on nearly any device. These are covered in this guide.

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