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Arcane Focus in DnD 5E explained

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The Wizard grated his teeth as he watched the demons rushing out of the cave’s mouth. His hands were white and he held the staff in one hand. He dragged the staff along the floor in an arc and then he raised the end above his head with a flourish. The tip of the staff unleashed its fury and slapped the floor with a bolt lightning. It ripped through the crowd and left nothing but the stench of burned meat.

An Arcane Focus allows certain classes cast a spell without the need to provide that component. This is how Lightning Bolt can be cast using a staff instead of rabbit fur and a rod of glass, as the Wizard did in the introduction.

Two exceptions apply: If a spell states that it requires the material component, or that it consumes the gold part cost, then this component must be provided. A focus cannot replace it.

An Arcane focus can be used by the Sorcerer and Warlock classes. These classes have the option to choose one of these Focuses:

  • An orb
  • Crystal clear
  • Specially designed staff
  • A length of wood that is wand-like

You may be able to use your DM to add other items as a Focus. You may be able gain benefits from Foci if you play in the world Eberron. For example, minor fire damage, if your wand contains a specific wood, this could allow you to get more fire damage.

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