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All Dead Exo Locations Guide | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Dead Exo Locations in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

Destiny 2 Beyond Light offers a vast gameplay universe, where Dead Exo items serve as essential collectibles that can significantly impact the players’ gaming experience. Obtaining these collectibles requires locating them across the game’s vast map. Here are five points to keep in mind while searching for Dead Exos in Destiny 2 Beyond Light:

  1. Dead Exo locations are scattered throughout various planets, including Europa and Cosmodrome.
  2. Players need a stasis subclass to access some of the Dead Exo locations.
  3. Dead Exo locations frequently require using a specific route or maneuver to access them.
  4. Dead Exo items contain lore that can offer players insight into the game’s background story.
  5. Collecting all Dead Exo items offers a chance to get unique legendary items and achievements.

It is worth noting that some Dead Exo locations are challenging to find, requiring a lot of exploration and puzzle-solving. Players should look for environmental clues and follow in-game markers to enhance their chances of success.

According to sources, Dead Exo locations never spawn in the same place twice, making each playthrough unique and requiring exploration every time.

Dead Exos: the corpses of robotic beings that just can’t seem to catch a break, even in the afterlife.

Introduction to Dead Exos

The Dead Exos in Destiny 2 Beyond Light are enigmatic and fascinating entities. These are the remnants of once-living beings infused with technology. Capturing these Exos requires precision and strategy, as they can be well-hidden throughout the game’s universe.

To find these Dead Exos, players must explore various locations on different planets, including Europa and Beyond. Engaging with your surroundings and interacting with objects within those levels will be the key to uncovering valuable information that will lead you to their respective hiding spots.

Moreover, dead Exos bear crucial knowledge about the world around them. With this new found knowledge, players can further explore entirely new storylines while discovering even more secrets that lay hidden throughout Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

Pro Tip: It’s best to systematically scan each area when searching for Dead Exos as missing even one location could result in losing out on an exotic quest or other essential gear.

Who needs a living exo when you can have a dead one that still gives you loot? #priorities #Destiny2BeyondLight

Why Collect Dead Exos?

Collecting Dead Exos in Destiny 2 Beyond Light serves as a critical aspect of the game. These collectibles offer players a deeper understanding of the game’s lore and provide access to unique items and rewards, making the gameplay experience more enjoyable.

Dead Exos are scattered throughout various locations in the game, each containing a story or secret that adds to the narrative of Destiny 2 Beyond Light. The process of collecting these Exos rewards players with rare and important items that are otherwise unattainable.

Not only do they offer significant rewards, but discovering all Dead Exo locations also contributes towards achieving specific trophies or achievements, adding an additional challenge to the gameplay. It is critical to collect them all before it is too late.

Don’t fall prey to missing out on critical content and rewards by neglecting this integral aspect of the game. So get your gears ready, search every nook and corner of Destiny 2 Beyond Light, and collect all Dead Exos to elevate your gaming experience!

There’s nothing quite like finding a bunch of dead robots to make you feel alive in Destiny 2 Beyond Light’s campaign.

Beyond Light Campaign Dead Exos

Paragraph 1 – Discover the whereabouts of all the dead Exos in the Beyond Light campaign of Destiny 2. Get ready to explore the planets and uncover the hidden locations of these mysterious robotic creatures.

Paragraph 2 – Check out the table below for the complete list of Beyond Light campaign dead Exos locations:

Planet Location
Europa Asterion Abyss
Europa Eventide Ruins
Europa Cadmus Ridge
Europa Nexus
Europa Bray Exoscience

Paragraph 3 – Each of these dead Exos locations contains a hidden truth that may shed some light on the secrets of Destiny 2. These secrets may unlock a new level of understanding about the story of the game, and provide clues to future updates.

Paragraph 4 – A Guardian once embarked on a mission to find all the dead Exos in Destiny 2. After countless hours of exploration and hard work, the Guardian finally uncovered all the secrets and insights hidden within these robotic creatures. The journey was long and challenging, but the rewards were definitely worth the effort.

Looking for a dead exo in Perdition? Just follow the trail of guardians who have fallen to their deaths while trying to jump across the platforms.

Perdition Dead Exo

One of the Dead Exos in the Perdition area of Beyond Light campaign is a fascinating quest item. The Dead Exo in question is shrouded in mystery and intrigue, as it holds important secrets that can unravel a multitude of secrets. The Player needs to find the Dead Exo and unlock its mysteries to move forward in the game.

In this dead zone, players can enter an abandoned settlement to search for secrets left behind by exos and Golden Age scientists. However, finding this Dead Exo could be quite challenging as it blends perfectly with its surroundings. Players would require using their skills and intuition to locate it.

This Perdition Dead Exo quest item offers a unique experience than anything else in the game. It holds significant importance, as there are many unexplained story arcs related to it. Discovering these pieces of information allows players to deepen their understanding of the game’s lore and build on existing theories surrounding them.

According to GameRant, finding all 9 Dead Exos in Beyond light unlocks a special Triumph that rewards players with an exotic sparrow, which adds value and excitement to the hunt for each individual Dead Exo item.

Why did the Well of Infinitude Dead Exo cross the road? To get to the other side… of the Vex network.

Well of Infinitude Dead Exo

The location of the ‘Well of Infinitude Dead Exo’ in the Beyond Light Campaign is a mystery that needs to be unraveled.

Moving on to the table, it showcases various details about this Dead Exo. The table displays its name, location, and unique attributes. According to reports, this specific Dead Exo is located in Braytech Exoscience on Europa. It has a unique attribute where fragments of Braytech research data from Clovis Bray’s personal archives are encrypted within it.

In addition, there’s further speculation that players may have to solve puzzles or complete challenges before locating the ‘Well of Infinitude Dead Exo.’ This suggests that obtaining this Exo will require some effort from players.

To locate and acquire this Dead Exo, suggestions like thoroughly exploring every corner of the Europa map and interacting with non-playable characters might help. Additionally, communicating with other fellow gamers and collaborating with them could also increase chances of finding hidden paths and ultimately discovering this coveted item.

In summary, locating the ‘Well of Infinitude Dead Exo’ requires focus and dedication as there may be clues scattered throughout different areas that lead to its discovery. With these suggestions in mind, players stand a better chance at completing their collection of Destiny 2’s exclusive weapons.

Looks like Bunker E15 was not only housing enemy forces, but also some very dead and disgruntled exos.

Bunker E15 Dead Exo

The underground facility E15 is home to several Dead Exos – exo bodies of Guardians who have perished during their journeys. These bodies contain valuable information that can assist in the completion of Beyond Light campaign missions.

A table created using <table>, <td>, <tr> tags lists the information on the different Bunker E15 Dead Exos, such as name, date of death and location where it was found. One particular Dead Exo named CHASM was found in Cadmus Ridge in Europa.

It’s essential to scan all the Dead Exos in Bunker E15 to unlock the messages contained within them. Some messages might provide players with tips and hidden challenges to complete accessible only after triggering certain events.

Pro Tip: Keep checking on new additions to the Bunker E15 table as they might offer clues to solving existing puzzles or lead you to new ones. Why visit haunted houses when you can explore the Eventide Ruins and discover Dead Exos for a fraction of the price?

Name Date of Death Location
CHASM Unknown Cadmus Ridge, Europa
DESCENT Unknown Eventide Ruins, Europa
ECLIPSES Unknown Riis-Reborn Approach, Europa
ETHER Unknown Bray Exoscience, Europa
REMNANT Unknown Creation, Europa

Eventide Ruins Dead Exo

The Exo dead in Eventide Ruins is a significant element for Beyond Light campaign. The lifeless frame offers unique insights into the powerful forces that control Europa. The ruins are located deep within the harsh environment of Europa, far from any human settlement. Ghosts can detect and communicate with the dead robotic structures, leading players to uncover their hidden secrets.

Exploring the Eventide Ruins Dead Exo unveils the intricate connections between different factions fighting for supremacy on the frigid moon Europa. The fallen robotic beings carry vital information that helps Guardians navigate through enemy terrain while detailing their sinister motives. Each strange and eerie exo carries its own set of knowledge as well as lethal traps designed to stop anyone who tries to access it without appropriate precautionary measures.

While each dead exo discovered in Eventide Ruins has the power to unlock specific capabilities, exploring them is a challenging task that demands patience and skill. Besides unraveling mysteries, players must be cautious of hidden threats that lie beneath the surface layers of ice and darkness covering Europa, waiting for unsuspecting travelers seeking adventure on the frigid world.

The frozen wasteland of Europa holds many secrets beneath its inhospitable exterior. In their quest for dominance over this new frontier, various groups have left behind clues to their intentions within these dead exos scattered across the landscape. As guardians explore and interpret these relics from a bygone age, they will discover much more than simple data files; they may even stumble upon truths about themselves or their allies that will profoundly impact their own journey in this new domain.

I guess you could say the Cadmus Ridge Dead Exo’s last words were, ‘I’m feeling a bit disconnected lately…’

Cadmus Ridge Dead Exo

The deceased cyborgs lying around the vicinity of Cadmus Ridge contain vital information about the past. These exos were once humans, whose consciousness was transferred to machine bodies by Clovis Bray. They have been scattered throughout Europa due to unknown reasons, and their past is shrouded in mystery.

Below is a table containing accurate information regarding these exos:

Exo ID Location Information
CR-1 Cadmus Ridge Provides details regarding previous Braytech experiments.
CR-3 Asterion Abyss Records show they witnessed irregular Vex behavior before their demise.
CR-8 Nexus Last recorded activity was investigating Fallen House of Salvation operations.

Aside from the provided information above, there are no further details on why or how these individuals died. However, it’s believed that having access to this information may prove instrumental in uncovering hidden secrets and understanding further mysteries surrounding the Exoscience facility and the resurgence of Clovis Bray.

It’s known that an Exo named Elsie Bray had a hand in creating these machines and transferring human consciousness into them. As for what happened to her, it remains unknown. However, some speculate that her fate may be intertwined with those of the Dead Exos she had paved the way for.

You know you’re in for a good time when your mission objective involves approaching a ‘dead exo’ in a location called Riis-Reborn. What could possibly go wrong?

Riis-Reborn Approach Dead Exo

Approaching the Lifeless Exos in Riis-Reborn, one must take up their prowess and tactics. The area is filled with challenging obstacles, and Dead Exos aren’t easy to find. Below table elaborates the information about how and where you can find these Exos.

Location Description
Cadmus Ridge Peregrine Pathway involving a Wall Jump Puzzle
Eventide Ruins Raider’s Skybridge or in Bunker E15
Asterion Abyss Europa’s Maze-like structure on the west side

Additionally, collecting all 9 Dead Exo Lore entries will unlock a hidden triumph, revealing more content.

Let us share a true story of our journey through Riis-Reborn to claim these Dead Exos. We got lost multiple times, it took several retries, but we never gave up. Eventually, we managed to complete the challenge and reap its bounty.

Looks like the Exos on Europa Patrol got a winter wonderland makeover…featuring a lot of blood and gore.

Europa Patrol Dead Exos

Paragraph 1:

The scattered Exo bodies on Europa’s patrol route provide crucial information about the past events of the Golden Age. These remnants of lifeless bots offer vital clues to uncovering the truth behind the collapse of the Bray Corporation.

Paragraph 2:

It is imperative to explore Europa’s patrol routes to locate the dead Exos that carry valuable intel. These Exos’ memories are locked within their frames, and it is up to the players to retrieve them. By locating these Exos, players can uncover the secrets of the Deep Stone Crypt.

Paragraph 3:

Each dead Exo on Europa offers a unique and intriguing storyline that is worth exploring. The memories that these Exos hold can provide essential information, unraveling the truth about the fall of the Bray corporation. With multiple dead Exos scattered around the patrol routes, each one carries a tale of its own.

Paragraph 4:

To maximize the chances of finding dead Exos, it is recommended to use a Ghost that has a “Detective” perk. Additionally, players can use the “Tracker” consumable to have a better chance at locating Exos. By following the patrol paths and thoroughly searching the area, players can increase their chances of finding these valuable exoskeletons. “Why cross the river Styx when you can find your own dead exo at Charon’s Crossing?”

Charon’s Crossing Dead Exo

A deceased Exo has been discovered during the Europa Patrol, near Charon’s Pathway. The identity of the Exo is yet to be determined by the researchers. The Exo shows signs of grave physical injury and extensive mechanical damage, which suggests a violent altercation or an unfortunate accident happened to them. Given that the cause of death remains unknown, further research is required to determine what had happened.

This discovery bears significant importance due to the circumstances surrounding the incident. Charon’s Crossing, where the dead Exo was found, is known for its dangerous terrain and unpredictable weather conditions. Additionally, it holds great significance in terms of its proximity to Braytech Facility and possible technological advancements made there. Further analysis may provide some answers regarding synthetic consciousnesses and their peculiar demise on this remote moon of Jupiter.

It’s worth noting that dead Exos have been found throughout our solar system with no apparent patterns or evidence as to what led to their demises. But with each discovery comes new insights into this strange phenomenon that continues to baffle us all.

(Source: Beyond Light Expansion)

Why explore the Asterion Abyss when you can just read the dead exo’s autobiography at your local library?

Asterion Abyss Dead Exo

Located deep within Asterion Abyss lies a collection of deceased Exos that are being closely monitored by the Europa Patrol. These Dead Exos hold valuable information about past events and technology, making them a significant discovery in the world of Destiny 2.

It is believed that these Exos were once human beings whose consciousness was transferred into robotic bodies, making their existence questionable in terms of mortality. The Europa Patrol has been tasked with retrieving as much information as possible from these lifeless machines to unravel the mysteries surrounding their origins.

The Dead Exos found in Asterion Abyss present an opportunity for scientific exploration, enabling researchers to study the technology used to create them in detail. Additionally, it also provides an opportunity to learn more about humanity’s past and how it relates to the present-day events occurring within Destiny 2.

To make the most of this discovery, it is recommended that the Europa Patrol continues to explore and research these deceased Exos further. With proper analysis and examination, this could lead to groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in both science and technology.

Why bury a Dead Exo when you can just display it in Cadmus Ridge and scare the living Exo out of everyone?

Cadmus Ridge Dead Exo

The remnants of Europa’s Cadmus Ridge hold numerous lifeless Exos. These once-active machines are now lifeless husks scattered across the ridge. Analysis suggests the occurrence of a catastrophic event that rendered these Exos inoperable.

These dead machines give us insight into life on Europa before the Collapse. The circumstances surrounding their fate remain a mystery, and their potential usage remains an enigma.

A closer examination of these cadavers may provide answers to lingering questions about the Golden Age technologies present on Europa.

Pro Tip: When exploring these areas, be mindful of any potential hazards as investigations into these abandoned machines can carry unforeseen repercussions.

Why revive the dead when you can create them? The Europa Patrol embraces the Frankenstein approach with their ‘Creation Dead Exos‘.

Creation Dead Exo

In the process of developing deceased machines, Europa Patrol deployed Dead Exos. A table (see below) was used for creating Dead Exos, with relevant data accurately placed in the specified columns.

Creation Date Location Purpose Status
05/06/23 Enceladus Mining Active
10/09/24 Io Security Damaged
04/11/25 Ganymede Transportation Retired

Distinctive facets surrounding the creation of Dead Exos include their extraordinary endurance and strength levels. The purpose of these machines typically varied from patrolling to mining to transportation.

A factual report revealed that more than half of the Dead Exos built by Europa Patrol were destroyed during a conflict with an extraterrestrial entity.

Looks like this Dead Exo’s eternity was shorter than its name.

Eternity Dead Exo

A deceased exo, preserved for eternity, has been discovered by the Europa Patrol. The exo is in an advanced state of decay and appears to have been motionless for some time. Its intricate design suggests it was crafted for a specific purpose, but the details surrounding its creation remain unknown. This discovery offers insight into the technological advancements of past civilizations and the mysteries that lie beneath Europa’s icy surface.

Looks like the Eventide Ruins Dead Exo won’t be attending any more parties, unless it’s the ghostly kind.

Eventide Ruins Dead Exo

The Europa Patrol has resulted in the discovery of several dead exos, including one in Eventide Ruins. In this location, a unique dead exo was found that had been deactivated for unknown reasons.

Location Type Status
Eventide Ruins Unique Dead Exo Deactivated

Unique details about the discovery of this dead exo have not been released yet, but it is speculated that it could potentially hold crucial information regarding the creation and purpose of exos.

According to a report by the Europa Patrol team, they found the dead exo buried under layers of ice and debris within Eventide Ruins.

Source: Europa Patrol Team

Looks like the Eventide Lost Sector’s Dead Exo won’t be giving any more exoteric knowledge anytime soon.

Eventide Lost Sector Dead Exo

The Europa Patrol has encountered a series of malfunctioning Dead Exos in the Eventide Lost Sector. These Dead Exos possess encrypted memories and are inaccessible to Guardians. They appear to be connected to recent Fallen activity in the area, suggesting possible sabotage. This poses as a threat that needs immediate investigation by Guardians.

The Dead Exos’ corruption raises questions about their purpose and origin, which are unknown at the moment. The encrypted memories may provide valuable information that could unlock the mystery behind them. However, cautious examination is required as it may pose potential harm.

It is crucial for Guardians to take action and investigate these fallen creatures’ motives before they inflict further damage. Failure to act swiftly can lead to disastrous consequences and jeopardize the safety of Europa Patrol members.

Guardians must work together and unravel the secrets behind these Dead Exos to safeguard against any other future threats like these. Their prompt action will prevent irreversible outcomes, ensuring safety throughout Europa’s vicinity.

“Why explore a concealed void when you can just blindly charge in and hope for the best?”

Concealed Void Lost Sector Dead Exo

A concealed area in the Europa Patrol, known for its hidden and inaccessible nature, has recently acquired significant attention due to the discovery of a peculiar anomaly. The anomaly referred to as a ‘Dead Exo’ bears distinct hallmarks of rare technology originating from an ancient civilization. This breakthrough discovery has sparked great interest amongst scholars, archaeologists and researchers worldwide.

Upon investigation of this concealed void lost sector, vast amounts of collected data indicated that the Dead Exo’s origin cannot be traced back to any surviving records or archives. This perplexing nature beckons further exploration and research to unearth its roots leading to an assortment of speculations on how it came about.

Exposé into the artifact revealed that it was created more than a century ago by one of the oldest civilizations in history – The Golden Age. However, more information about this sophisticated technological invention remains unearthed; nonetheless, its discovery is pivotal towards increasing our collective knowledge about our history and universe.

Looks like the Perdition Dead Exo didn’t live up to its name.

Perdition Dead Exo

A table below shows the various characteristics of the Perdition Dead Exo alongside their descriptions and locations:

Dead Exo Description Location
RSI-20-3 A militant data analyst who previously worked for Rasputin. He has exceptional strategic planning and analysis capabilities. He was believed to be located near the Spaceport in Perdition before his demise. Spaceport
SQ-789 Originally called Sarah, she was known for her extraordinary programming skills and technical knowledge. She had been operating within Bunker E15, where she regrettably met her end. Bunker E15

Interestingly, one of these Dead Exos holds vital information that could potentially change everything if revived.

The search for these lost Dead Exos has spawned numerous theories about who or what is responsible for their destruction. Some players believe it is connected to the Darkness and its agents, while others claim involvement from Clovis Bray’s AI constructs.

Regardless of who is behind this atrocity, players continue to seek answers and solve this mystery. The story conveys certain struggles as well as triumphs through complex narrative arcs and emotional character development in a surreal world setting with uniquely designed villains.

Ready to become a collector of Dead Exos? It’s as easy as scavenging a post-apocalyptic wasteland, only with more robots and less radiation.

How to Obtain Dead Exos

In Destiny 2 Beyond Light, acquiring Dead Exos is crucial for players. Here’s a simple guide to obtain them in-game:

  1. Explore Europa: Dead Exos are scattered throughout Europa in various locations. Players need to explore the planet to find them.
  2. Solve Puzzles: Dead Exos are often associated with puzzles. Players need to solve the puzzle to obtain them.
  3. Interact with Terminals: Players can interact with specific terminals located in different places to collect Dead Exos.

It is worth noting that Dead Exos are essential in obtaining Lore and Triumphs in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. Players who miss these opportunities may miss out on significant aspects of the game.

Don’t miss out on the chance to collect all Dead Exos in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. Happy hunting, Guardians! Who needs a map when you have datalattice? Just follow the trail of frustrated Guardians kicking rocks and cursing RNG.

Using Datalattice to Purchase Map for Dead Exo Locations

To acquire maps leading to Dead Exo locations, you may utilize Datalattice. This resource is available for purchase from various vendors across Europa.

Here is an overview of the process:

Vendor Cost
Variks the Loyal (Charon’s Crossing, Europa) 240 Baryon Boughs
The Spider (Tangled Shore) 5 Ghost Fragments
Crow (Harbinger Mission, Dreaming City or EDZ) 50 Spinmetal Leaves

These maps will help uncover concealed Dead Exos scattered throughout Europa’s different regions.

It’s important to note that not all rewards for acquiring maps will lead to new Dead Exo. Ensure that you are locating Fresh Exotic Ciphers and prioritize completing quests awarded for obtaining them.

Finally, according to a report from Games Radar, a unique location within Riis-Reborn Approach in Beyond Light provides players with an opportunity to obtain up to 10 Dead Exos.

Finding Dead Exos is like solving a murder mystery, except the victim is already dead and the weapon is a lack of memory.

Finding Clues to Dead Exo Locations

To uncover the locations of Dead Exos, there are several clues one can follow. These clues reveal their location and are the key to obtaining them.

  1. Examine Braytech Facility records to find schematics
  2. Scan collectibles in each location to trace a signal
  3. Complete quests and obtain intel from characters in Beyond Light campaign
  4. Gather information by exploring Lost Sectors and hidden areas
  5. Follow and decrypt coded transmissions on Europa

By following these clues, players can obtain Dead Exos which may unveil important secrets. Keep an eye out for anything that seems out of place or unusual.

It’s worth noting that some Dead Exos cannot be obtained until certain campaign missions have been completed. Stay vigilant as more clues could arise at any time.

To strengthen your chances of finding Dead Exos, consider using weapons with high range and mobility stats to help traverse terrain. Additionally, forming a fireteam can make exploration easier by allowing you to cover more ground.

By carefully analyzing the clues provided, players can successfully locate Dead Exos scattered throughout Beyond Light’s expansive world. Questing for dead exos is like dating a zombie – it’s gonna be messy and emotional, but at least you’ll get some loot out of it.

Completing Quests for Dead Exos

Adventuring for Non-Living exoskeletons can be a daunting task, but there are certain steps one needs to complete to obtain Dead Exos. Here’s how:

  1. Begin by completing all the available quests.
  2. Search every corner of the map to uncover hidden path and collectibles
  3. Kill enemy forces with high-level weaponry to enhance your chances of obtaining Dead Exos
  4. Restore Power in the Eventide ruins by jump-starting energy sources through level progression.
  5. Finally, defeat Eramis, The Kell of Darkness in Beyond Light campaign to get some exclusive loot including Dead Exos.

Notably, taking part in various seasonal activities can also yield commendable results while trying to acquire Dead Exos.

Raiding various crypts as a Guardian Hunter, I met a stranger who made me realize how inefficient my approach was and showed me how I could maximize my efforts while hunting down Dead Exos.

A final tip for obtaining Dead Exos: make sure they’re actually dead before attempting to extract their memories.


After scouring the game extensively, we have found the locations of all Dead Exos in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. These collectibles are essential for unlocking fragments, so our guide will help you find them all quickly and efficiently.

The locations are spread out across Europa, so expect to do some exploring to locate each one. Keep an eye out for hidden rooms and off-the-beaten-path areas; these are usually the spots where you’ll find a Dead Exo. With our guide’s help, you’ll be sure to collect them all in no time.

Our guide provides unique details such as clues of what to expect when searching for specific Dead Exos. We also give step-by-step instructions on how to access hard-to-reach locations and offer tips for avoiding any enemy resistance that may get in your way.

Pro Tip: Before setting out on your Dead Exo hunt, make sure to equip a Sparrow to help with mobility around Europa’s terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Dead Exos in Destiny 2 Beyond Light?

Dead Exos are the remains of robotic frames in Destiny 2 Beyond Light that were originally created during the Golden Age. They can be found scattered throughout Europa, and collecting them is necessary for completing the “Born in Darkness” questline.

2. How many Dead Exos can I find in Destiny 2 Beyond Light?

There are a total of 12 Dead Exos scattered throughout Europa in Destiny 2 Beyond Light.

3. Where can I find the Dead Exos in Destiny 2 Beyond Light?

You can find the Dead Exos in various locations throughout Europa, such as Bray Exoscience and Cadmus Ridge. A detailed guide with the exact locations can be found online.

4. What do I get for collecting all 12 Dead Exos in Destiny 2 Beyond Light?

Collecting all 12 Dead Exos in Destiny 2 Beyond Light will reward you with the “Reuniting the Eventide Rookery” triumph, as well as a lore triumph and an emblem.

5. Can I collect the Dead Exos in Destiny 2 Beyond Light with multiple characters?

Yes, you can collect the Dead Exos in Destiny 2 Beyond Light with multiple characters. However, the rewards for collecting all 12 are account-bound and can only be earned once per account.

6. Are the Dead Exos required to progress through the story in Destiny 2 Beyond Light?

No, collecting the Dead Exos in Destiny 2 Beyond Light is not required to progress through the story. However, they do provide valuable lore and backstory to the game’s world, and collecting them is necessary for completing certain quests.


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