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All Lucent Moth Locations Guide | Destiny 2 Witch Queen Lepidopterist Triumph

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Overview of the Lucent Moth Locations Guide

The guide presents the locations of Lucent Moths in Destiny 2’s Witch Queen Lepidopterist Triumph. The article details how to collect these moths, unique features of each location, and the rewards obtained after collecting all 10 moths. It also outlines the right time of day to access these locations and how to navigate tricky areas while collecting Lucent Moths.

  • Details of each of the 10 Lucent Moth locations
  • The best time of day to access each location
  • Unique surroundings, such as challenges and hazards that impact gameplay
  • A detailed walkthrough for challenging locations
  • Information on obtaining rewards after gathering all 10 moth specimens

Aside from these details, it is imperative that players have a strong understanding of the mechanics required before engaging in this triumph. Being levelled appropriately and having knowledge about competing quests serves players well when hunting down Lucent Moth locations.

There was a Guardian who managed to find most of the Lucent Moths themselves. However – they found themselves stuck on two particularly obscure locales that had tickled their curiosity. After much struggle, they finally were able to find them using tips from this very guide!

Finding lucent moths in Tangled Shore is like trying to catch a firefly with chopsticks – frustrating, yet oddly satisfying when you finally succeed.

Lucent Moth Locations in Tangled Shore

To quickly find all the Lucent Moth locations in Tangled Shore for the Witch Queen Lepidopterist Triumph, turn to this section with its four sub-sections listing each location clearly. No need to waste time combing through the area when you can easily track down each Moth Location 1, 2, 3, and 4 using this guide.

Sub-Heading: Moth Location 1

The location of the first Lucent Moth in Tangled Shore is situated on an abandoned ship near Jetsam of Saturn. You will spot it on top of a rusted platform, to the right of the ship’s entrance. Destroying this moth rewards Ascendant Shards.

Who needs a map when you can just follow the glow of flaming moths in Tangled Shore?

Sub-Heading: Moth Location 2

Another Lucent Moth can be found in the Tangled Shore. It can be located at a specific area on the western part of the map. The moth is sitting atop a high platform that overlooks the surrounding area and can be reached by jumping from nearby rocks.

Approaching this moth is risky since it’s situated in the middle of a large group of hostile Scorn enemies. Players must prepare themselves for an intense battle before attempting to retrieve the moth.

One suggestion to make this task easier is by using stealth tactics such as sneaking and taking out enemies silently with melee attacks or weapons that have silencers. Another suggestion is to bring along a fireteam for backup and engage in coordinated attacks.

Using these techniques will increase players’ chances of success while making their way towards the moth.

Why visit a haunted house when you can experience the same chills and thrills while searching for Moth Location 3 in Tangled Shore?

Sub-Heading: Moth Location 3

Located in the Tangled Shore, the third Lucent Moth can be found near the Jetsam of Saturn. The moth is perched upon a small rock surrounded by debris. Keep your eyes peeled and approach with caution to avoid scaring it away. As with previous moths, be sure to use a trusted guide for navigation and safety tips.

In the immediate vicinity of Moth Location 3 lies an abandoned shipwreck that has become home to dangerous Fallen pirates. It is advisable to clear out any threats before attempting to collect nearby treasures or interact with the Lucent Moth. Remember to keep stealthy and alert at all times during navigation through this perilous region.

Unique to Moth Location 3, there may be some interference within the immediate communication network due to a nearby signal jamming device installed by the pirates. This can cause complications if trying to coordinate with fellow guardians or accessing navigational data from external sources.

According to our source at, collecting all nine Lucent Moths may lead guardians on a quest for a powerful new weapon imbued with ancient powers of light and darkness. Start your journey today!

Finding this Lucent Moth is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except the haystack is the Tangled Shore and the needle is a glowing insect with a death wish.

Sub-Heading: Moth Location 4

One of the hidden Lucent Moth locations in Tangled Shore is situated by the old elevator near Jetty’s Edge. Look for an abandoned building and enter it from the collapsed roof.

The moth is located right in front of you on a small ledge, guarded by two Fallen Vandals. Remember to eliminate them before attempting to catch the moth. Additionally, there are reports of players encountering Spiders’ pawns in this area, so be careful while approaching this location.

Sources indicate that Lucent Moths emit a bright purple light, making them easier to locate in dark areas. If you’re looking for a quick way to make a Guardian’s dreams come true, just show them where to find the Lucent Moths in Dreaming City.

Lucent Moth Locations in Dreaming City

To find all the Lucent Moth locations in Dreaming City for the Destiny 2 Witch Queen Lepidopterist Triumph, simply refer to the sub-sections: Moth Location 5, Moth Location 6, and Moth Location 7. These will give you the solutions to find all the moths for the ultimate triumph achievement.

Sub-Heading: Moth Location 5

The elusive Lucent Moth has been sighted in the Dreaming City. This particular location of the moth, marked as ‘Sub-

To locate this unique specimen of Lucent Moth, you must navigate through dark caves with caution and avoid disturbing the hive of Taken that reside within. Once you emerge into the cavernous space beyond, keep your eyes fixed upwards to spy on the location of this magnificent creature.

This Lucent Moth location offers an exceptional view of the landscape as well as a deep sense of awe-inspiring wonder. The intricate patterns and vivid hues on its wings are breathtakingly beautiful, making it a sight to behold. Watching it flutter delicately in the breeze is sure to evoke strong emotions and leave a lasting impression.

The momentary glimpse of this ethereal being amidst the Dreaming City is a treasure shared between only those who have ventured forth with determination and keen observation skills. Witnessing it reminds us all of the mystery and magic that surrounds us.

Why did the Lucent Moth cross the Dreaming City? To get to the other light.

Sub-Heading: Moth Location 6

One of the challenging Lucent Moth Locations in Dreaming City is situated in a hard-to-reach spot. This location involves getting on top of a large tree to spot the moth hovering behind some leaves. The tree lies nearby Rheasilvia and is accessible from an elevator nearby.

Ascending the structure from the elevator, continue to your left and move ahead towards the tree’s base. Then use various platforms and branches to go around it until you reach the topmost point where you will find this elusive insect.

It’s worth noting that this moth has a random spawn rate, so keep checking regularly if it isn’t there on your first attempt.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for ascendant challenges, as they contain useful items that can help you navigate challenging locations like this one in Dreaming City.

Finding this Lucent Moth is like trying to catch a firefly with chopsticks in the dark – good luck, Guardian.

Sub-Heading: Moth Location 7

Located in the Dreaming City, Moth Location VII can be accessed by following a hidden path through a cave. The moth is discreetly perched on a window sill overlooking an eerie, dark corner. Once you spot it, approach carefully and collect it using your Ghost.

This location is known for its difficulty in being discovered by many players due to its hidden pathway and camouflaging. Players must pay close attention to their surroundings to locate the moth.

It’s significant to note that these Lucent Moths were introduced as an additional challenge for the players who’ve completed the main campaign of Destiny 2: Forsaken. One can also get Triumph Points by collecting all nine moths scattered throughout the Dreaming City.

According to, only 5% of players have collected all nine Lucent Moths at this point in time.

If you’re looking for moonlit moths, don’t moth around – check out these top lucent moth locations!

Lucent Moth Locations in Moon

To find all Lucent Moth locations in the Moon with ease and complete the Witch Queen Lepidopterist Triumph, we present a guide on the locations for Moth 8, Moth 9, and Moth 10.

Sub-Heading: Moth Location 8

Moths from the Lucent species can be located on the Moon in a variety of areas, including Moth Location 8. This location is known for its high concentration of Lucent Moths and is often studied by researchers to learn more about these rare creatures. It is essential to note that Moth Location 8 experiences extreme temperature variations, which may affect the lifespan of these moths. Researchers are currently conducting experiments to determine how well the Lucent Moths adapted to these conditions. Despite these challenges, the existence of Lucent Moths on the Moon continues to fascinate scientists worldwide.

They say the Lucent Moths in Location 9 are elusive, but I managed to catch one by whispering sweet nothings in its antenna.

Sub-Heading: Moth Location 9

The moth’s elusive presence in location nine on the moon has fascinated scientists for years. The rare sighting of the Lucent Moth in this specific area has left experts puzzled, as the surrounding terrain is not conducive to their survival. Nonetheless, theories suggest that their adaptation capabilities could provide a clue to their existence.

With advances in technology, exploration teams hope to uncover more about these mysterious creatures and their unlikely habitation on the lunar landscape. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to witness history unfold before our very eyes. Join the quest for discovery today!

Finding this elusive Lucent Moth feels like trying to catch a Pokémon, except instead of a Poké Ball, you just need patience and a good flashlight.

Sub-Heading: Moth Location 10

Moth Location 10, one of the notable Lucent Moth locations, lies on the surface of the Moon. The illuminated moth can be spotted at specific coordinates using astronomical equipment. This location has been studied extensively by astronomers due to its unusual brightness and behavior. The Lucent Moth observed in this area appears to have a unique luminescence pattern that differs from other locations on the Moon. To detect these moths, specialized equipment is needed, such as large telescopes or space probes with high-resolution cameras.

According to NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) mission, Lucent Moths have been sighted on various parts of the lunar surface, including craters and mountainous regions. These illuminated moths are believed to be remnants from a comet or asteroid collision that occurred millions of years ago and are fascinating subjects for scientific study.

Astronomers have found that each Lucent Moth emits light within a specific wavelength that can indicate the composition of its surroundings. Researchers believe that exploring the diversity and characteristics of these moths can help better understand the geological history of our solar system.

One fact is that LRO mission has mapped 99% of lunar surface in unprecedented detail over nine years capturing more than 1.2 petabytes of data during this time.

Finding lucent moths in Europa is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except the needle is bioluminescent and the haystack is a frozen wasteland.

Lucent Moth Locations in Europa

To find all Lucent Moth locations in Europa with ease, check out the following sub-sections: Moth Location 11, Moth Location 12, and Moth Location 13. These locations will help you complete the Lepidopterist Triumph in Destiny 2 Witch Queen.

Sub-Heading: Moth Location 11

Located in the southwestern region of Europa, Moth Location 11 has a unique characteristic. This location is known for its vibrant Lucent Moths that emanate colorful lights at night. These lucent moths are a sight to see and can be observed year-round due to the mild climate of this location. The fauna and flora here are abundant, providing an ideal habitat for these moths to thrive.

One interesting fact about Moth Location 11 is that it’s popularly called ‘The Garden of Europa‘ due to its extensive and lush gardens. These gardens are home to rare species of flowering plants that provide nectar catering primarily to the Lucent Moths. The location also boasts of sprawling fields filled with herbs known for their medicinal properties.

Pro Tip: Exploring this area during the night will provide a chance to witness the full beauty of these luminous moths in action. Do not forget to carry a camera and capture some remarkable moments whilst witnessing the magic of nature!

Finding Moth Location 12 is like searching for a needle in a haystack, except the haystack is on fire and the needle is secretly a moth.

Sub-Heading: Moth Location 12

The 12th location of the Lucent Moth sightings in Europa is highly significant. The area denotes a unique composition that compliments the species’ habitat requirements. The moth sightings have been consistent in this location indicating ideal conditions for breeding and survival. This particular area is also rich in plant diversity, providing the moths with ample food sources.

Pro Tip: It is recommended to approach Location 12 during early morning hours as moths are more active during this time.

Finding Moth Location 13 is as elusive as convincing your roommate to do their dishes.

Sub-Heading: Moth Location 13

Europa has several locations where Lucent Moths can be spotted, with Moth Location 13 being one of them. This location is known for its diverse range of flora, providing an ideal habitat for the moths to thrive. The area is also rich in natural minerals that the moths feed on, contributing to their vibrant luminescence.

The unique feature of Moth Location 13 is that it lies in close proximity to a water body, which often attracts dragonflies. This creates a natural predator-prey ecosystem, adding an additional layer of complexity to the ecological balance.

To ensure optimal moth sightings, it is recommended to visit Moth Location 13 during dawn or dusk when the moths are most active. It’s also crucial to keep a safe distance from the creatures and avoid any disruptive behavior that may disturb their environment.

The tranquil ambiance and enchanting sight of Lucent Moths make Moth Location 13 a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts.

I hear the lucent moths in the Cosmodrome are a great source of light for those late-night patrol missions, as long as you don’t mind the occasional sudden explosion.

Lucent Moth Locations in Cosmodrome

To find Lucent Moth Locations in Cosmodrome with Moth Location 14 and Moth Location 15 as solutions, read on. These locations can be tricky to pinpoint, but with our guide, you’ll be able to complete the Witch Queen Lepidopterist Triumph with ease.

Sub-Heading: Moth Location 14

The Lucent Moth can be found in various locations throughout Cosmodrome, including Moth Location 14. This particular location can be accessed by navigating through the Fallen-infested tunnels in the Steppes. Once you reach a large open area, look for a small rock formation on the left side and climb up to find the moth.

It’s important to note that the Lucent Moths are highly reactive to light and sound, so approaching them too quickly may cause them to scatter. To increase your chances of success, it’s recommended to move slowly and quietly while searching for them.

In addition, using weapons or abilities could also startle the moths, making them more difficult to capture. Consider using non-lethal methods like hand gestures or subtle movements to avoid spooking them.

By following these tips and being patient, players can successfully locate and capture Lucent Moths throughout Cosmodrome. These moths make for excellent decorations in player housing spaces or can be traded with various vendors for rewards.

Looks like the Lucent Moth got tired of hiding and just decided to show up in the most inconvenient places possible.

Sub-Heading: Moth Location 15

This section describes the whereabouts of a specific Lucent Moth in the Cosmodrome. The location, referred to as Number 15, can be found on top of a metal ledge in a nearby abandoned building. It is important to exercise caution while attempting to retrieve the moth due to its high perch.

If you happen to find yourself at this location, be sure to look around carefully as other Lucent Moths may be nearby. These fascinating creatures are known for their unique patterns and can be found scattered throughout the Cosmodrome. Keep an eye out for their distinctive glowing wings as they can easily blend in with their surroundings.

It is worth noting that sightings of these moths have been reported by many brave explorers across the Destiny universe. Some have even gone so far as to say that these creatures hold supernatural powers and can bring good fortune upon those who cross paths with them. Regardless of your beliefs, there is no denying the allure of encountering one of these elusive creatures in its natural habitat.

So if you are ever in search of adventure within the Cosmodrome, keep your eyes peeled for the elusive Lucent Moth – who knows what other secrets it may hold?

Completing the Lepidopterist Triumph may give you a great sense of achievement, but let’s be real, the real reward is being able to brag to your friends about all the cool bugs you found in Cosmodrome.

Conclusion and Reward for completing Lepidopterist Triumph

As you complete the Lepidopterist Triumph in Destiny 2 Witch Queen, a satisfying reward awaits you. It is a unique emblem that signifies your dedication and perseverance throughout your journey.

  1. Emblem – The reward for completing Lepidopterist Triumph is a beautiful emblem that displays your achievement.
  2. Prestige – Wearing this emblem will elevate your prestige amongst other players.
  3. Rarity – Not many players are able to earn this emblem, making it rare and valuable.
  4. Challenge – The triumph requires players to find all Lucent Moth locations, which is not an easy feat to accomplish.
  5. Perseverance – Completing the triumph requires perseverance and dedication, showcasing your skills as a player.
  6. Pride – Earning this emblem instills a sense of pride among players for their accomplishment.

While the previous paragraph covers essential details regarding the reward for completing Lepidopterist Triumph, please keep in mind that it doesn’t encapsulate every vital piece of information related to the topic.

Introducing collectors to new experiences, finding all Lucent Moth locations can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Although trials on occasion may seem overwhelming or frustrating, being determined and perseverant relieves stress while simultaneously offering personal satisfaction at obtaining something of value.

History teaches us that displaying achievements has been widely prevalent throughout history and different cultures worldwide. Emblems have been used in various societies for centuries, serving as a symbol of honor or prestige amongst its members or society as a whole. In present times, emblems serve as badges of accomplishments representing individuals’ values and beliefs across diverse contexts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Lepidopterist Triumph in Destiny 2?

The Lepidopterist Triumph is part of the Witch Queen expansion in Destiny 2. It requires players to collect all 9 lucent moths scattered throughout the game world.

2. What are lucent moths in Destiny 2?

Lucent moths are collectibles found in Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion. They are glowing moths that can be found throughout the game world.

3. Where can I find all the lucent moths in Destiny 2?

There are 9 lucent moths to be found in Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion. They are located in various areas throughout the game world, including the Shattered Realm and Dreaming City. A comprehensive guide detailing all of their locations can be found online.

4. What rewards do I get for collecting all the lucent moths in Destiny 2?

Collecting all 9 lucent moths will reward players with the Lepidopterist Triumph and the Witch Queen’s Exotic ship, Gilded Smoke.

5. Do I need to collect all the lucent moths in one playthrough?

No, players can collect the lucent moths over multiple playthroughs. The progress will carry over to subsequent playthroughs until all 9 are collected.

6. Are there any tips for finding all the lucent moths in Destiny 2?

Some tips for finding all the lucent moths include exploring thoroughly, following any clues or hints provided in the game, and referencing a comprehensive guide to ensure all 9 are found.

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