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Best DnD 5E online character builders and creators

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In order to create a Dungeons and Dragons game, you needed to have endless sheets of paper that contained your characters’ stats, abilities inventories, special features, and other details. Online character builders mean that you don’t have to take a huge notebook with you to every session. All of your character’s information can be stored in an app, or on a website that is easy to access and edit.

These websites are great for new players looking for additional guidance in building their characters. Are you unable to remember the damage Rage does to your Barbarian attacks Your charactersheet will tell you.

Online character sheets have the added benefit of providing dice and adding up your rolls, which is useful if you or someone else doesn’t like math in stressful combat situations. Click on an attack or ability to have the website roll for you. This is especially useful for spells that are very high-level .

When choosing an online character builder, there are several things to take into consideration. Some builders limit the number of characters you can create. You may be asked to sign up for a subscription to this website or app to gain access to higher-level characters or custom options.

These are the top DnD5E online character builders and creators.

DnD Beyond

Pros – Multiclassing is available, creates characters levels 1-20 and offers exportable sheets. You can also get a character sheet and custom options

Cons – Only a few options are free. There is no randomization

DnD Beyond, although owned by Fandom is the official supported online character creator by Wizards of the Coast. You will need to buy supplemental books if you want to access spells, items or subclasses (aka the Core Rules).

If that bothers you, DnD Beyond offers a great character creator. There is a guide mode for beginners and a standard mode. The community also offers a variety of customizations and custom options. Dnd Beyond allows you to easily create custom content and share it either with your campaign members or the wider community.

Quick Character Builder

Pros – Builds characters from levels 1-20. It also gives you a character sheet and a randomizer.

Cons: No multiclass, no exportable character sheets, no custom options

This website is for you if you are a DM and need a character created on the double. The site will generate your character based on what you choose or randomly assign it to you. Random generation is great for balancing multiple characters and switching between their abilities.

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t support multiclassing or all the class options. Multiclassing options could make random generation of characters too complicated and lead to bizarre characters. This is less of an issue for DMs who are looking for NPCs that can populate their worlds quickly and easily.

Dungeon Master’s Vault

Pros – Multiclassing is available, creates characters levels 1-20 and offers exportable sheets. It also offers randomizers and custom options.

Cons – No sheets or stat blocks

Dungeon Master’s Vault is unique in a few ways. It is linked to Roll20 (detailed below), so if you are playing in Roll20 but don’t like their character maker, Dungeon Master’s Vault will allow you to port your character into Roll20.

Fun fact: As you create your character in Dungeon Master’s Vault you can view the changes to your character sheet live. Perhaps you like optimizing characters, or are interested in making a specific type of character. This feature will save you time and make it easy to see how your choices impact your overall build.


Pros – Multiclassing is available. It builds characters from levels 1-20. It also gives you a character sheet and offers custom options.

Cons : Not exportable, not randomization, must be part of access campaign.

Roll20 is a popular website that allows you to build characters and host campaigns. Roll20 is required to create or join a campaign in order to use the character builder. Roll20 can be used to help groups create custom maps and tokens.

There are many options to create your character, both custom and official. Multiclassing and levels 1-20 are supported by their character creator. Although they do not allow you to export your character sheets, it isn’t a major issue since many people who use them run their entire campaign through Roll20.

App 5e Companion

Pros – Multiclassing is available, creates characters levels 1-20 and gives you a charactersheet, offers randomizer and has custom options

Cons – Not exportable, a bit confusing for beginners

5e Companion app is a great choice if you want to always be able access everything from your smartphone. DnD Beyond offers an app but you cannot make any changes to the app. Just see your capabilities. You can do all of your tasks from your smartphone with 5e Companion

Although the app is complex, it can be confusing for beginners. 5e Companion will guide you through your character’s journey. The app can be used to quickly search for spells, enemies, or items. Instead of having your game paused and having other players wait while you read a book, the app allows you to do this without pausing.

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