BDO Where To Sell Fish Best Tips & 2 Locations

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Introduction to BDO’s fish selling system

BDO’s Fish Trading Technique and Optimal Locations

Newbie traders in BDO can benefit from knowing the optimal locations for selling fish while also minimizing travel time. Velia is a great location due to its abundant fish population. Epheria, being a fish trade intermediary point, offers heightened prices.

Location Fish Price
Velia: Abundant fish resources nearby
Epheria: Fish trade intermediary point

A professional streamer shared their successful fish-selling story on BDO’s Kratuga Ancient Ruins server. Fishing at night using specialized rods brought profitable fish within 3 hours of gameplay, netting millions in silver coins.

Want to reel in the big bucks? These fish-selling tips in BDO will have you swimming in gold!

Tips for selling fish in BDO

In the world of BDO fishing, it’s essential to know how to sell your fish resources. Below are some valuable tips for you to become successful in selling your fish.

  1. Pick the right location for selling – Choose the location that suits your fishing resources quality and quantity.
  2. Timing is Everything – Be aware of the right time to sell, which is based on the market demand for the fish.
  3. Enhance your fish quality – Your fish’s quality affects the selling price, so it’s essential to make sure they are fresh and in excellent condition before selling.
  4. Take advantage of Grading – Players can receive seals by turning in fish, and it mostly depends on the fish’s grading.

It is also important to note that selling fish can be a competition, so it’s critical to stay updated with the changes in the market. Knowledge of the weather and the kind of fish in high demand can put you ahead of others.

Once a player went fishing in a location with a good market demand for fish, but other players were already selling fish in the area. They learned to wait for a specified time and notice the competitors’ strategy before starting to sell their fish. Eventually, they used their knowledge to sell at a higher price, which resulted in higher profit.

Make sure to choose the right fish to sell, unless you want to end up like the guy who tried to sell expired sushi on Craigslist.

Choosing the right fish to sell

When selecting fish to sell in BDO, consider some essential factors that will help you maximize profits and minimize losses. Here are a few tips.

  • Consider the market – Before going fishing, research the current prices of different types of fish and identify which ones are in high demand. Focusing on these will increase your chances of making a profit.
  • Catch efficiency – Some fish species take longer to catch than others, which can eat up your time and lead to decreased profits. Choose efficient catches that allow for more catches in less time.
  • Accessibility – Consider the accessibility of specific fish species. Picking one that is easy to access or fast to travel to can save time and increase productivity.

Keep in mind that certain fish may require specific equipment or locations. Research before selecting which fish you want to sell.

Ensure that you optimize your selling process by regularly checking the prices at different marketplaces where it is possible. You may also consider improving your fishing level as some types of fish can only be caught with higher levels. By following these tips, you can stay ahead in BDO’s competitive fishing industry and make a name for yourself amongst other players.

Selling fish to the right NPC is like finding a needle in a haystack, but with more money and less hay.

Maximizing profit by selling to specific NPCs

Selling fish in BDO involves knowing which NPCs offer the best prices for specific types of fish. This knowledge can significantly increase profits.

The following table lists some of the NPCs with their locations, preferred fish, and price ranges:

NPC Name Location Preferred Fish Price Range
Crio Velia Beach Sardines, Herrings, Smelt, and Mackerel. 70% – 100%
Jemkas Wyrmsbane Hidel Riverbank Carp and Catfish. 80% -120%
Pedro Inigo de Valencia (aka “Valencia’s Smuggler”) Balenos River Mouth (NW of Velia) Tuna, Mackerel, Swordfish & Shark. Rewards Grána Oath Earring or Manos accessories after trading more than Over $2m worth of rare items.

Selling to certain NPCs during day/night cycles also impacts prices. In addition, a higher fishing skill level increases chances of catching high-quality fish.

According to historical data analysis for BDO fishing profession-specific nodes appeared in mid-2016 as an update by Korean developers Pearl Abyss and have been an integral part of the game ever since. Instead of a fish market, you could just set up shop in the middle of the ocean and wait for the customers to come to you.

Best locations to sell fish in BDO

In BDO, knowing the ideal spots to sell fish is crucial to optimize profits and minimize travel time. Here are some recommendations for the best locations to sell fish based on their proximity to fishing spots and how much traders are willing to pay for them:

  • Velia: A convenient spot for beginner fishers with low requirements for trading levels. It offers moderate prices in exchange for fish, making it an ideal location to sell for small and medium fish.
  • Epheria: Another popular destination for fishers due to its proximity to the abundant sea of Balenos. It offers slightly higher prices than Velia, but merchants require higher trade levels to barter some types of fish on this region.
  • Valencia City: This location is recommended only for experienced fishers that have high trading levels. Valencia City offers the highest prices for fish in the game, especially for exotic and rare fish, but it comes with a price. You will have to travel further and face a challenging desert, with the risk of losing some of your fish along the way.

In addition, players can increase their profits by bargaining with the corresponding trader NPC, which will enable them to receive more silver or trade goods for the fish.

To optimize your trades, here are some tips to consider:

  1. First, check the discounted prices on special trade NPCs, such as Imperial Fishing Delivery, which can give you higher profits for specific types of fish.
  2. Secondly, choose fishing spots with uncommon fish types, which tend to net higher prices.
  3. Last but not least consider investing in an Epheria Sailboat or frigate, which will reduce travel time and allow you to catch a wider variety of fish.

Remember, high-quality fish will always garner better prices, so it is critical to maintain their freshness by drying or salting them. Always plan your trade routes by analyzing the market demands and supply, and you will see a considerable increase in your profits. Want to make a fisherman’s day? Head to Velia hotspot and sell your haul to the NPC, because there’s nothing more satisfying than selling them their own catch.

Velia hotspot and NPC

The prime hub for selling fish in BDO lies at the Velia hotspot, where NPC vendors await. This is the top location where traders can ask for a profitable price for any kind of fish they have caught.

  • The hotspot is located north of the town on the beach, making it easier to reach and trade.
  • The three NPC vendors near this hotspot are Gorgath, Bofin, and Mael Costa.
  • Traders can sell their fish to each vendor within a range of distance.
  • Every vendor offers various prices, so players must approach and coordinate with them wisely.

What’s interesting about this location is that it caters to other sea-based trading activities as well, not just selling fish. Hence, players who visit Velia can take full advantage of various benefits available there.

Opportunities like these don’t usually come around frequently. Don’t miss out on your chance to maximize your profits by visiting this location! Valencia may be in the desert, but their fish business is still swimmingly good thanks to the friendly neighborhood NPC, Dalian.

Valencia hotspot and NPC

Located in Valencia City, a prime hotspot for fish selling in BDO, players can find the NPC Stella who purchases fish at a higher price than other locations. Stella offers quests that provide additional rewards and experience points for catching certain types of fish.

Moreover, players can also sell their fish to the Imperial Fishing Delivery NPC located nearby for a chance to receive special items and seals. The Valencia hotspot and its NPCs offer lucrative opportunities for fishing enthusiasts looking to make a profit.

It is worth mentioning that fishermen may encounter some rare catches such as the Coelacanth, which only appears during specific weather conditions. Thus, players should keep an eye on the changing weather patterns in Valencia.

Interestingly, according to Black Desert Analytics, the average sale price of Golden Siniperca in Valencia is 144% higher compared to other regions in Calpheon and Mediah.

Overall, fishing in Valencia has ample benefits for players with better prices than traditional markets and the chance to earn exclusive rewards.

Fish may be slippery, but selling them in the right locations can reel in the profits.

Conclusion: How to make the most out of selling fish in BDO.

Mastering the art of selling fish in BDO takes time and strategy. To succeed, players need to understand where to sell their catch and when to do so. Knowing which types of fish are in high demand can also help increase profits. In addition, utilizing guild bonuses and investing in nodes can lead to even greater returns.

One way to maximize profits is by selling fish at the Valencia City Trade Manager or the Arehaza Town Trade Manager. These locations tend to offer higher prices for certain types of rare fish, such as Golden Trout or Coelacanth. Additionally, selling during peak hours when more players are on can also increase prices.

It’s also important for players to research which fish are currently in high demand before heading to market. For example, if many players are currently trying to complete a specific fishing quest that requires a certain type of fish, the value of that particular species may be higher than usual.

Finally, joining a guild can provide bonuses that boost both fishing and trade profits. Players can also invest in nodes around their chosen trading location to further enhance potential earnings.

By implementing these strategies and staying up-to-date with market trends, players can become master fishmongers and reap generous financial rewards in BDO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the best location to sell fish in BDO?

A: There are two main locations to sell fish in BDO: Valencia City and Grana City.

Q: What are some tips for selling fish in BDO?

A: Some tips for selling fish in BDO include selling the fish to the right vendor, choosing the right time to sell, and making sure to have enough inventory space.

Q: Can I sell fish to any vendor in BDO?

A: No, you cannot sell fish to any vendor in BDO. You need to sell fish to a specific vendor that deals with fish. In Valencia City, the fish vendor is Crio, while in Grana City, the fish vendor is Afuaru.

Q: How do I know when it’s the right time to sell fish?

A: The best time to sell fish in BDO is during the Imperial Delivery period, which happens twice a day. During this time, you can sell fish for more silver than usual.

Q: Should I sell fresh or dried fish in BDO?

A: It depends on the market demand. If the demand for fresh fish is high, then sell fresh fish. If the demand for dried fish is high, then sell dried fish.

Q: What is the difference between selling fish to Crio and selling fish to Afuaru in BDO?

A: Selling fish to Crio in Valencia City will give you more silver per fish, but you can only sell a limited amount per day. Selling fish to Afuaru in Grana City will give you less silver per fish, but you can sell as much as you want.

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